Chapter 776 – Sweep Through All

Chapter 776 – Sweep Through All

The sudden change in events stunned all the martial artists present. Heavencraft Feng was embedded in the wall, vomiting out great mouthfuls of blood.

Heavencraft Feng had cultivated to the first stage of Life Destruction; and yet, he had still nearly died a miserable death in just a single exchange with Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s cultivation was merely at the late Revolving Core realm!

“Just where is this boy from?”

Old man Yan and the other second stage Life Destruction old man felt as if they had been backed into to the edge of a cliff. Those several young martial artists also looked like they had seen a ghost appear in front of them. Lin Ming appeared to be only 20 some years old; in fact, he might even be younger than them.

They were also juniors like him, so how could the disparity in their strength be so great?

“If he defeated a first stage Life Destruction martial artist that easily, then his strength must be at least the peak of the second stage of Life Destruction, or maybe even at the third stage of Life Destruction.”

If Lin Ming’s strength was only at the second stage of Life Destruction, then if they gave it their all, Ling Ming would still be an opponent that they could fight against. However, if he had the strength of a third stage Life Destruction martial artist, then it didn’t matter, even...

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