Chapter 775 – Saber Light

Chapter 775 – Saber Light

“Uncle Yan, Uncle Luoyan, you two have followed my father for over 50 years! Just how did my father treat you in the past? Uncle Yan, you’re not even a clansman of my Heavencraft Family to begin with! When you were faced with misfortune in Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, my father was the one to take you in and shelter you. He placed his trusted in you, and you managed to successfully pass into the Life Destruction realm through my family, and become a secondary Elder. I’ve always treated you as an uncle, and yet you still treat me this way?”

“And you too Uncle Luoyan. Your eldest son was just an ordinary talent, and had both his soul and meridians grievously damaged in a fight. If it weren’t for the medicines that my father provided, which managed to drag him back from death’s door, then how could he even have survived, much less reach the Revolving Core realm? My father’s corpse hasn’t even grown cold, and the mourning period hasn’t even ended. Yet you have still allied with my other uncle and are trying to force me to resign my position as the sole successor. Can you still even face my father in the afterlife?”

Xiaoxiao’s eyes were full of anger. Her beautiful body fiercely heaved, obviously because her mood was so tremulous with rage.

In front of...

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