Chapter 775 Saber Light

Chapter 775 – Saber Light

“Uncle Yan, Uncle Luoyan, you two have followed my father for over 50 years! Just how did my father treat you in the past? Uncle Yan, you’re not even a clansman of my Heavencraft Family to begin with! When you were faced with misfortune in Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, my father was the one to take you in and shelter you. He placed his trusted in you, and you managed to successfully pass into the Life Destruction realm through my family, and become a secondary Elder. I’ve always treated you as an uncle, and yet you still treat me this way?”

“And you too Uncle Luoyan. Your eldest son was just an ordinary talent, and had both his soul and meridians grievously damaged in a fight. If it weren’t for the medicines that my father provided, which managed to drag him back from death’s door, then how could he even have survived, much less reach the Revolving Core realm? My father’s corpse hasn’t even grown cold, and the mourning period hasn’t even ended. Yet you have still allied with my other uncle and are trying to force me to resign my position as the sole successor. Can you still even face my father in the afterlife?”

Xiaoxiao’s eyes were full of anger. Her beautiful body fiercely heaved, obviously because her mood was so tremulous with rage.

In front of her, that middle-aged man called Uncle Luoyan only shook his head, a mixture of guilt and helplessness intertwined on his face. Beside him, Uncle Yan was looking on at Xiaoxiao as usual.

He chuckled and said, “Humph, little Heavencraft girl, do you really think that your father did all those things for me out of kindness and generosity? He sheltered me only because I possessed a rare treasure. After the treasure was taken by him, it was obvious that he would have to treat me well! Moreover, he felt that I had value and tried to work me to death for the trading company. If I wasn’t useful to him, do you think he would be so nice? Don’t make me laugh!”

“We are just taking what we have earned with our hard work. In fact, we should have more! You said that Brother Yun’s eldest son was forcefully brought to the Revolving Core realm after he was saved, and  indeed this is true. However, what about you? It’s not like your talent is surprising or startling. You’re still at the Xiantian realm at 21 years of age, and yet you have used the most resources!”

As Xiaoxiao heard these words she mirthlessly smiled, “Betrayal is the only truth. Human nature is that of greed to begin with; no one can ever be content. My father’s vision was incorrect, and he allowed a wolf into his house. No one else can be blamed for this!”

As Xiaoxiao spoke, another middle-aged man dryly coughed and stood up from his chair. “Xiaoxiao, I have watched you grow up and you truly do have talent in business. However, you are just far too young. The Heavencraft Trading Company needs a powerful and experienced leader at the helm. You are far from being capable enough at this time and age.”

“In the past two months after your father’s accident, the family’s income has already fallen by 30%. You should remember that our Heavencraft Trading Company takes in a great deal of money, but our annual tax to the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom is even greater. With so many other great expenses involved, our foundation will be shaken if we can’t raise the family income. I am also being forced by the Council of Elders to quickly resolve this issue.”

As a middle-aged man, he had an appearance that made it seem as if he were sacrificing everything for the family. Xiaoxiao’s entire body trembled with anger, “Being forced? Great Uncle, only you would have the nerve to say that!”

“Hahaha!” At this moment, a bright eyed and handsome man laughed out loud, “Young cousin, you have misunderstood our intentions. We just want to help lighten the burden on your shoulders, and this is all in the best interest for the future of the trading company. Young cousin, how about you move out of Heavencraft Pavilion first and return to the main family residence?”

Heavencraft Pavilion was just a place where the business of Heavencraft Trading Company was conducted. As for the family’s residence, it wasn’t here but at a sprawling mansion located at the outskirts of Witch Creek City.

Because Xiaoxiao was being suppressed by her two uncles, she worried that she would be placed under house arrest if she returned home. It had been a long time since she had left Heavencraft Pavilion. Now, her room and board were all here.

“Heavencraft Yan, you hypocritically fake gentleman!”

Heavencraft Xiaoxiao looked at this so-called older cousin with hatred and loathing. If there was this playboy around, then once she returned home not only would she lose her position as Company Head but even her chastity might be taken!

“Aiyaya, Xiaoxiao, you are too willful. Since this is the case, I’ll have no choice but to ask others to escort you back.” As the handsome man’s voice fell, three old Life Destruction masters stepped forward, encircling Xiaoxiao.

Beside Xiaoxiao, the black-clothed old woman suddenly tensed up, “Are you trying to rebel!?”

“Grandma White, I advise you to understand your limits and to not make this hard for everyone involved. Everyone here is a part of Heavencraft Pavilion, and with three to one odds, you simply have no chance of winning. If you’re accidently injured….”

One of the old men coldly smiled. His hand already had already touched his spatial ring, and was about to attack. However, at this moment, his heart felt as if it had fallen into an icy lake. He could feel that a thick killing intent had suddenly locked in on him!

As he looked up, he was surprised to see that 100 feet away, there was a youth in white training robes casually standing there with his arms behind his back. From just standing there, it seemed as if he held everyone present in the palm of his hands.

“Who are you? How did you come in?” The old man stared at Lin Ming like a cornered wolf.  It was obvious that he hadn’t come here with good intentions in mind.

Lin Ming completely disregarded these people. To these ungrateful maggots who had no compassion or virtue, those who would take advantage of the death of the Company Head to bully his children and covet his property, he simply didn’t have the least bit of favorable impression towards them.

He faintly glanced at Xiaoxiao and asked with a true essence sound transmission, “It’s just these people?”

“There is still another Great Uncle of mine who hasn’t come today.” As Xiaoxiao saw Lin Ming appear, a sudden hope ignited in her heart.

“Two peak second stage Life Destruction and one first stage Life Destruction.” Lin Ming thought that these cultivations were quite ordinary. He seemed the entire Heavencraft Family’s strength was equal to the South Sea Demon Region, which was also an ordinary fifth-grade sect.

The four Divine Kingdoms were a quasi sixth-grade sect, so it was reasonable that their subordinate forces would also be ordinary fifth-grade sects.

“Young boy, this old man is speaking to you. Are you deaf!?”

As the old man saw Lin Ming ignore his question, his face suddenly became gloomy and twisted into an ugly grimace.

Xiaoxiao’s older cousin, Heavencraft Yan, sneered as he said, “There isn’t anything to ask. This idiot is just a helper that Xiaoxiao has drawn in. I must say little cousin, your judgement is far too horrible. To look for a boy who hasn’t even reached Life Destruction, haha…he isn’t even enough for a single bite!”

Heavencraft Yan turned to Lin Ming, a mocking grin on his face, “I really feel bad for you. You think you’re a hero coming to save a damsel in distress? Hahaha, you’ll just have to regret the choices you made today, you toad trying to eat swan meat. Today, I will cut off your hands, your feet, and your manhood. I want you to beg for – “

Heavencraft Yan didn’t even finish his sentence when his vision suddenly blurred. He felt as if an ice cold bucket of water had been poured all over him, causing his entire body to tingle with numbness, and was no longer able to move even a single inch.

Heavencraft Yan was shocked. Before he could respond, all he saw was Lin Ming’s chilling face appearing before him.

A palm came slamming down.

Pulse Cutting Palm!


Heavencraft Yan only felt his dantian shake as a brutal and tyrannical energy broke into his meridians, recklessly destroying everything it came into contact with. He vomited a great mouthful of blood as he flew backwards, smashing into a wall.

All the martial artists present were stunned. They never thought that Lin Ming would suddenly attack, and with horrifying movements as fast and fading as ghosts and demons!

“Brat, you actually did something so cruel! I will kill you!” Heavencraft Yan’s father saw that Lin Ming’s palm attack had obviously wounded Heavencraft Yan’s meridians and dantian. His heart surging with anger, he took a furious step forward and drew out a treasure saber from his spatial ring before cutting down at Lin Ming’s head. This saber contained the full force of his might, and if a normal Revolving Core martial artist were to face it, their head would burst apart!

“Brother Feng, be careful!” The old man surnamed Yan hurriedly warned as he saw Heavencraft Yan’s father become blind with rage. Even though Heavencraft Yan’s talent wasn’t too outstanding, and although he had only reached the late Revolving Core realm at 40 years of age with the help of a staggering amount of resources, his cultivation was still on par with Lin Ming’s. Even so, Lin Ming had managed to grievously wound him with a single palm strike. Even if part of this outcome was due to it being a sneak attack, this still proved that Lin Ming’s strength far exceeded martial artists at the same level.

Before old man Yan’s voice even fell upon the ears of the others, there was a loud metallic ringing sound. Lin Ming had actually grabbed Heavencraft Feng’s saber with a single bare hand, his other hand forming a solid fist that pounded towards Heavencraft Feng’s chest.

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!


With a muffled thumping sound, all of Heavencraft Feng’s ribs were cleanly broken apart. His entire chest sunk down and he flew backwards, crashing into the wall and deeply embedding himself there.

As for Lin Ming, he still held onto the treasure saber in his hand. He poured a wisp of his battle spirit into it and casually threw it back out with the saber point whistling straight towards Heavencraft Feng’s heart.

Xiaoxiao was frightened as she saw Lin Ming’s actions. Although she hated these people to her bone, she didn’t want to kill them since they were her family, after all.

In fact, despite living for so long and breaking  through to the Xiantian realm, but she had never engaged in a true life or death struggle, let alone killed someone.


In the moment that Xiaoxiao shouted out, the saber point was less than three feet from Heavencraft Feng’s heart!

Heavencraft Feng was alarmed to the point where he felt as if his soul had fled his body. It was already too late to dodge, and he could only crazily galvanize his protective true essence in the vain hopes of blocking this saber.

At that moment, he could even feel the cold light of the saber point touch the point between his eyebrows.

Lin Ming frowned as he heard Xiaoxiao’s shout. With a slight shift in his thoughts, he moved his battle spirit, changing the trajectory of the saber.


The saber point strayed three inches to the side of its original target. From the original target of Heavencraft Feng’s heart, it instead stabbed into his right lung. Heavencraft Feng’s protective true essence had been torn apart as if it were nothing more than wet paper.

Blood spurted out. Heavencraft Feng had been nailed to the wall with his own saber, the hilt still trembling.

Lin Ming turned towards Xiaoxiao.

Xiaoxiao was spooked. She had never seen Lin Ming fight before; she had only heard Grandma White’s description of him. Even so, she never thought that Lin Ming would be so powerful, and that his actions would be so decisive. As soon as he took action, he had nearly killed Heavencraft Feng.

“Sir Lin, please do not kill them. If the Council of Elders find out that I hired an outsider to help kill people of my Heavencraft Family, then that will cause dangerous rumors to appear. My other Great Uncle will use this as an excuse to have the Council of Elders punish me with an expulsion or sanctions.

Although Xiaoxiao may be naturally kind-hearted, she wasn’t just a wishy-washy vase that simply stood there. She was well aware that if people started dying, then all conflicts would rapidly escalate. Even if she became the Company Head by killing her way to the top, it would become difficult to govern the family in the future. After all, Lin Ming couldn’t stay with her forever. Once Lin Ming left, various conflicts would erupt, and she would die if she couldn’t keep a tight grip on her position.

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