Chapter 774 – Xiaoxiao

Chapter 774 – Xiaoxiao

The old woman from Heavencraft Pavilion had a cultivation at the second stage of Life Destruction. Moreover, her foundation was ordinary and she wasn’t that much stronger than that red-clothed old man who had died just now. With Lin Ming’s strength he could instantly kill her.

This made the old woman not even dare to take a deep breath as she faced Lin Ming. Her palms became wet with sweat. She never thought that this mere late Revolving Core cultivation youth was actually such an evil star. Just where had he come from?

“What are you here for? Don’t tell me that you came to save me?” Lin Ming sneered as he asked again.

The black-clothed old woman bitterly smiled as she heard this, “Although Young Hero Lin might think it a bit absurd, the truth is that… I really did come to rescue Young Hero Lin. That red-clothed old man that Young Hero Lin killed just now, I happen to know a bit about him. He does not come from a sect and has an exceedingly poor reputation. When he was young he joined forces with someone and killed a good number of people to steal their possessions and were considered evil and fierce. Young Hero Lin’s cultivation is only at the Revolving Core realm and you revealed a great deal of wealth at my Heavencraft Trading Company and took away the skyflower stones that he wanted. At that time, I saw that...

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