Chapter 771 – Heavencraft Trading Company

Chapter 771 – Heavencraft Trading Company

When Demonshine saw the mass of blood, his shifty little eyes immediately brightened. “I want that blood!”

Lin Ming swept his mind over the blood. The blood was similar to the blood from the first level of the Cosmic Melting Furnace; both of them exuded an ancient energy. Thus, the should be blood of the Ancient Giant Demons. In terms of quality, it was far from being comparable to Ancient Phoenix Blood, but it was still extremely precious.


Lin Ming wasn’t stingy. To Demonshine, who only had his soul form left, the power of this blood essence was the only way for him to recover. During the past years, Demonshine had helped him a great deal, and had even saved his life several times.

Demonshine hurriedly leapt out from Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, turned into a small red curly-haired dog, and plunged towards the mass of Ancient Giant Demon blood. He immediately swallowed it whole.

With a contented sigh, Demonshine’s dog-like face revealed an extremely satisfied expression.

After swallowing the blood, Demonshine’s entire body flushed red. Afterwards, his originally vague and distorted body became much more solid.

This continued for half an incense sticks worth of time. After it stopped, Demonshine used his paws to pat his belly, and burped loudly. “Awesome, so awesome! 10 more jin of this stuff would be great!”

Lin Ming faintly smiled, shaking his head....

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