Chapter 768 – Guru Blueway, Destiny Decree

Chapter 768 – Guru Blueway, Destiny Decree

The young men that were reprimanded by the white-clothed old man didn’t seem perturbed at all. One of them laughed and said, “Old White, consider me as having spoken a hasty remark, but such a rare wood spirit jade carving must have a price to it. We are also newcomers to this area so our experience is limited. Just tell us how many spirit essence stones you think this is worth so we can open our eyes.”

As the white-clothed old man heard the young man’s words, his expression became like a dead log. But, Zhou Kun actually bluntly said, “This pair of blood spirit jade bracelets can be sold on the auction house for 25,000 to 30,000 spirit essence stones. If you manage to bump into someone wealthy that loves blood spirit jade then it might go for even higher.”

As Zhou Kun reported this price, all of the young men present sucked in a deep breath of air. 30,000 spirit essence stones! Those present only had a net worth of several thousand spirit essence stones. This was an amount several times their complete wealth!

When they played with jade carvings they only messed around with small items. As for the expensive ones, those were only for looking. Who could play around like Zhou Kun?

At this moment, Zhou Kun saw Li Yifeng nearby.

“Haha, Brother Li is also here! I saw that...

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