Chapter 767 – White Dragon Jade Card

Chapter 767 – White Dragon Jade Card

This new item in Lin Ming’s hand was also a true treasure that could sell for 7000-8000 spirit essence stones in an auction house. This was something that the Knifescar fellow had received 20 years before in a small town of the Thatch Region. Although it didn’t cost much, he still wasn’t willing to sell it to Lin Ming for a higher price.

The White Dragon Jade Row was known to have seven fakes for every three real treasure items. But the truth was that it couldn’t even match up to eight fakes for every two real treasures. Now, Lin Ming had continuously picked three real treasures in a row. Moreover, they were some of the top ranked items of the White Dragon Jade Row. Just how could there be such a coincidence in this world?

“Sir Lin, I could have never imagined... You’re so young and yet you’re an appraisal prodigy! The play that I put on in front of everyone must be laughable to an expert like you!” The Knifescar fellow said with a true essence sound transmission, still maintaining a smiling face.

Lin Ming faintly smiled in return and looked up at the Knifescar fellow. “Brother Knifescar, what are you trying to say? Are you saying there are any problems with the jade carvings I’m purchasing?”

Lin Ming already knew the answer to his question. He had been planning to buy both fakes and real...

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