Chapter 766 – Swindled

Chapter 766 – Swindled

“Brother Lin, in White Dragon Jade Row, most of the items on these shelves are fake. Normally speaking, 80-90% of the good stuff has already been taken away, and the rest is either fake or ambiguous things. Brother Lin, if you really want to buy to something then just pick a few small pieces so that you’re happy. Don’t try to go for anything too expensive.”

As Li Yifeng saw that Lin Ming really was intending to buy some things, he couldn’t help but remind him of the dangers here. If he were an appraisal grandmaster then he could help Lin Ming out, but as someone who was at the most basic level, he didn’t have much confidence that he could identity these ambiguous goods.

“Brother Li, rest assured that I have a fair idea of what I’m doing. Also, shopping should be a happy occasion.”

“Haha! Well said! Happiness is priceless! Although this sort of jade carving hobby is more looking than buying, that still doesn’t mean we should just drag our feet around and eye things all day!” Li Yifeng said, then directing Lin Ming towards that wood spirit jade dragon carving that he had asked about before. It was 3300 spirit essence stones.

Li Yifeng had come before and looked at this dragon carving several times already. Yet, while he truly did like it,...

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