Chapter 765 – Bid

Chapter 765 – Bid

“How about it? Do you two young sirs have any interest? This is something unearthed from the grave of an ancient Emperor; it has a history of at least 10,000 years!” The Knifescar fellow happily said as he saw that the two young men were intrigued.

This jade was indeed a treasure unearthed from an ancient grave, but it was unknown whether or not it came from the tomb of an ancient great Emperor.

At that time, even the Knifescar fellow wasn’t sure about the identity of these two jade bracelets when he received them from the man who dug up the grave. Finally, he had to ask the Great Elder of White Jade Dragon Row to appraise the items for him, finally determining that it was a 10,000 year old corpse jade and ended up purchasing it for 2000 spirit essence stones.

Corpse jade was also a valuable type of jade. Although it wasn’t rare or precious like blood spirit jade, it was still more expensive than normal wood spirit jade carvings.

With such a rare and clever method used to disguise it, the Knifescar fellow had 120% confidence that everyone would believe his words.

“How many spirit essence stones?” Zhou Kun asked.


The price that the Knifescar fellow suddenly broke out with was a profit of five times the cost. If this pair of jade bracelets was really crafted from...

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