Chapter 764 – Ancient Jade Bracelet

Chapter 764 – Ancient Jade Bracelet

As Li Yifeng saw Zhou Kun stick to him like melted candy, he thought little of it. Shopping here all depended on one’s own ability to begin with. Daring to buy or not, daring to match the price or not, everything would depend on one’s eyes and courage.

When Li Yifeng first became obsessed with wood spirit jade carvings, he had bought fakes and he had bought counterfeits.

In the world of wood spirit jade carvings, fakes and counterfeits were two different things.

A fake was something new disguised as something old, made with wood spirit jade.

As for counterfeits, those were not made from wood spirit jade, but rather wood-attribute spirit essence stones. A wood-attribute martial artist at the Revolving Core realm or even the Life Destruction realm would use their inner energy to transform the spirit essence stone and then integrate a small amount of wood spirit jade powder within.

Counterfeit wood spirit jade formed by an expert was difficult to distinguish from the real deal. Let alone a novice who was just getting started, even masters who had been in the business for years would easily be tricked if they were inattentive for just a second.

In the traditions of Jade Row, new fakes disguised as old treasures was part of the business. However, selling counterfeit goods as the real thing was a matter of ruining their reputation...

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