Chapter 763 – How To Make Money

Chapter 763 – How To Make Money

This yellow dragon-robed man was Zhou Kun, the second son of Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom’s Iron Wood High Prince. At one point, he had been a powerful candidate to be the successor to the Iron Wood High Prince.

Within the Divine Kingdoms, the successor of the High Princes were decided in a different method from in the mortal countries. In those mortal counties, they took the eldest son of the wife as the successor. However, in the four Divine Kingdoms, the title of successor belonged to whoever had the greatest degree of talent.

A few years ago, Zhou Kun had a very strong limelight on him. But after struggling to become the successor, he finally lost to his younger fourth brother. Since then, he had been keep a very low key presence and had rarely been seen in public.

In terms of status, Zhou Kun was naturally far inferior to Li Yifeng. Although the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom’s national strength was far higher than the Seven Star Divine Kingdom’s, Zhou Kun was only a failed son who couldn’t even become the successor to the High Prince. As for Li Yifeng, he was a true Prince of the Seven Star Divine Kingdom, so he was by far higher ranked than Zhou Kun.

Although his status was not comparable to Li Yifeng’s, Zhou Kun had no intention showing Li Yifeng due respect. When both of them were in their youth they had entered into a mystic realm together....

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