Chapter 762 – White Dragon Jade Row

Chapter 762 – White Dragon Jade Row

“Thanks. What is the price on this ore? I’ll give you the equivalent market price amount.” Although Lin Ming had planned on searching for wood spirit jade, the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom was still an extremely vast region. Moreover, many wood spirit jade-rich locales had been locked up by the authority of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. If he wanted to search for his own wood spirit jade then he would need a massive amount of time. If so, then it was best for him to buy as much as he could with his current wealth.

“Brother Lin couldn’t be planning on studying alchemical techniques, right?” Li Yifeng saw that Lin Ming wasn’t a wood-attribute martial artist, then the more likely reason he would want wood spirit jade like this would be to practice alchemy techniques. Normally, once a martial artist reached a certain boundary, it was common for them to study several auxiliary skills in order to help temper their soul. For instance, Li Yifeng himself studied array formations.

“That is my intention.”

Li Yifeng whistled, “Whew, Brother Lin, you just started studying alchemy techniques and you already want to use wood spirit jade?”

Lin Ming laughed out loud, not explaining further.

He understood what Li Yifeng was trying to say. After all, he was only 21 years old so he couldn’t possibly have studied...

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