Chapter 761 – Towards the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom

Chapter 761 – Towards the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom

In the early morning, the sun had not yet risen and Divine Phoenix Island was enveloped in a thin morning mist. Lin Ming bid his farewell to his parents, Qin Xingxuan, and Mu Qianyu, then he brought Demonshine along with him as he followed Li Yifeng and his entourage out towards the four Divine Kingdoms.

In Li Yifeng’s group of four, there was Qing’er and the quiet young nun that Lin Ming had seen before, as well as an unusually pretty young boy who wore all white.

This beautiful youth was like Li Yifeng and both of them favored folding fans. However, with just a glance at this youth’s pale face, delicate hands, and lack of an adam’s apple, it was obvious that this was a woman dressed up as a man.

“You’re already acquainted with Qing’er, Brother Lin. As for this young nun, her Buddhist name is Jingchan, and this young sir here is Sir Murong.” Li Yifeng introduced Lin Ming to his companions. He grinned as he heavily accentuated the words ‘Sir Murong’, causing that ‘beautiful young man’ to squint her eyes.

Lin Ming thought this was funny. In truth, once a martial artist reached a certain boundary it was extremely easy to distinguish between men and women, much less even mortal commoners could tell that this ‘Sir Murong’ was a girl. Unless one had extremely skillful appearance changing techniques it was...

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