Chapter 759 The Young Girl’s Mystery, the Forsaken God Clan

Chapter 759 – The Young Girl’s Mystery, the Forsaken God Clan

The Eternal Demon Abyss held an infinite charm to the martial artists of the Holy Demon Continent. There were many Emperor powerhouses that would venture into the Eternal Demon Abyss when they lost all hope of making a breakthrough, in a desire to stumble upon a lucky chance within. And, the result was that none of them ever returned. Not even the number one powerhouse of the Holy Demon Continent was an exception.

Even so, many powerhouses held a lifelong desire to adventure into the Eternal Demon Abyss and explore the mysteries inside; this was because that land was far too mystical. There were powerful existences within the Eternal Demon Abyss that would shock anyone!

Lin Ming also had an endless interest in the Eternal Demon Abyss. Before, Lin Ming had also been filled with curiosity towards the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm and the Ancient Phoenix Clan. However, the mysteries of the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm had already been revealed.

Because there were far too many people within the Realm of the Gods, there were often branches of sects and families that would move into the lower realms. The branches of the Realm of the Gods’ Phoenix Clan were also no exception; this was the origin of the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.

But as for the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming felt that the land was simply covered by inscrutable mysteries.

He thought back to that massive God Beast in the 1000 mile forbidden zone whose body spanned thousands of miles, and he also thought back to the heart of that Great Emperor which had beat eternally for 100,000 years in the flawless corpse of the goddess that had existed in lifelike slumber for 100,000 years. If these things were truly left over by a side branch from the Realm of the Gods, then that was truly unbelievable.

Lin Ming suspected that perhaps the owner of that beating heart still existed in the Realm of the Gods, and might even be an existence who stood at the peak of martial arts. He might even be an existence that the Demon Emperor or the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness’ Divine Kingdom could not hope to ever compare with.

Why would such a character appear in the Sky Spill Continent?

Why was his heart sealed within the goddess’ body?

Was he dead? Or was he alive?

If that goddess was that Great Emperor’s most important person, then why would he leave her alone in that lonely grave in the 1000 mile forbidden zone?

Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu made their way to that mysterious young girl’s room. As they pushed the door open they saw that the young girl was dressed in fresh white clothes, her back facing them as she gazed out the window, her hair falling down her shoulders like a cascading waterfall.

Beside the young girl, the bed was still neat and ordered as if she hadn’t slept at all, instead having sat at the windowsill all night long.

As Mu Qianyu looked at this young girl’s back, she felt an inexplicable pain fill her heart, “Miss, what’s your name?”

The young girl turned to look at the two of them, her dark gray pupils flashing with a cold indifference. She didn’t speak, instead completely ignoring Mu Qianyu’s question.

“She seems to have sealed away her heart and trust in anyone. I have no idea just what she has experienced in her life.” Mu Qianyu said to Lin Ming with a true essence sound transmission.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. If this were the case, then wanting to find out the truth of her life was impossible at this time.

Lin Ming traced his spatial ring and an azure jade pendant appeared in his hand.

“Miss, do you recognize this?”

As the young girl saw the jade pendant held high in Lin Ming’s hand, a change finally occurred in her expression. She subconsciously traced her own chest, feeling that familiar warmth.

The jade pendant was still here... were there two jade pendants?

“You…” The young girl finally spoke. This was the first time that Lin Ming had heard her speak since he first saw her. Her voice was pleasant but had a very peculiar accent that followed it. “Where did your jade pendant come from?”

Lin Ming faintly smiled and put the jade pendant away, “Before I answer your question I need you to answer one of mine first. I would like to know about your life.”

The young girl hesitated for a moment, a flash of confusion passing through her dark gray pupils. Then, she whispered, “I… I am from the Forsaken God Clan…”

“Forsaken God Clan?” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up, “Tell me more.”

“We are a cursed clan. We have no surname, no origin. The ancestors of my clan angered the gods and thus the were punished for their sins. Their sins have passed onto their descendants and now onto me. This tattoo seal on my face is the symbol of my cursed bloodline.”

“Curse? What curse?” Lin Ming had already noticed the strange tattoo seal on the young girl’s face. He had thought it was unusual but he never imagined that it was actually the manifestation of a curse.

“In my clan, right after birth, every span of time we are cursed to suffer an unendurable pain, a pain that torments us to our very marrow. This pain originates from the tattoo seal on our face. As we grow older, this excruciating outbreak will happen less and less, but the time for which it happens will become increasingly long, continuing until we die from pain or commit suicide.

“Only by practicing martial artists would we gain the strength and will of mind to endure and suppress this pain. However, what is sad is that no matter how talented the children of my clan are, they are unable to break free from the chains of their destiny. No matter how high their cultivation reaches, they will one day die to this blood curse.”

The young girl’s words were completely out of Lin Ming’s expectations. He originally thought that a clan related to the goddess of the Eternal Demon Abyss might be a great clan with a glorious and wonderful history. But, hearing the truth from this young girl’s mouth, she actually came from the Forsaken God Clan, every generation of her bloodline cursed to eternal torment!

Were they the descendants of the goddess? If so, then how could such a heaven-shaking and powerful goddess’ descendant have been reduced to such a pitiful state?

“Do you know who the ancestors of your clan are? Do they have names? What was their history like and how did they offend these so-called gods?”

The young girl shook her head. The past had been far too long ago and the truth of history had been buried in the endless river of time. It was simply impossible to discover the truth of ancient times. “The ancestors have only left us two binding words to guide us…”

“What are they?”

“Continue on!”

As Lin Ming heard these two simple words, he felt his mind shake. Such simple words passed down by these ancestors and yet they seemed to contain a compulsion, an unwillingness to submit. Continue on, continue on, continue on!

Lin Ming looked at this young girl once again, his heart filled with a new trace of awe and respect. This was a truly mysterious clan!

If they truly were the descendants of the goddess, then they had lived under the power of this bloodline curse for over 100,000 years!

Even if the history of their clan had been lost, or even if the glorious past of their clan was buried in the dust, that unyielding struggle with their destiny had engraved itself into their bones, becoming a continuing stubborness that had followed that bloodline curse, forever running together, side by side!

Lin Min took a deep breath and said, “I also have another question. Why would Wang Yichan desire you?”

After Lin Ming asked this question, the young girl didn’t reply. Instead, she looked at Lin Ming, her eyes solemn.

Lin Ming knowingly replied, “Alright, then I will answer your question first. My jade pendant came from an ancient tomb…” Lin Ming didn’t describe the Eternal Demon Abyss too much. He only spoke of a forbidden zone and how he had chased a corpse devil to an ancient grave site. He completely revealed to this mysterious young girl of how he saw the goddess and heard her summoning call, and even about the existence of that Great Emperor’s heart.

As the young girl heard this she was completely dazed.

She was unable to speak. All she felt was an inexplicable pain swell up in her chest, making it so that she nearly couldn’t breathe. She didn’t know why, but she felt a deep emotional pain.

Could that goddess in the coffin be the ancestor of her clan?

Just what sort of history had her clan borne? Why did she feel a deep grief from her very bloodline as she heard this story?

Lin Ming silently stood to the side, waiting for the young girl to finish her sentimental recollection and also waiting for her reply.

After a quarter hour, the young girl finally said, “The reason Wang Yichan wants me is because of my bloodline seal…”

Bloodline seal?

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He knew this phrase before from the memories of the Realm of the Gods’ Supreme Elders.

The so-called bloodline seal was a special bloodline ability passed down within clans. It was a sort of ability that was only inherited by direct descendants.

In a sense, the affinity with Fire Laws that the Ancient Phoenix Clan had could also be considered a type of bloodline seal. However, it just wasn’t special enough.

There were some families and clans that had extremely special bloodlines. For instance, Nether Eyes that could see through all ghosts and illusions, or specialized body transformation techniques that allowed one to willfully utilize every muscle in their body.

The young girl said, “My clan’s bloodline seal is an extremely special ability that only manifests in a very small minority of our descendants. And I am one of them. What I can use is a special force field called the Support Sphere.”

“Support Sphere?” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. A domain ability?

“Some descendants of my clan can form a force field in an area, increasing the combat strength of martial artists within. This increases a martial artist’s regenerative ability, speed, defense, attack power, and can even enhance their will, soul force, and perception. As for my Support Sphere, I can use it to increase a martial artist’s speed, attack strength, and will.”

“I see!” Lin Ming was suddenly enlightened. This sort of ability was truly special. This young girl was able to enhance a martial artist’s will, and the essence of a battle spirit was based on a martial artist’s will. The stronger one’s will, the stronger one’s battle spirit. As for that Wang Yichan, he was originally someone who excelled in the aspect of will, so it was natural that he desired this young girl.

The young girl continued, “Wang Yichan captured me and tried to place spells in my spiritual sea. He tried slave seals and all sorts of other tricks. However, because of the special nature of my bloodline seal, everything he tried failed.

“He wanted me to quickly train until I reached a Revolving Core or Life Destruction cultivation and then I could become a great boost to him in battle. However, I was unwilling to become the pawn of others. In these last two years I refused to train at all. My cultivation did not increase even the smallest bit, and instead regressed. Then, Wang Yichan tried to ease the relations between us. He would have me at his side every day and care for me, protecting me, and declaring to all that I was his concubine in order to change my thoughts of him.”

So that’s what happened…

Lin Ming finally understood why this young girl had such a stalwart disposition. He guessed that Wang Yichan was also at his limit. If she were a support to him that he had already raised up, then he probably wouldn’t have given her up no matter what.

“What’s your name?”

The girl hesitated for a moment and then said, “Jue.”

A single name, meaning beautiful jade but with a decisive joining. It was mellow, soft, and yet staunch – fully in line with this young girl’s character.

“How old are you?”


“Nineteen…” Lin Ming was shocked. At nineteen years of age, she hadn’t practiced for two whole years and yet was still at the late Houtian realm. If she did cultivate then she would have already broken through to the Xiantian realm by now. This young girl’s talent was far better than what he had imagined it to be. If she had truly been willing to cooperate with Wang Yichan, then the power they could release together in the future would have been immeasurable.

Unfortunately, Lin Ming still hadn’t managed to obtain any information from this young girl about the goddess that slept in her tomb.

To him, that goddess remained an eternal riddle.

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