Chapter 757 Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, Feng Shen

Chapter 757 – Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, Feng Shen

“What is your name?”

Lin Ming asked as he looked at the young woman with the jade pendant.

The young woman’s dark gray pupils flashed with indifference; she didn’t bother answering Lin Ming’s question.

The guests present were secretly whispering amongst themselves. Just what was so special about this young woman that Lin Ming would trade a mystic realm key for her? And it seemed as if Wang Yichan was extremely reluctant to do so, as if he had suffered a great loss in the process.

“Xingxuan, please take her away and have someone unravel the spell on her. Let her have some rest and don’t let anyone disturb her.” Lin Ming thought that this young woman had some emotion problems at the moment. It was best to let her relax for some time before he asked her about her life and what the secret to that jade pendant was.

The young woman was taken away, leaving all the guests disappointed. They were all curious individuals and also wanted to see just what was so special about this young woman.

“I sincerely apologize for frightening everyone just now. Everyone, we shall exchange for some new tables and dishes and continue the celebrations once more!” Lin Ming cupped his fists across his chest and apologized to all the guests.

To have such a ruckus at a wedding banquet would normally cause a loss of face. However, Lin Ming’s actions had been sharp and decisive. Not only did he not lose any face, but it instead caused his prestige to rise even more. It seemed that being top master of the South Sea was no longer an adequate title to describe Lin Ming.

“Lin Ming’s battle spirit is only a small step from reaching large success of the bronze level. Moreover, it seems his battle spirit also has a strange attribute to it, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to defeat Wang Yichan with such ease.”

Li Yifeng said as he waved his fan. He was becoming more and more interested in Lin Ming. “This is a true talent. If we can win him over to our Seven Star Divine Kingdom then that will be a great boost to us.”

“Young Master wants to win him over to enter our Divine Kingdom?” The young maid near Li Yifeng asked with surprise.

“Hehe, he has his own sect so directly pulling him into our Divine Kingdom won’t be easy. Such an extraordinary youth won’t necessarily be willing to enter our Divine Kingdom. But, even if we can’t win him over, being on good terms with him is also good!”

To the melody of an orchestra, the entire banquet continued on in a festive mood. After some time, a youth jumped onto the central stage platform and loudly exclaimed, “I am the Dire Space Sect’s Mo Shaoyun. I would like to show off my meager skills for the entertainment of all!”

“Haha, to dance around by yourself is too boring. I am Supreme Mystery Temple’s Sun Tai, how about I dance with you?” Another youth also jumped onstage. Although he called this ‘dancing’, the truth was that it was a contest.

Of course, in order to ensure that it remained in step with the festivities they would use as many fancy and beautiful moves as possible.

In the traditions of the Sky Spill Continent, whenever a large-scale celebration occurred where heroes and young elites from all over gathered together, it would be the time when the young disciples of the great sects had their chance to show off their skills.

During Revered Master Tianguang’s birthday banquet there had also been a great number of heroic young elites that had gone onstage to show off their skills. At that time, Lin Ming had broken apart Lei Jingtian’s plot, cut down Lei Mubai, and from that point on his name had begun to resound in the South Horizon Region.

Of course, the current Lin Ming had gone from an invisible young disciple of a sect to the top master of the South Sea. He naturally wouldn’t play around with these fellow juniors.

As Li Yifeng’s maid, Qing’er, saw this, her eyes lit up. A battle of juniors from the South Horizon Region normally wouldn’t enter her eyes to begin with. Compared to the four Divine Kingdoms, the South Horizon Region’s heroic young elites were not much at all. Lin Ming was simply a completely different beast.

“Heehee, I want to try too.” Qing’er jumped onstage, her early Revolving Core cultivation stunning all the young elites present. Li Yifeng wryly smiled. Normally, martial artists that participated in such banquets would be around 17 or 18 years old. Qing’er’s age had actually surpassed this measure.

“Would anyone like to come up?” Qing’er issued a challenge out loud. The disciples of the South Horizon Region and Five Element Region immediately began complaining of this bitter situation in their hearts. Facing this girl, anyone young who came up would just embarrass themselves, but anyone older couldn’t step up. For a time there was an awkward silence.

“I’ll play with you.”

At this time, a voice sounded out and Lan Xin stepped onstage.

Lan Xin and Qing’er were around the same age. Both of them were beautiful and exquisite young girls; they naturally attracted everyone’s attention.

“Who is this blue-clothed girl with the pointy ears?”

“She’s likely Young Emperor Lin’s friend. She’s so young and yet she wants to fight with a Divine Kingdom disciple?” The guests talked amongst themselves. To them, Lan Xin was an unknown.

“Her opponent is a Revolving Core martial artist. Can this blue-clothed girl really win?”

As a martial artist of the Fey race, Lan Xin’s cultivation was at the peak of a one star Fey King; her cultivation was only a step away from reaching the boundary of a two star Fey King. Because of the different cultivation systems, none of the guests present were able to see through Lan Xin’s cultivation.

“Who are you?” Qing’er didn’t think that anyone would actually come up and challenger her, especially one that was at her age. If she hadn’t seen just how terrifying Lin Ming was with her own eyes, she would never have placed anyone here in her eyes to begin with.

“Fey race, Blue Silver Forest, Lan Xin!” Lan Xin announced the name of her Blue Silver Holy Land without any intention of hiding it. There were just far too many strange races in the Sky Spill Continent. In the South Sea alone there were already innumerable deep sea tribes. To have someone from the Fey race appear was only a novelty, nothing more.

“What is the Blue Silver Forest? I’ve never heard of it before!”

“Maybe it’s some island from deep within the South Sea, or maybe some forest at the bottom of the sea. This is the first time I’ve heard about this Fey race too.”

The martial artists present discussed amongst themselves. Naturally, none of them had ever heard the name of the Blue Silver Holy Land before.

Li Yifeng was playing with his fan but in truth he had already noticed Lan Xin, Duanmu Qun, and Feng Shen. These three were obviously not common talents of their generation. As for how strong they were, he had no idea. “I wonder where these strange races came from; their cultivation paths are extremely peculiar. They don’t seem much older than Qing’er, but even knowing her cultivation they still dare to challenge her. It seems they are also top talents!”

Although Qing’er was Li Yifeng’s maid in appearance, the truth was that she was also a talented genius girl from the Seven Star Divine Kingdom. Her talent was worse than a Divine Kingdom Prince’s, but not by much.

Lin Ming smiled as he saw Lan Xin and Qing’er step up onstage, posturing themselves as they prepared to show off their skills. A one-star Fey King was slightly better than a human early Revolving Core. Lan Xin was a peak one-star Fey King and could advance into a two-star Fey King at any given time. This was nearly equal to a human middle Revolving Core powerhouse.

Lan Xin had the advantage of cultivation to start with and her talent was only inferior to Duanmu Qun’s. This was truly bullying others.

As the many guests were expressing how they thought this battle would unfold, Lan Xin and Qing’er had already started battling each other.

Most of the people present didn’t think Lan Xin had a chance of winning, but the result actually left them all stunned. In just three moves, Lan Xin had already broken apart Qing’er’s hairpin.

Qing’er was originally an arrogant and overly proud girl. How could she stand taking such a blow, especially when her opponent didn’t look any older than her? She couldn’t allow this to stand!

Not being convinced in her heart, Qing’er completely went all in. However, her defeat came even quicker. Lan Xin’s cultivation completely suppressed Qing’er from all directions. In just two simple moves, Qing’er’s long sword was sent flying away by Lan Xin. The victor and the loser were already evident.

The outcome of the battle had surprised everyone, causing the atmosphere of the celebrations to immediately heat up. Everyone’s discussions revolved around Lan Xin. No one thought that there would be so many heroes gathered at Lin Ming’s wedding banquet.

Qing’er returned to her own seat in a depressed state. She had gone up onstage to show off, but in a surprising turn of events she had been kicked into the mud instead.

“I told you not to underestimate others.” Li Yifeng laughed as he patted Qing’er on the shoulder. He had already guessed that if Lan Xin dared to go onstage then she must have confidence in her own strength. But, he didn’t think that this Lan Xin girl would be able to defeat Qing’er so easily.

“Are you still talking? I’ve already lost any face I had left! I have no idea what that girl ate growing up, she simply isn’t human at all!” Qing’er mumbled in a low voice. She felt that she had completely shamed herself just now.

“That young girl indeed has a suspicious origin.” Li Yifeng said as he bit his fan, his eyes shining. These friends of Lin Ming had truly surprised him. He had simply belittled the heroes of this world too often. That Lan Xin girl alone was already at the level of a Divine Kingdom Prince. As for those other two, they certainly weren’t common either.

Besides Lin Ming, Li Yifeng also began noticing Lan Xin, Duanmu Qin, and Feng Shen.

“Haha, how about it? Does Brother Duanmu wish to go to the four Divine Kingdoms to have a look?” Lin Ming said to Duanmu Qun with a true essence sound transmission as he saw Lan Xin win with relaxed ease. This match was probably encouraged by Duanmu Qun. He wished for Lan Xin to spread out the reputation of the three of them in order to pave the way for their eventual entry into the four Divine Kingdoms.

The four Divine Kingdoms was where the outstanding young elites of the Sky Spill Continent gathered. If Duanmu Qun and the others went to the four Divine Kingdoms, they would naturally meet these people and duel with them in order to make progress. But, in order to know these people they first had to expose part of their strength.

“Mm, I was indeed thinking that. Walking 10,000 miles is better than reading 10,000 books. The three of us came to the Sky Spill Continent to adventure and gain experience so that we wouldn’t remain frogs in a well. If the four Divine Kingdoms are where the Holy Lands of the Sky Spill Continent are located, then we naturally must go there.”

“Haha, I was also planning to make a journey to the four Divine Kingdoms, but… I have to wait some time before then.”

Lin Ming had already made plans for the future. First, he wanted to study alchemical techniques and inscription techniques. The reason to learn auxiliary skill was to enhance one’s soul. And the further one went in the road of martial arts, the more important the soul became. The soul was needed to move true essence, and even a battle spirit was carried within the spiritual sea. If one’s soul was weak and fragile then it would be much easier to encounter bottlenecks in the future.

This was also the reason why so many Supreme Elders from the Realm of the Gods learned their own auxiliary skills. Much less, Lin Ming also cultivated the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, so he would need a massive amount of medicines to complete his body transformation. Completely relying on lucky chances to supply him with the medicines and treasures he needed was clearly unrealistic.

But in order to study alchemy techniques to a high degree he would need a massive amount of materials, all the way from low grade materials to heavenly treasures. This was a very high demand. It would be difficult to find all of the things he needed in a small place like the South Horizon Region.

“I’ve already guessed that Brother Lin is planning to go to the four Divine Kingdoms, but we plan on setting off by ourselves first. Perhaps the three of us might even separate in the four Divine Kingdoms.” Duanmu Qun said with a faint smile.

The gap between their strength and Lin Ming’s strength was already quite high, and this disparity was destined to increase, meaning that it was nearly impossible for them to continue journeying together. For instance, a mystic realm that Lin Ming could enter didn’t mean that they could necessarily follow, and Lin Ming might not be interested in a mystic realm that they could enter.

“Mm, good, then this wedding celebration will also be my farewell gift to Brother Duanmu!”


Lin Ming’s wedding ceremony would last for an entire seven days. Of these seven days, Lin Ming only needed to appear on the first day to personally entertain his guests. For the remaining period, all of that would be singlehandedly managed by Mu Yuhuang.

At night, Lin Ming finally arrived at his marriage nuptial chambers. And at this time, Mu Qianyu was sitting on a large bed, having waited there for a long time. Beside her, Qin Xingxuan was gazing in a bronze mirror, carefully helping her dress up.

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