Chapter 756 – Duel of Battle Spirits

Chapter 756 – Duel of Battle Spirits

The wisp of air pierced through the small jade dish and still had ample force left over to shoot towards Wang Yichan. Wang Yichan took his sword out to block it, but the strike still caused his low-grade heaven-step treasure sword to tremble. From this alone, the difference in the two battle spirits could be imagined!

“This Lin Ming, if I’m guessing correctly then I fear that battle spirit has nearly reached large success of the bronze level!” Li Yifeng sucked in a breath of cold air. Even the young maid standing beside him had widened eyes. As someone who also came from the four Divine Kingdoms, she naturally understood what it meant to have a bronze level battle spirit at large success.

Every level of a battle spirit was divided into four ranks: elementary, small success, large success, and perfection. It wasn’t wrong that Wang Yichan was talented, but he had still just formed his battle spirit several years ago and its rank had slowly reached the elementary rank. As for Lin Ming, his battle spirit was already at the peak of small success; there were even many Divine Sea powerhouses that hadn’t been able to achieve this degree yet!

A difference of a little more than a boundary wasn’t much at all, however, Wang Yichan’s cultivation was at the...

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