Chapter 755 – Swords Drawn

Chapter 755 – Swords Drawn

Wang Yichan’s words were a clear threat; the atmosphere immediately became tense.

Although a fourth grade spirit vein source was precious, it was still absolutely obtainable to a power on the level of the Northwest Great Desert.

Before this, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch had taken out a fire-attribute spirit vein source at the quasi fifth grade, thus he felt pained in his heart to do so.

Now with Lin Ming wanted to exchange a mystic realm key for a fourth grade spirit source vein, that wasn’t too expensive or demanding at all.

But, the crux of this entire matter was – that jade pendant woman!

“Interesting, very interest! He doesn’t love treasures but loves beauties, hahaha!” Li Yifeng said with zest as he drank some wine in a corner of the hall.

“Does Young Master think that everyone is as depraved as you are? There must be some problem with that woman if they are fighting over her!” Li Yifeng’s maid grumpily said.

“But…” The young maid suddenly smiled, a bit happy that there was a ruckus occurring, “No matter what the situation is, it’s quite lively right now. If they fight then that Wang Yichan boy won’t be easy to deal with. He is a talent himself and he’s also crossed the second stage of Life Destruction; it’s hard to estimate...

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