Chapter 754 – Jade of the Goddess

Chapter 754 – Jade of the Goddess

The young woman that the demonic path martial artist brought along only seemed to be just under 20. She had a slender and beautiful figure and a pair of still eyes with a strange dark gray light in her pupils. Her face was pleasant to look at and there was a mysterious tattoo mark on her cheek.

The young woman’s appearance and the strange mark on her face were not the reason that Lin Ming had lost his sense of decorum. Rather, there was an azure-colored jade pendant hanging over her chest. Engraved at the center of this jade pendant was a mystical design, as if it were a bird-like totem.

This jade pendant exuded an extremely pure energy; one could see at first glance that it wasn’t an ordinary object. However, it wasn’t an offensive-type treasure either. In fact, it was difficult to judge just what sort of function this jade pendant had.

“This jade pendant…”

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. When he had been in the 1000 mile forbidden zone in the Eternal Demon Abyss, Lin Ming had rushed his way into the lair of a bunch of corpse devils. It turned out that the lair was actually the ancient grave of a goddess that had slept there untouched and unblemished for 100,000 years or even longer. Originally, Lin Ming hadn’t wanted to recklessly disturb the remains of such a figure, but as he covered the sarcophagus and was...

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