Chapter 753 The Mysterious Girl

Chapter 753 – The Mysterious Girl

“He is a Divine Kingdom Prince?”

The eyes of nearly all martial artists present locked onto Li Yifeng. The four Divine Kingdoms were the highest level of existing powers within the Sky Spill Continent. Compared to the four Divine Kingdoms, other regions were like small mountain villages.

For instance, take the Great Zen Region. Within the Great Zen Region, a high level Life Destruction martial artist would be the top master. But in the four Divine Kingdoms, a Divine Sea Supreme Elder was a top master; high level Life Destruction martial artists were relatively common.

Compared to the other regions, the four Divine Kingdoms were an entire boundary stronger.

Originally, when rumors spread that a Crown Prince from the Divine Kingdoms had come to the South Horizon Region, Yin Yang Profound Palace’s Xing Can had immediately gone out to visit him with her son. From this, one could see the difference in status.

Thus, even though this Li Yifeng was not a Divine Kingdom Crown Prince and only a Prince, that was already amazing enough.

Lin Ming couldn’t determine Li Yifeng’s exact strength but he could approximate it. His cultivation was at the peak of the Late Revolving Core period and he was already making great progress towards Life Destruction. His cultivation was around half a minor boundary higher than Lin Ming’s and his foundation was also extremely solid; he should have the power to contend with a Life Destruction Master. As for what the limit of his strength was, Lin Ming couldn’t say.

For such a character to call himself a Divine Kingdom Prince, Lin Ming didn’t suspect this at all.

Of course, after experiencing the Realm of the Gods’ Ancient Phoenix Clan, Lin Ming didn’t feel anything particularly special about this Divine Kingdom Prince at all. As Li Yifeng approached, he cupped his fists together in greetings and said, “I didn’t think that there would be a Prince from one of the four Divine Kingdoms attending my wedding. It is truly a great honor.”

“Haha, I just happened to be playing around in the South Horizon Region and I heard that Brother Lin here already became the top master of the South Sea at such a young age, so I became a bit curious. In my life, I love to make friends with the heroes of the world the most. I came without invitation, so if there’s any way in which I was disrespectful I humbly request Brother Lin to forgive me.”

“Brother Li is too polite. Since a Divine Kingdom Prince comes to visit, please make yourself welcome in my home.”

Lin Ming and Li Yifeng paid compliments to each other. But at Li Yifeng’s side, the young maid actually pouted, quietly probing Lin Ming’s Revolving Core in his dantian.

Rashly investigating others’ dantian was an extremely rude form of behavior. Lin Ming’s composure didn’t change; he only shielded himself from her perception as he continued to greet his guests.

But because that young girl couldn’t find out much, she still didn’t give up and decided to investigate Lin Ming’s meridians. Finally, Lin Ming turned a tad unhappy. He silently released the Asura force field so that it only bloomed within him without leaking outside in the least. Thus, no one could sense a difference in Lin Ming’s aura.

And at this time, the young maid who was probing Lin Ming’s body suddenly shook. Her face turned white as she took several steps back, the blood tumbling in her body.

“Qing’er, you’ve been up to nonsense again and now you’ve suffered a loss. I already said that Lin Ming was able to kill Xuan Wuji at such a young age and become the top master of the South Sea, so he must be accomplished. How could you possibly be his match? If I’m not wrong, what he did just now was use a kind of force field. This is an extremely rare ability which even I don’t have.”

Li Yifeng was secretly surprised. This move that Lin Ming so casually exposed was actually such a unique ability.

The young maid called Qing’er curled her lips, not too convinced. “What’s so special about a force field? Although Young Master doesn’t have a force field, you’ve already reached an extraordinarily high understanding in Wind Laws. That is more powerful than any force field. Even his highness the Crown Prince is inferior to you in the aspect of Laws!

“Then again, he is only the top master of the South Sea. If Young Master participated in the South Horizon Region then you too could have obtained that title. As for killing Xuan Wuji, I’ve already investigated that matter. There was simply no one who saw that fight. Who knew if Lin Ming killed Xuan Wuji himself or whether or not he had someone come help him, or perhaps he might have used some dastardly trap on Xuan Wuji. Also, who knows whether Xuan Wuji is as powerful as the rumors say? I’m just not convinced that this martial artist from such a tiny South Horizon Region actually dares to call himself Young Emperor. Even Young Master doesn’t dare to call himself that. In fact, Young Master should have a match with this Lin Ming to show him just how fierce our four Divine Kingdoms actually are!”

Li Yifeng’s eyes widened and he testily said, “Dumb little girl, stop pulling nonsense out of your ass. It should be right that Xuan Wuji was a fourth stage Life Destruction powerhouse. And even if he was the weakest of fourth stage Life Destruction martial artists, that still isn’t a character I can deal with. I don’t know whether Lin Ming killed Xuan Wuji by himself or not, but what I do know is that Lin Ming is absolutely strong. If I fight him and win, others will not commend me for doing so. And if I lose – a result which seems far more likely to happen – then I’ll have disgraced myself. Remember, today we came to eat for free. We’re here to make friends, not to fight!”

Lin Ming’s confrontation with Qing’er was very subtle, but what kind of characters were the martial artists present? There were naturally many people that noticed what happened.

In a corner of the main hall, Lan Xin was drinking a cup of scented tea. She laughed and said, “It seems that Divine Kingdom Prince’s maid isn’t too convinced by Lin Ming!”

Sitting near Lan Xin, Duanmu Qun said, “That probably isn’t a maid. She’s so young but she’s already at the Revolving Core realm. Also, her foundation isn’t too shabby either. She’s probably the royal concubine of that Divine Kingdom Prince and is only dressed up to look like a maid.

“What do you think of that Divine Kingdom Prince?” Lan Xin thoughtlessly asked.

“He seems like a cynical playboy, but in fact his will is strong, his foundation is solid, and his strength is extraordinary. If our cultivations were the same then I could fight with him, but since his cultivation is higher than mine, there isn’t any way for me to do so.”

Cultivation was one of the most important factors of strength. Duanmu Qun could jump ranks to fight, but that was only compared to other more ordinary geniuses. If he compared himself to someone with his own level of talent, then half a small boundary of difference in cultivation was a nearly insurmountable gap.

After Divine Kingdom Prince Li Yifeng appeared, more and more great figures made their appearance. But compared to Li Yifeng, all of them had been eclipsed by him.

As the grand ceremony was about to begin, a row of unusual guests caught Lin Ming’s attention; they were actually people from the deep sea Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan.

Several months ago, in order for the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan to obtain the Giant Leviathan’s marrow, they had joined forces with Xuan Wuji to chase down the beast, finally forcing it 300,000 miles under the sea into a trench.

Afterwards, Lin Ming escaped in the darkness and made a visit to the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan, killing many people in a massive slaughter. But, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch still couldn’t give up on the Giant Leviathan’s marrow and also decided to help Xuan Wuji in laying down the great illusionary array formation.

Lin Ming had returned at this point. Because he had chased Xuan Wuji over hundreds of thousands of miles, Lin Ming simply didn’t bother caring about the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch. Like this, he had escaped this fatal catastrophe.

“What are you here for?” Lin Ming’s voice was grim, his expression cold.

“Lin… Young Emperor Lin, I came this time to respectfully congratulate Young Emperor Lin on your wonderful marriage and also to bring a congratulatory wedding gift. If there was any place in which I caused offense before, I ask Young Emperor Lin to be merciful and broad-minded.” The one who headed this group was exactly the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch of before. He truly feared Lin Ming from the depths of his soul now. After all, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan still had to survive in the South Sea. Since they had offended Lin Ming, they would likely be doomed to extinction in the future.

Although he feared that Lin Ming would deal with him here, he had no choice but to come and personally apologize. He hoped that in front of so many honored guests and on such a joyous occasion, Lin Ming wouldn’t start a scene.

“Wedding gift?” One of Lin Ming’s eyebrows curved up as he maintained his icy attitude.

“Mm… yes, it’s this.”

The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Patriarch clenched his teeth, seeming to make a gesture of great determination as he swiped his spatial ring and brought out a crimson jade box. As this jade box appeared, an incomparably rich fire origin energy suddenly emanated outwards.

Lin Ming was surprised, but Mu Yuhuang’s eyes began to shine with a happy light. This was a spirit vein source! And a fire-attribute one at that!

A spirit vein was the fundamental basis for the existence of a sect.

Only when a sect had their own spirit vein could they ensure that there would be a rich heaven and earth origin energy in their territory and then attract martial artists to join their sect. When Divine Phoenix Island was destroyed, Mu Yuhuang had led the remaining disciples to live under the yoke of Yin Yang Profound Palace, and a great reason for this was because of Yin Yang Profound Palace’s spirit veins.

Generally speaking, the higher grade a sect was, the higher grade their spirit veins would be.

Divine Phoenix Island was only a fourth-grade sect and the grade of its spirit veins had been just enough for them. But with Lin Ming becoming increasingly strong, Divine Phoenix Island would inevitably rise in strength too.

At that time, a low grade spirit vein would become a hindrance in the development of the sect.

To solve this problem, they could either relocate the sect or find a spirit vein that could be transplanted, that is, to find the so-called spirit vein source.

There weren’t many spirit veins in the Sky Spill Continent to begin with, and there were even fewer spirit veins that could be transplanted. This sort of treasure could not be purchased with money. Moreover, to find one with a matching attribute was far more difficult!

Mu Yuhuang had been worrying about this matter but she never expected that the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch would send out a gift of a spirit vein source, and one that wasn’t of a low-grade either!

This was truly a generous gift!

“Hehehe! Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch is far too kind. This old woman must be disrespectful, it is truly a shame, ah!” Mu Yuhuang smiled so brightly that even her dimples showed. Although she spoke politely, she had no qualms at all about receiving this gift. With a quick swipe of her right hand, the jade box of the spirit vein source was placed into her spatial ring.

She naturally knew the reason that the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan was willing to pay such a hemorrhaging price. In the end, it all came down to Lin Ming being far too strong.

Seeing Mu Yuhuang take in this spirit vein source, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan Patriarch felt his heart ache as if it were dripping blood. This sort of treasure was also incomparably precious to their Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan.

The Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan focused on water-attribute cultivation methods, thus fire-attribute spirit veins were useless to them to begin with. However, a fire-attribute spirit vein source could be exchanged for a similar water-attribute one. It was only because spirit vein sources were so rare that they hadn’t exchanged it in such a long time. Now, he had to politely bow and humble himself while giving this spirit vein source to Divine Phoenix Island. How could he possibly be happy with this?

But there was no other choice. Compared to a spirit vein source, the survival of their clan was far more important.

Since the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan was willing to offer such a generous gift, Lin Ming didn’t bother to pursue past matters on such a joyous occasion. In truth, this spirit vein source really was too important to Divine Phoenix Island; it was something that could only been found through a stroke of fate.

At this time, the auspicious moment had arrived. The wedding was about to begin.

And at this time, with another announcement from the master of ceremonies, several strangely-clothed middle-aged people appeared in the main hall. These three all had a thick demonic energy around them; they were clearly demonic path martial artists.

Lin Ming didn’t recognize any of these three. But, at the side of demonic path martial artist in front, there was a young girl who looked like his concubine. As Lin Ming looked at her, he felt his heart go cold, his eyes unable to leave her.

How could it… be?

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