Chapter 752 – Lin Ming’s Wedding, the Divine Kingdom Prince

Chapter 752 – Lin Ming’s Wedding, the Divine Kingdom Prince

South Horizon Region, Scarlet Peak City –

Scarlet Peak City was a relatively large city in the South Horizon Region. This was because it was where the headquarters of a top third-grade sect were located.

Just a few years ago, because of the invasion of the South Sea Demon Region, Scarlet Peak City had gone into decline with many of the martial artists relocating elsewhere. However, with the death of Xuan Wuji, Scarlet Peak City was once again booming with the hustle and bustle of vibrant crowds.

At this time, in a high class restaurant in Scarlet Peak City, there were several martial artists sitting together and talking. “I heard that the Young Emperor of Divine Phoenix Island will have his great marriage in another month! The entire Divine Phoenix Island is now lively with countless guests from all around. Many important characters of the South Horizon Region and Five Element Region will be attending. Even the Sovereign of an ordinary third-grade sect doesn’t have the qualifications to go into the main hall, they can only enter the side halls!”

“Whew, to think even a third-grade sect Sovereign can only go to a side hall.” A martial artist commented with some emotion as he drank. All of them came from the third-grade Scarlet Peak Sect. It was rare for them to even see a Sovereign level character. To them, that was already a very high existence.


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