Chapter 751 – Collapse of the South Sea Demon Region

Chapter 751 – Collapse of the South Sea Demon Region

Since Xuan Wuji died, half a month had peacefully passed.

In this half month, many matters had occurred.

The news of Lin Ming chasing down Xuan Wuji over a space of several hundred thousand miles became increasingly intense. At first, not many people believed this. However, with the passage of time, all signs began to point to this news most likely being true. In particular, after 10 days, the Giant Leviathan once again appeared over the skies of Divine Phoenix Island. And in Divine Phoenix Island, the original disciples of that land had begun to reconstruct their sect on a massively grand scale!

After seeing Divine Phoenix Island build new grand temples and plazas and all sorts of complexes, the South Sea Demon Region actually didn’t interfere. Instead, they retreated from the South Horizon Region and hid away.

And then, just three days later, another matter occurred that caused all the great sects to be completely bewildered.

That was… the South Sea Demon Region branch in the South Horizon Region had been disbanded!

The Demon Region disciples all went their separate ways. Some joined small sects, some concealed their identities, some went to mortal kingdoms, and some went off on into the distant lands. Overnight, the last stronghold of the South Sea Demon Region had quietly disintegrated.


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