Chapter 750 - Returning to the Dimension

Chapter 750 – Returning to the Dimension

News of Lin Ming hunting down Xuan Wuji rapidly spread throughout the entire South Horizon Region and Five Element Region as if it had wings. To the sects in these two regions, any unusual news was good news. After living in the terrifying shadow of the South Sea Demon Region for so many years, all of them wanted to see a glimmer of hope.

Before, Lin Ming had captured the Giant Leviathan, wounded Xuan Yuqie, and razed the South Sea Demon Region. All of this had been breathtaking, uplifting news, but this time…

Lin Ming, alone with his spear, had torn through the void with his strength and chased down Xuan Wuji for several hundred thousand miles. This news was simply too melodramatic; one couldn’t help but suspect whether it was true.

And this news hadn’t come from a large sect like Storm Valley or the Sunfire Sect. Rather, it originated from a very small transmission array transit point.

Four months ago, Lin Ming had been trapped in a deep sea trench 300,000 miles under the surface by Xuan Wuji, on the verge of being captured and killed at any moment. In such a short period of time, how could Lin Ming reverse the situation and be the one to hunt down Xuan Wuji instead?

Was this even possible?

Could this be a smoke screen that the South Sea Demon Region released, and the truth was that Lin Ming had already been killed by Xuan Wuji? Did Xuan Wuji release this fake intelligence in order to lure the other sects to jointly attack the South Sea Demon branch in the South Horizon Region, and then catch all of them together at once?

“Father, what do you think?” In Storm Valley, Zhan Yunjian asked his father this question.

In front of Zhan Yunjian was a blue-clothed middle-aged man. This middle-aged man pondered for a moment before saying, “This matter is too strange. It might be a trap that the South Sea Demon Region has laid down, don’t you think?”

Zhan Yunjian shook his head, saying, “It’s because it’s so bizarre that I think it’s true. If this news is really fake, then I can only say that Xuan Wuji’s mental state has regressed. Why would he harm his own prestige and fabricate such lies? Even if this news came out, would it have much effect as a trap?”

The blue-clothed middle-aged man nodded and said, “No matter what happened we’ll just have to wait and see. Paper can’t wrap fire; the truth will come to light sooner or later. Of course, I certainly hope that this news is true…”

Xuan Wuji had died in a desolate mountain range on the border of the Sky Fortune Kingdom. In the vast South Horizon Region, this was a tiny, miniscule piece of land not worth mentioning, so nobody even bothered to look there.

Then, Lin Ming had returned to the South Sea. Under the command of Demonshine, the Giant Leviathan also emerged from the deep sea.

The Giant Leviathan that was several dozen miles long, that had easily rolled over Yin Yang Profound Palace with its seemingly unstoppable power, now had countless scars all over its lengthy body.

Several hundred of the Giant Leviathan’s tentacles had been torn off and its ears were shattered. The most serious wound was a pectoral fin with a mile-wide wound, nearly causing the entire fin to be ripped off.

To have such terrifying wounds and still manage to submerge 300,000 feet deep in a sea trench for over four months’ time, only the Giant Leviathan with its amazing life force could have withstood that.

“These wounds will probably need at least half a year to recover.”

Lin Ming thought out loud. To such a massive being like the Giant Leviathan, it was simply impossible and also useless to feed it pills. He could only allow it to eat and rest in the deep sea, naturally restoring itself.

Fortunately, the South Sea was incomparably broad and there were innumerable deep sea vicious beasts; there were more than enough to satiate the Giant Leviathan’s terrifying appetite.

If it could continuously hunt some high level deep sea beasts then this would greatly increase the speed at which the Giant Leviathan regenerated. Lin Ming really needed the Giant Leviathan now. With the Giant Leviathan, his loved ones had the best sanctuary possible and he had one less worry to concern himself with.


At this time, within the dimension of the Giant Leviathan were several red-dressed beauties surrounding a red pug. This red pug was only a foot long and its tail was short and thick, like the end of a finger. It had short curly red hair and its small pair of doggy eyes were jet black and shaped like round beads.

This red-haired pug was Demonshine. Besides Lin Ming, no one had known that Demonshine existed. However, Demonshine had never been someone who could endure loneliness for too long. With Lin Ming having departed to the king level smelting trial for an unknown number of months, Demonshine’s main soul had remained in the Giant Leviathan’s dimension. In its boredom, the pug would often take a stroll around the grounds and soon familiarized himself with Lin Ming’s friends and family.

“Little Red, didn’t you say that Brother Lin would return soon? How come I haven’t seen him yet?”

In front of the pug, there was an 18 or 19 year old girl asking Demonshine in a somewhat concerned tone. She wore a bright yellow dress and her appearance was delicate and beautiful. This young woman was Qin Xingxuan.

“Little Red your mom!!”

Demonshine cursed back in an extremely depressed manner. Because he was so small and his body was covered in red fur, this damned little maid had suddenly started calling him Little Red after a while. This eminently ‘inappropriate’ name had quickly caught on and everyone began referring to him as such.

In response, the pug had made several ‘serious’ declarations that he should be called ‘Holy Lord Demonshine’, and also began hyping up and boasting about his ‘glorious past deeds’ when he was an all-powerful being in the past. However, everyone simply ignored him.

Demonshine’s nickname of ‘Little Red’ had caused tremendous damage to his own dignified image. However, the young women he yelled at couldn’t match up his current image with his past deeds. Instead, they thought that his angry appearance when he flew into a range and his short red fur was standing on end was actually very funny, so more and more people began calling him ‘Little Red’.

“Little Red, please don’t lay around, all of us are growing nervous. When will Brother Lin come back? Where did he go off to? What has he been doing for these past four months?”

“I already repeated myself 10 thousand times, you must not call me Little Red, you must call me Holy Lord Demonshine!” Demonshine puffed out his chest, “When this Saint roamed through the endless void, your grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather still hadn’t been born!

“Forget it. Consider this done. This Saint is too lazy to bother lowering myself to the same level as you lesser mortals. That young boy Lin Ming should be returning very soon. As for these past four months, he’s gone somewhere… hehe, but even if I try to tell you it’s far too difficult for you lot to comprehend.”

“But if he comes back now… isn’t Xuan Wuji still outside?”

“Hahaha!” Demonshine barked out three loud laughs, a sense of superiority immediately rising in his voice. “Xuan Wuji isn’t even worth a fart. When this Saint was at his most peak and glorious state, small unimportant characters like Xuan Wuji were nothing but ants. This Saint wouldn’t even need to look at him to pinch him to death with my claw. As for that brat Lin Ming, although the difference from his current state to the past me is like the heavens and earth, he should still be able to deal with that old man Xuan Wuji.”

“Demonshine, is what you said true?” Mu Qianyu suddenly stood up, her haunting phoenix eyes staring at Demonshine. Although Demonshine tended to boast, Mu Qianyu could feel that this pug was unusual indeed. Demonshine truly did have a powerful soul force and was able to control the Giant Leviathan. It was possible that what he said was true.

If Lin Ming really could defeat Xuan Wuji… no, Lin Ming didn’t need to defeat him. As long as Lin Ming could contend with him then they could rebuild Divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea war would also end!

“Of course! When has this Saint ever lied to anyone? If everything goes as expected, then that boy should return in another quarter hour or less.”

“Quarter hour… Little Red, are you telling the truth?” Qin Xingxuan’s eyes lit up. She had just spoken when the entire dimension trembled and she felt her heart suddenly soar.

Someone had come.

Was it Lin Ming?

“Hey, he’s faster than I thought!” Demonshine rubbed his doggy chin as he spoke.

At this time, a blue-clothed youth with jet-black hair appeared in the dimension, his face full of smiles.

“Lin Ming!”

“Brother Lin!”

Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu were filled with endless surprise and joy. Xuan Wuji had been avidly eyeing the Giant Leviathan from the outside and they suffered a harrowing pressure the entire time. As for Lin Ming, they didn’t even know where he was. When they asked Demonshine, he had only said that Lin Ming was training outside. They had nearly worried themselves to death.

Now that they saw Lin Ming, they were so happy that they began crying. If it were only Qin Xingxuan or Mu Qianyu alone then they would have already rushed into Lin Ming’s embrace. However, now that both of them were here together, they were too embarrassed to do so.

“How are my parents?” Lin Ming asked.

“Uncle and Aunty are both doing very well. As for that little pigeon Xiaoge, she is also doing great!” Qin Xingxuan responded. For this past half year, Lin Fu and Lin Mu had no idea what was happening outside. Rather, they were living a carefree and happy life within. When Lin Ming had returned, he had also brought back a massive amount of miracle medicines that could strengthen and increase the life of mortals. Now, after taking these medicines Lin Fu and Lin Mu, who had worked hard jobs their entire lives, both looked several years younger, as if they were in the prime of their life. And as for Lin Ming’s little sister Lin Xiaoge, although she was only a three or four year old child now, she had already started to cleanse and temper her body with all sorts of precious liquids. In the future, she certainly wouldn’t be lacking in talent for martial arts.

“Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, what about Xuan Wuji?” Mu Qianyu asked. As she saw that Lin Ming was ultimately safe, she finally felt relieved in her heart. She also wanted to confirm whether or not Lin Ming now had the ability to fight with Xuan Wuji on even grounds. The destruction of Divine Phoenix Island had always been a constant pain in her heart. For every day that she couldn’t rebuild her home and sect she would never have peace of mind.

“Xuan Wuji… has already been slain by me.”

With just these few words, Mu Qianyu was stunned and even Qin Xingxuan was dumbfounded. Although Demonshine had said Lin Ming would just barely be able to defeat Xuan Wuji, they never imagined that Lin Ming would actually be able to kill him.

That man Xuan Wuji, who had started the South Sea war, who had exterminated Divine Phoenix Island, the Dire Space Sect, and Supreme Mystery Temple, and was worthy of being called the top master of the South Sea, had actually died?

“Brother Lin, is that really true?”

“Mm, he died at the border of Sky Fortune Kingdom. I’ve brought his weapon and spatial ring with me.” As Lin Ming spoke he took out a bronze ring from a pocket in his robes.

Mu Qianyu took the ring and swept through it with her perception, immediately freezing. Inside the ring was Xuan Wuji’s weapon, his Elder Command Seal, and even the jade slip containing the ‘Ancient Devil Arts’. Without a doubt, this was Xuan Wuji’s spatial ring!

As Mu Qianyu held this ring in a daze, her eyes began blurring.

Xuan Wuji had died!

They had won the South Sea war!

Tears falling down her cheeks, Mu Qianyu couldn’t help but hug Lin Ming as she sobbed. Her voice was completely choked with emotion as she said, “Thank you… thank you, Lin Ming…”

“Between us, there is no need for any thanks…” Lin Ming gently wiped away Mu Qianyu’s tears. After 10 breath of time, Mu Qianyu finally recovered herself and happily said, “I must go and tell Master. They feared that you wouldn’t return so they went into closed door seclusion to prepare for the final battle. They wouldn’t expect that we can begin rebuilding Divine Phoenix Island in just a few more days!”

Although Divine Phoenix Island had been destroyed, the elites of the sect still lived and the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm which served as the foundation of the sect was still in perfect condition. With Lin Ming’s current fame and power, rebuilding Divine Phoenix Island would be easy.

And at this time, a well-dressed middle-aged couple in their thirties came walking over. They were Lin Ming’s parents.

“Father, Mother…” Lin Ming said with great happiness.

Seeing that his parents looked much younger and healthier, and that Xingxuan and Yu’er were also safe, Lin Ming’s heart was filled with satisfaction and vindication. He didn’t regret in the least that he had ever chosen to step down the road of martial arts.

“Ming’er, you’ve finally come out of seclusion!” As Lin Mu saw Lin Ming, a cheerful and pleased expression crossed her face. She had no idea what events had occurred these past months. She only thought that Lin Ming had gone into closed door seclusion in one of the dimensions. Now that she saw her son finally coming out, she was naturally in a good mood.

But her smile didn’t last much longer. As she saw Lin Ming standing side-by-side with Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu, she actually began to be worried. Lin Ming’s marriage had always been one of her life’s greatest concerns.

Lin Ming was now 21 years old. It was past time for him to marry.

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