Chapter 747 - The 100,000 Mile Chase

Chapter 747 – The 100,000 Mile Chase


With another violent explosion, Xuan Wuji was only able to barely defend against Lin Ming’s Bury the Heavens. Under the shockwaves, he was sent flying back thousands of feet. In the shifting tide of the battle, Xuan Wuji’s minimal advantage against Lin Ming had already disappeared.

As for Lin Ming, after he was forced back several hundred feet, he shook his long spear and stabbed towards Xuan Wuji again.

Penetrating Rainbow!

A blazing spear light pierced through the deep sea. At this time, Xuan Wuji was still exhausted. He hadn’t even managed to conjure up any new strength before Lin Ming’s strike came hurtling towards him once again.


Xuan Wuji coughed stuffily as he was sent flying away. The tumbling blood in his body was barely suppressed by his true essence.

The difference in their remaining strength was only growing!

Chasing Sun!

Bury the Heavens!

Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!

Lin Ming used move after move, completely overwhelming Xuan Wuji!

How was this possible!?!?

Xuan Wuji felt the blood surging up in his body as wounds accumulated all over him. As he faced Lin Ming’s non-stop barrage of increasingly powerful attacks, fear finally began to bloom in his heart, causing him to draw back. He was truly ambitious, but in this situation...

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