Chapter 746 - The Disparity Between Them

Chapter 746 – The Disparity Between Them

Xuan Wuji cultivated the Ancient Devil Arts. He could directly sacrifice his own blood essence to his lance to further temper it, obtaining an even greater attack power. However, a martial artist had a limited quantity of blood. He would undoubtedly lose part of his blood vitality because of this move.

Xuan Wuji had no choice. He had to make a blood sacrifice to his lance in this battle with Lin Ming. The main reason was not to increase his striking power, but instead to reinforce his lance. If he hadn’t done so, then his lance would have been cut off by Lin Ming’s spear in just several collisions.

This sort of disadvantage didn’t originate from the difference in ranks of their treasures but from the existence of a battle spirit.

In a battle between heaven-step treasures, when there was only a small difference in rank, there wouldn’t be an obvious inferiority if Xuan Wuji’s lance struck Lin Ming’s spear. But, Lin Ming’s spear had a battle spirit poured into it. This caused the sharpness and hardness of his spear to rise by an unbelievably large degree. In the past, when Lin Ming had poured his battle spirit into his high-grade earth-step Purple Comet Spear, he had been able to pierced through the body of a corpse devil which had been tempered by...

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