Chapter 745 - Fighting Xuan Wuji

Chapter 745 – Fighting Xuan Wuji

From the time Lin Ming had appeared to when the strange octopus died, it seemed like a long while, but the truth was that only five to six breaths of time had passed.

Bai Guanyun stared on helplessly as Lin Ming used this tiny bit of time to slaughter the strange octopus whose strength was similar to his as if it were a chicken or dog. In his heart, there was nothing but an inexplicably rising fear.

Both of his legs had been cut off; it was impossible to escape.

How could things turn out like this?

Bai Guanyun felt as if he had gone crazy. Four months ago, Lin Ming only had the strength to barely kill a second stage Life Destruction master. How could his strength progress so quickly!

Normally, for a martial artist to advance a single stage of Life Destruction every few dozen years was already an incredible speed. But Lin Ming had only taken four months to enhance his strength by at least a boundary. This caused Bai Guanyun to fall into a hopeless despair.

But at this time, a billowing whirlpool suddenly appeared in the deep sea. A formidable aura surged forth like an endless tide. Bai Guanyun was suddenly overjoyed. He turned his head to see that not too far away, Xuan Wuji had grasped a jet black lance and was rushing his way over.

“Brother Xuan, save me!...

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