Chapter 744 - The Bloodstained Deep Sea

Chapter 744 - The Bloodstained Deep Sea

A great mystic fairyland enchantment was originally difficult to break. Moreover, the Giant Leviathan’s intelligence was low to begin with; it simply wasn’t able to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

If the array had a boundary, then the Giant Leviathan could directly break through it. But, this Mystic Thousand Sea Sealing Array had no boundaries. If the Giant Leviathan attacked, its strike would simply fade outwards, causing no damage to the array itself.

On a side of the deep sea trench, the strange octopus was laying down the array formation with Bai Guanyun.

The deep sea trench was very long. The entire array formation had to cover a radius of 10 miles. While the octopus creature crawled onto the walls of the ocean trench its body wriggled as it drew deep sea origin energy through its arms and into its body.

“Brother Fish, that Lin Ming boy has many secrets on his body, right?” Bai Guanyun asked in a seemingly casual manner. In his opinion, there was no way that Xuan Wuji would be willing to pay any price to just kill this Lin Ming for revenge.

The strange octopus looked at Bai Guanyun, its entire body bulging and pulsating like the waves of the sea. “I do not know…”

Its voice was forced and hard to understand as if...

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