Chapter 743 - Return to the Sky Spill Continent

Chapter 743 – Return to the Sky Spill Continent

Lin Ming had recently closed up to enlighten himself on the Annihilation Laws of the Concept of Fire. In addition, after having broken through to the late Revolving Core realm and absorbing the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, there were a great number of doubts that had accumulated in his mind. With these final five days of meditating on the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone, Lin Ming wanted to slowly resolve these doubts, verifying the truths and comprehensions within the flame engravings on the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone. However, the end result was that not only was he unable to solve his questions, but during the process of meditation he also gained newer and more complex doubts.

Lin Ming could feel that as his comprehension of the Concept of Flame deepened, his doubts grew more and more.

This is a normal phenomenon. If Lin Ming one day managed to clear away all of his doubts then that would be equal to understanding the source of Fire Laws.

And, it was even possible that someone who completely understood the source of Fire Laws would still have some doubts.

Lin Ming didn’t bother asking Fairy Feng about the questions he had. After all, she had said that he would have the most profound understanding if he realized these things himself, not to mention that everyone comprehended the Laws differently. Everyone had their own system by which they comprehended Laws. Trying to solve his own problems with others people’s answers was not the best way to go about things.

The more solid his foundation was, the more perfect the system of Laws that he understood would become.

At this moment, Lin Ming had stayed at the Timeworn Phoenix City for 120 days.

It was almost time to leave. But before leaving, Lin Ming applied to enter the God Transforming Mirror one final time.

The second world of the God Transforming Mirror was known to be unbreakable by martial artists weaker than a Divine Sea martial artist from the lower realms. This was mainly because martial artists weaker than the Divine Sea simply didn’t have the raw strength required to cause a large-scale reversal of the chain of stars. Even if they were fully aware of the Laws, it was still useless.

With Lin Ming’s strength, he could only change a small portion of the revolution amongst the chain of stars. He was still a far from being able to break past the second world.

It was impossible for Lin Ming to break past the second world. The reason he came to the God Transforming Mirror again was mainly to confirm some new ideas he had.


Timeworn Phoenix City, Nine Layer Tower –

General Smoke still hadn’t left. Thousands of years ago, when the Ancient Phoenix Clan fought with an alien race in a massive war, General Smoke and Guru Blueflame had both served together in the army. There, they had forged a lifelong friendship on the precipice of death. It was only afterwards that Guru Blueflame was severely wounded, thus he came to Timeworn Phoenix City to recover. Like this, thousands of years had passed.

General Smoke and Guru Blueflame were merrily drinking together. As for Fairy Feng, she was leisurely drinking some tea. At this moment, a fire lit in front of the three.

“That boy Nuyan Ming, he broke through 90 breaths of time in the God Transforming Mirror of the second world!” After Guru Blueflame heard the sound transmission, his eyes lit up. From 81 breaths to 90 breaths of time, that was another increase in difficulty!

“His progress is truly marvelous!” General Smoke praised as he swished around his wine glass.

“Hehe, I actually think his progress is quite slow this time. He absorbed the blood of the Ancient Phoenix and also broke through to the late Revolving Core realm. I assume that these days he also gained new insights into the Fire Laws. To only increase his record by nine breaths of time, that’s just a little too few…” Guru Blueflame licked his lips after he took a gulp of wine, shaking his head. His expression seemed as if he wished for Lin Ming to break past the second world and directly enter the third world, it was if would only be happy if he could scare this old fellow from the Realm of the Gods to death.

“It’s not too surprising…” Fairy Feng faintly said as she fiddled with her teacup. “Glory from his results is simply unimportant to Nuyan Ming. This time, he shouldn’t have been trying to breakthrough with his complete strength, but rather confirming some ideas in the God Transforming Mirror’s second world. If he used his complete range of skills to their full effect, then he should at least be able to break through 100 breaths of time.”

After Fairy Feng spoke, Guru Blueflame suddenly remembered this. During the second time that Lin Ming went to the second world, he had attempted every single one of his moves at different times, even testing out the skill that involved the Concept of Thunder. Doing such was an extremely taxing process.

To test out his new comprehensions and even last for 90 breaths of time, that was enough to be called abnormal!

“The little fellow is about to leave Timeworn Phoenix City. I hope that when he returns to his Sky Spill Continent, he will be able to allow his destiny to reach its peak. We’ve already done all we can do; everything else will depend on himself.”

Nearly every genius had their own destiny and a number of lucky chances in their lives. Guru Blueflame thought that Lin Ming’s destiny still belonged in the Sky Spill Continent. If he returned, it was possible for him to inherit that destiny as well as finish his cycle of karma there. After he reached the Divine Sea in the future, he would definitely be able to ascend into the Realm of the Gods without any lingering emotions dragging him back.

“Mm, since we’ve noticed his grown there, perhaps one day there will be a chance where his strength will surpass even us…” As Fairy Feng spoke, she faintly smiled. This was already an extremely high evaluation from her. Fairy Feng, General Smoke, and General Blueflame were all characters in the Ancient Phoenix Clan that were only inferior to Elders.

Those that surpassed them in rank were all Elders or above.

Within the Ancient Phoenix Clan in the Realm of the Gods, there were 72 Elders. These Elders were called Palace Masters because in the Realm of the Gods, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had 72 Palaces. Many of these palaces were located in secretive mystic realms, their internal structure incomparably mystical, containing all sorts of profound and enigmatic principles. There were also some palaces located in nearly inaccessible lands in the Realm of the Gods, lands where only true powerhouses could go.

These 72 Palace Masters were all characters that had lived for tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years. There were even some Palace Masters that had lived longer than the current Phoenix Clan Patriarch.

To become a Palace Master of the 72 Palaces?

That was unimaginably difficult!

Moreover, a rare genius often couldn’t even become a Palace Master. This was because there were simply too many talents in the universe. New extraordinary young elites appeared every few years, and there was even more geniuses concentrated in the Realm of the Gods. Even if they were dazzling and gloriously in the smelting trial, that was still useless. After all, it was unknown just what the future would hold. Just because their current destiny was astonishing didn’t mean that their future destiny would be just as spectacular. It was possible that the talents of today could exhaust all of their future potentials.

For instance, there were Palace Masters that hadn’t obtained first place during the time they participated in the king level smelting trial. But, they were able to slowly overtake those that had been more talented than them, finally becoming a Palace Master. As for the young talents that had once been stronger, they had simply faded from view or even perished.

As to how Lin Ming’s future would be, no one could even estimate.

As the three were drinking and musing to themselves, Lin Ming had already packed up all his belongings and arrived at the transmission array of Timeworn Phoenix City. These last 120 days had been far too valuable to Lin Ming. He had seen a new world, greatly expanding his horizons.

As Lin Ming left, he also brought along the Concept jade slips that Fairy Feng had left for him. These jade slips were originally only supposed to be lent to Lin Ming for a month or two, but now they were lent to Lin Ming until he could breakthrough to the Divine Sea.

“Let’s go, were heading home!”

Lin Ming gripped his fists, decisively stepping onto the transmission array.


In the endless South Sea, the great waves were rough and choppy.

No one in the Sky Spill Continent knew just how large the South Sea was nor where it ended. Legends said that there was once a mighty Supreme Elder that had flown towards the south of the South Sea for several years but still didn’t couldn’t find where it ended. Instead, he met more and more troubles and encountered increasingly formidable deep sea vicious beasts that even he dreaded dealing with. This had forced him to retrace his steps.

At this time, in this incomparably vast sea, at a range of hundreds of feet deep, there were four martial artists gathered together. The leader of this group was the number one character of the South Sea Demon Region – Xuan Wuji.

In front of Xuan Wuji, there was a strange octopus-like creature. It had several dozen long limbs but also two human-like arms. For the races of the deep sea, this wasn’t too strange of an appearance at all.

Beside the weird octopus’ side was the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Clan’s Patriarch. Although he had suffered greatly because of Lin Ming and many of his fellow clansmen had been killed, he still couldn’t resist the temptation and returned. He wasn’t willing to give up on the Giant Leviathan’s marrow.

As for the Black Flood Dragon Clan, they didn’t appear again. The Patriarch of the Black Flood Dragon Clan was only at the second stage of Life Destruction. His strength was far too low to begin with. There was never any chance of Xuan Wuji dividing any resources with him and instead, he faced the threat of having his entire clan being exterminated. If he came again and they didn’t manage to kill Lin Ming, then that was a looming catastrophe over his hands. With this sort of thankless matter, he naturally withdrew early.

There was also another deep sea race present, represented  by a feminine looking man. He was tall with narrow eyes, pale skin, and a cruel, evil smile that constantly hung on his face.

This person also came from the demonic path. His name was Bai Guanyun and his nickname was the Immortal Demon.

Bai Guanyun followed the path of obscenity and could be considered a counterpart of Xuan Wuji. His ancestors had once been part of the Silent Demon Emperor City. When the Silent Demon Emperor City was annihilated, Bai Guanyun’s clan left and headed towards the southwest mainland. There, they established their own sect that was also a demonic path sect.

Originally, Bai Guanyun’s sect couldn’t compare to the South Sea Demon Region. But now, with the South Sea Demon Region being razed and looted several times by Lin Ming, they were alive in name only. With this, Bai Guanyun’s sect naturally surpassed the South Sea Demon Region.

“Elder Xuan, don’t you think this is a bit too much? You’ve actually been forced into this state by a little hairless Revolving Core boy who’s only 20 some years old. And somehow even 80 to 90% of your sect was destroyed?”

Bai Guanyun’s words brimmed with a mocking tone. Xuan Wuji obviously heard it, but after reaching his boundary, he had devoted his entire being to reaching the Divine Sea and becoming a Peerless Emperor. As for the taunting ridicules of others, he naturally paid no heed to them.

The reason that he had asked Bai Guanyun to come was to lay down a Mystic Thousand Sea Sealing Array. In order to do so, he needed at least four third stage Life Destruction or higher powerhouses.

The strange octopus was one, the Turquoise-Eyed Ape Patriarch was another, and along with Xuan Wuji that was three in total. He was still missing one, thus he went to look for Bai Guanyun.

First, he could be considered old acquaintances with Bai Guanyun. Also, Bai Guanyun’s cultivation was only at the third stage of Life Destruction; it would be relatively easy for Xuan Wuji to control him.

Otherwise, if he were to ask a top master to come and kill Lin Ming and find out whatever secrets were on his body, then those secrets might be stolen away instead. At that time, he would have sacrificed so much just to have all his effort become a gift for someone else.

“Bai Guanyun, you’ve lived over 1000 years so you should fully understand the truth that even a lion must use its full force to capture a rabbit. Moreover, Lin Ming is a formidable enemy. If you underestimate him then you will be the one to suffer a loss!”

“Haha, well anyways, sine you’ve already paid me for my services then I will gladly work for you, you can ask me to do whatever you wish!” Bai Guanyun was full of smiles. He didn’t really care much about Xuan Wuji’s words. In fact, seeing the South Sea Demon Region being reduced to such a state, he was filled with a gloating happiness.

“Bai Guanyun, you go to the south. Brother Sea Ape, you go to the north. I will go to the east. As for the rest, I’ll have to rely on Brother Thousand Arm.

The Brother Thousand Arm that Xuan Wuji mentioned was the strange octopus man. The Mystic Thousand Sea Sealing Array would have to rely mainly on the assistance of this strange octopus to set down. Once the Mystic Thousand Sea Sealing Array was laid down, then it would form an inescapable net. The dreamland within ir would be infinite and endless, capable of directly sealing away the Giant Leviathan’s perception.

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