Chapter 742 - Late Revolving Core

Chapter 742 – Late Revolving Core


The Ancient Phoenix bloodline was the fundamental basis for the existence of the Realm of the Gods Ancient Phoenix Clan. It was self-evident just how important it was to the Ancient Phoenix Clan. These past days, Lin Ming had gained a general understanding of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

Leaving aside the three thousand boundless worlds within the lower realms and the branches of the Ancient Phoenix Clan that existed there, just within the Ancient Phoenix Clan within the Realm of the Gods, the clansmen there could be tallied in the hundreds of billions!

In addition to those from the lower realms, the number was incalculable.

Martial artists in the Realm of the Gods lived extremely long lives, often for tens of thousands of years. During this time period, they could have numerous children. If this continued, the number of individuals would grow at an exponential rate, and it was easy for the population to surpass hundreds of billions. In the Realm of the Gods, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had multiplied for countless generations already.

With so many extraordinary youths born, the difficulty of standing out could be imagined.

While Lin Min sat on a stone bed in his own training dimension, he asked Demonshine, “How is the situation in the South Sea?”

When Lin Ming had left, he had also brought along a wisp of Demonshine’s soul; this was so that he could always be aware of what was happening in the South Sea. Timeworn Phoenix City and the Sky Spill Continent were in difference spaces after all. To use a sound transmission was simply impossible. He could only depend on Demonshine to use his own soul to transmit messages.

Demonshine said, “The Giant Leviathan should be able to stay in the deep sea trench for half a year, and only 100 days has passed so we’re still okay. Xuan Wuji does launch an exploratory attack every now and then. I’m guessing that he should be growing nervous by now.”

“I see…” Lin Ming’s expression became a bit gloomy. If Xuan Wuji was attacking, then the Giant Leviathan might only be able to hold out for just five months instead of six. Time was running out.

“Then… I will meditate on the Concepts and Laws a bit more and then absorb the blood of the Ancient Phoenix.” As Lin Ming spoke he took out the crystal block with the Ancient Phoenix Blood and placed it in the palm of his hands.

He could already be considered as having finished the first stage of the king level smelting trial; he could return whenever he wished. But, perceiving the Laws was naturally much faster in Timeworn Phoenix City. More importantly, Lin Ming had no clear idea how his strength was when compared with Xuan Wuji. If he increased his strength to the maximum limit he could before returning, then he would have the greatest assurance when facing Xuan Wuji.

As the blood of the Ancient Phoenix lay in his palms, Lin Ming could feel an ancient and mystical energy emitting from the clear crystal block.

The crystal was only an inch thick. Sealed within, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix seemed thick and heavy, in the shape of a perfect sphere.

Lin Ming struck the crystal block. The crystal suddenly shook and countless cracks spread throughout it like a spider web.

With a turn of his hand, all of that Ancient Phoenix blood flew into Lin Ming’s palm.

The Ancient Phoenix blood was viscous like mercury as it formed a flat spherical shape in Lin Ming’s hand.

As Lin Ming looked at this mass of Ancient phoenix Blood, he suddenly recalled the description in the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ where it described a boundary where one’s marrow was like golden soup and blood like heavy mercury. The so-called blood like mercury was where the blood wouldn’t scatter if it fell, easily gathering just like this blood of the Ancient Phoenix.

Without a doubt, a God Beast from the Realm of the Gods was a high level existence that dual cultivated body and essence. They had powerful bodies and a vast, immeasurable amount of energy was contained within them. Not just that, but they were naturally more suited towards the Laws of the universe than humans, or rather that they were part of the Laws to begin with.

So, how could a God Beast not be formidable?

Lin Ming formed a small blade of true essence on his finger tip and then calmly cut a slit in the skin between his eyebrows. As blood flowed out, he took the Ancient Phoenix blood and pressed in between his eyebrows.

A deep burning feel filled him as if there was a fire blazing between his eyebrows and acid was running through his flesh. However, to Lin Ming who had already become accustomed to all sorts of pain, this was nothing at all.

With his powerful regenerative abilities, the wound between Lin Ming’s forehead quickly healed over, sealing the Ancient Phoenix blood into Lin Ming’s body.

The Ancient Phoenix blood had an extremely strong vitality. As soon as it entered Lin Ming, it began to crazily swallow Lin Ming’s bloodline. If one wasn’t strong enough, then not only would they not be able to absorb the Ancient Phoenix blood, but the blood would instead cause a backlash, killing the martial artist. That martial artist’s blood would then become the nourishment of the Ancient Phoenix blood instead.

Lin Ming silently revolved his true essence, circulating the energy in his meridians according to the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. An invisible strength enveloped the Ancient Phoenix Blood, pushing it deep into his blood vessels.

At this time, where Lin Ming’s heart was, the Magic Cube was silent throughout. It appeared to have no intention of fighting Lin Ming for this Ancient Phoenix blood. Lin Ming let out a sigh of relief. If the Magic Cube really wanted to snatch away the Ancient Phoenix blood, there simply wouldn’t be any left for Lin Ming.

Lin Ming closed his eyes and entered the ethereal martial intent state. Intangible fluctuations of will emanated outwards from the battle spirit in his spiritual sea. All of the fire origin energy in the surrounding space continuously converged into Lin Ming’s meridians, circulating according to the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’.

But at this time, within Lin Ming’s dantian, the Black Hole Revolving Core there began to slowly spin, forming a vortex of energy, constantly swallowing the violent energy from the Ancient Phoenix blood.

With Lin Ming’s current level of strength, it wasn’t too dangerous to absorb the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. It would only be a matter of time.

One day, two days, three days…

After seven days passed, the Ancient Phoenix mark between Lin Ming’s eyebrows grew increasingly bright, as if a red star was blazing there. As for Lin Ming himself, he seemed to have entered into a peculiar trance-like state.

Normally, absorbing the Ancient Phoenix blood wouldn’t take so long. Lin Ming sat in meditation for seven days because he wanted to perceive the Laws contained within the Ancient Phoenix blood as he absorbed it.

Last time, Lin Ming had been able to last within the second world of the God Transforming Mirror for 81 breaths of time. Now, he had many new understandings towards the Concept of Annihilation. At this time, taking advantage of the time when he was absorbing the Ancient Phoenix blood, he decided to carefully validate his new comprehensions of the Laws one at a time.

Unknowingly, the flame totem engraved on the surface of the Heretical God Seed became increasingly perfect and profound. As for Lin Ming, his understandings towards the Concept of Fire rapidly progressed.

On the ninth day, Lin Ming could feel the Revolving Core within his dantian nearing the edge of transformation, on the border of breaking through to the late Revolving Core realm!

Lin Ming was overjoyed. After absorbing this blood of the Ancient Phoenix and in addition to his new understandings of the Laws, he was finally about to break through from the peak of the middle Revolving Core realm to the late Revolving Core realm!

Before entering the Divine Phoenix Mystic realm, Lin Ming’s cultivation had been at the middle Revolving Core stage. Now, after a mere 100 some days of time, he was about to break through to the late Revolving Core realm.

Closing his eyes, Lin Ming gathered all the energy from his meridians to his dantian, focusing on making this breakthrough.

The true essence vortex on the Black Hole Revolving Core became increasingly large, sucking in true essence increasingly fast. The entire surface of the crystal core was now a deep blood red.

2 hours…

4 hours…

Lin Ming had stirred up a fierce origin energy storm in his dimension.

This sort of dimension had an extremely rich heaven and earth origin energy. But, the space of the dimension was limited. It was unable to withstand the crazy absorption from Lin Ming, and soon half the energy was cleanly sucked away by him.

However, the architect of the dimension had already considered many similar situations. After the concentration of true essence dropped precipitously, the array formation that formed the dimension would draw in origin energy from Timeworn Phoenix City, restoring the origin energy within.

Thus, from his dimension, Lin Ming began to absorb all the nearby energy.

In the Nine Layer Tower at the center of Timeworn Phoenix City, Fairy Feng had just obtained this news. These past days, she had sent out someone to take notice of Lin Ming’s situation and report it back to her.

“Nuyan Ming has started to swallow the surrounding energy from his dimension. It seems that the little boy made a breakthrough.” Fairy Feng stood up and walked towards a balcony, looking out towards Lin Ming’s dimension.

“Haha, he should have made a breakthrough even earlier! He has already perceived so much from the jade slips and totem stones, and in addition to the Ancient Phoenix blood he absorbed, his breakthrough speed is already too slow!” Guru Blueflame laughed out from not too far away.

As Guru Blueflame said, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix was simply a priceless treasure for a fire-attribute martial artist. It’s value greatly surpassed the Nirvana Dragon Root to the point that it could be considered to be on another level altogether.

Lin Ming was only at the Revolving Core realm. For him to absorb so much Ancient Phoenix blood, the advantages could be imagined.

Fairy Feng said, “This is because Nuyan Ming’s foundation is solid. Thus, the amount of total true essence he needs to break through is much higher. Sometimes, having slower breakthroughs isn’t a disadvantage.”

“Mm. I’m looking forwards to how he’ll be when he breaks through to the Divine Sea realm. I wonder to what degree his strength will reach.”


In his dimension, Lin Ming had already been stranded at the critical breakthrough point for 10 hours. The Revolving Core crystal nucleus in his dantian had grown to the size of a fist and it rapidly spun like a top. A red layer of mist covered the surface of the Revolving Core.

Then, at this moment, the Revolving Core began to collapse from the inside out!

The entire Revolving Core rapidly reduced in size, emitting blazing rays of fiery light. Heaven and earth energy crazily gathered together, constantly condensing. In a single go, Lin Ming had broken through to the late Revolving Core realm!

He had finally succeeded!

Lin Ming’s eyes slammed open. He gasped for breath in deep heaving gulps, his entire body dripping with sweat.

The late Revolving Core realm was the last boundary before Life Destruction. As for extreme Revolving Core, that was just another term for Life Destruction.

In essence, the Life Destruction realm was part of the Revolving Core realm. This was because, in both realms, the Revolving Core in the dantian was still the focus of the martial artist’s energy.

But even so, from late Revolving Core to Life Destruction, the disparity in strength was equal to an entire great boundary.

Stepping into the Revolving Core realm meant that one could be considered a master of the South Horizon Region. However, considering the entirety of the Sky Spill Continent, this strength was simply irrelevant.

But by stepping into Life Destruction one would finally enter the ranks of masters within the Sky Spill Continent.

Life Destruction masters were valued even in Holy lands. If one could reach the first stage of Life Destruction then they could at least be an outer court Elder of a Holy Land.

Lin Ming had now reached the late Revolving Core realm; he was only a single step from entering Life Destruction. However, Lin Ming was only 21 years old!

“My cultivation has reached the late Revolving Core realm. In addition to my new comprehensions of Fire Laws, I wonder to what degree I can contend with Xuan Wuji when I return?”

Before Lin Ming entered the king level smelting trial he was still weaker than a third stage Life Destruction master. As for Xuan Wuji, he was at the fourth stage of Life Destruction. Moreover, he had dominated the entire South Sea for so many years so it was likely he had some hidden cards in his hands. This upcoming fight with Xuan Wuji was still filled with unknowns.

However, Lin Ming was confident that even if the situation was worse than what he expected, he could at least protect the Giant Leviathan and guide it to safety.

“Demonshine, I will still have five days I can meditate on the totem stones. Once I’ve used that up, we will immediately return to the Sky Spill Continent!’

After Lin Ming lasted in the second world for 81 breaths of time, he had obtained another 5 days to perceive the totem stones as a reward. If he didn’t use them all up then that would be a waste.

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