Chapter 742 - Late Revolving Core

Chapter 742 – Late Revolving Core


The Ancient Phoenix bloodline was the fundamental basis for the existence of the Realm of the Gods Ancient Phoenix Clan. It was self-evident just how important it was to the Ancient Phoenix Clan. These past days, Lin Ming had gained a general understanding of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

Leaving aside the three thousand boundless worlds within the lower realms and the branches of the Ancient Phoenix Clan that existed there, just within the Ancient Phoenix Clan within the Realm of the Gods, the clansmen there could be tallied in the hundreds of billions!

In addition to those from the lower realms, the number was incalculable.

Martial artists in the Realm of the Gods lived extremely long lives, often for tens of thousands of years. During this time period, they could have numerous children. If this continued, the number of individuals would grow at an exponential rate, and it was easy for the population to surpass hundreds of billions. In the Realm of the Gods, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had multiplied for countless generations already.

With so many extraordinary youths born, the difficulty of standing out could be imagined.

While Lin Min sat on a stone bed in his own training dimension, he asked Demonshine, “How is the situation in the South Sea?”

When Lin Ming had left, he had also brought along a wisp of Demonshine’s...

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