Chapter 741 - Trading for the Phoenix Blood

Chapter 741 – Trading for the Phoenix Blood

[One mace = 3 to 4 grams]

When Guru Blueflame saw that Lin Ming managed to reach 81 breaths of time, his entire face lit up with happiness. Lin Ming was a young elite that came from his Timeworn Phoenix City and could also be considered a disciple of his. In the future, if Lin Ming really became an Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, then that would be the most glorious moment of his life.

Of course, the probability was extremely low, even if Lin Ming was talented enough to be called a 500 year talent of the three great Phoenix Cities of the lower realms.

An Elder level character usually only appeared in the Ancient Phoenix Clan once in a millennium. Moreover, there was an over 90% chance that they would originate from the Realm of the Gods.

If Lin Ming wanted to become an Elder, he would need to have an astonishing destiny and an...

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