Chapter 741 - Trading for the Phoenix Blood

Chapter 741 – Trading for the Phoenix Blood

[One mace = 3 to 4 grams]

When Guru Blueflame saw that Lin Ming managed to reach 81 breaths of time, his entire face lit up with happiness. Lin Ming was a young elite that came from his Timeworn Phoenix City and could also be considered a disciple of his. In the future, if Lin Ming really became an Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, then that would be the most glorious moment of his life.

Of course, the probability was extremely low, even if Lin Ming was talented enough to be called a 500 year talent of the three great Phoenix Cities of the lower realms.

An Elder level character usually only appeared in the Ancient Phoenix Clan once in a millennium. Moreover, there was an over 90% chance that they would originate from the Realm of the Gods.

If Lin Ming wanted to become an Elder, he would need to have an astonishing destiny and an immeasurable number of lucky chances.

Only three Elder level characters had originated from the three great Phoenix Cities of the lower realms in the last two to three hundred thousand years. Moreover, they were outer court Elders; none of them had been inner court Elders.

Currently, the last outer court Elder was born 50,000 years ago. This was an extremely distant matter to Guru Blueflame since he was only just over 10,000 years old.

“When this boy ascends into the Realm of the Gods in the future, I definitely must have him join my army.” General Smoke thought out loud, subconsciously gripping his palm.

“Haha, then that depends whether or not you can snatch him away. Even if Nuyan Ming can’t become an Elder there’s still a high chance of him becoming a Hall Master. Perhaps he might even be chosen by Vermillion Bird Hall.

With Lin Ming’s talent, it would be extremely easy for him to find a good position in the Ancient Phoenix Clan in the future, whether that was in the army or the ruling system.

“Just wait and see. He will definitely join under my command. This is a young fellow who appreciates battle the most! Since I’ve lost this time, tonight I’ll open up my fog flower wine and we’ll drink until we drop!”

“Haha, you’re making me drool here!” When Guru Blueflame heard that there was wine to drink even his eyes began to smile.

But at this time, Fairy Feng suddenly said in a soft voice, “General Smoke, do you remember about the Ancient Phoenix blood that we discussed previously?”

“Of course I remember! Nuyan Ming can last up to 81 breaths of time! On just this point alone, I no longer need him to complete the 100 day assessment; I can consider him as passed. I will apply for the Ancient Phoenix blood for him. I will also ask for Nuyan Ming’s opinion. Perhaps he might want other types of resources besides the Ancient Phoenix blood.

In the Realm of the Gods Ancient Phoenix Clan, the outstanding youths there could request for resources depending on their results in the smelting trial. Ancient Phoenix blood, pills, Fire Elementals, rare cultivation methods, all sorts of precious things could be obtained.

Lin Ming was indeed talented, but the Ancient Phoenix Clan in the Realm of the Gods was far too large. There were new generations of outstanding young elites every 10 years, thus there were never enough resources to pass around. Not to mention that besides these young elites there were also powerhouses that were hundreds or even thousands of years that also needed resources.

Since resources were so precious and in limited quantities, there naturally had to be a fair system to distribute them.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan had different valuations for difference resources. With Lin Ming’s results, he could exchange for more of a less valuable type or less of a more valuable type. This was the fairest system.

“Nuyan Ming.” General Smoke withdrew his consciousness from the God Transforming Mirror and looked at the exhausted Lin Ming. He grinned and said, “With your ability to persist in the second world for 81 breaths of time, you can be considered to have already passed my 100 day assessment.  Now, I will give you 9 points as a total score. With this result, you can exchange for various cultivation resources of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. This includes Ancient Phoenix blood, Fire Elementals, pills, rare cultivation methods, jade slips with Concept enlightenments, and so forth. What would you like to exchange for?”

As General Smoke spoke, all of the other martial artists turned green with envy. Any one of these resources were priceless treasures!

Huo Wenlong sighed. He thought that he could diligently train and slowly catch up to Lin Ming, but now it seemed that the disparity between them was only growing more with every passing day!

General Smoke said that the resources were all approved by the Realm of the Gods Ancient Phoenix Clan. As someone who came from the Realm of the Gods himself, not being able to obtain the treasures of his own clan but instead having them taken by Lin Ming left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“I want… the blood of the Ancient Phoenix!”

Lin Ming replied without hesitation. He had plenty of cultivation methods, pills could be found elsewhere, and while a Fire Elemental was precious, he wouldn’t exchange it using such a valuable opportunity. He only desired the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. By transplanting it into his body, he could permanently increase his fusion compatibility with the Concept of Fire. This naturally took priority over all else.

Lin Ming’s reply was well within General Smoke’s expectations. General Smoke faintly smiled and said, “Don’t be so hasty to choose. Because most young elites desire to exchange for the Ancient Phoenix blood, this caused its price to be the highest. As a result, if you completely exchange your points for the Ancient Phoenix blood, at most you’ll have around over a mace worth. While you can choose the Ancient Phoenix blood, there are also other resources available. For instance, Concept jade slips. If you meditate on these, it will greatly improve your understandings towards the Fire Laws. What do you think?”

As General Smoke spoke, Lin Ming hesitated. A mace was probably 60-70 drops. 10 maces was 1 tael. 16 taels was one jin. A martial artist probably had around 10 jins of blood in their bodies. This was equivalent to Lin Ming exchanging for 1/1000 of the blood in his body.

As for that single drop of Ancient Phoenix blood from the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, that was simply nothing to speak of.

If he wanted to trade for the so-called perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, that was still too far away. Perhaps it was as General Smoke said; exchanging part of his points for the Concept of Fire jade slips would also be good.

While Lin Ming was thinking, Fairy Feng’s true essence sound transmission sounded out in his ears.

“Nuyan Ming, completely exchange all of your points for the Blood of the Ancient Phoenix. As for the Concept jade slips, the higher quality ones are too expensive and the lower quality ones aren’t necessarily any better than the ones I lent you. They will simply be useless to you.”


Lin Ming glanced at Fairy Feng. Fairy Feng nodded in return and also said, “The phoenix bloodline concentration in your body is too low. Do not miss this chance to enhance your bloodline richness! As for the other clansmen, their bloodline concentration is much higher, thus exchanging for other suitable things may be better choices for them.

“Thank you Senior for your guidance.”

Lin Ming held an extremely high level of trust towards Fairy Feng. He immediately said to General Smoke, “I want to exchange everything for the blood of the Ancient Phoenix.”

“Okay!” General Smoke no longer delayed. He directly took out a quarter foot square crystal block from his spatial ring. In the very center of this crystal block was a sealed mass of red liquid. This red liquid was only the size of a fingertip, it seemed like a bright red ruby that was trapped inside. Obviously, this was the blood of the Ancient Phoenix.

General Smoke said, “According to normal reasoning, I would need to apply to headquarters to distribute this blood of the Ancient Phoenix. However, with your situation, it should be more than guaranteed that your application is successful. Thus, I won’t bother with all the red-tape and will directly give you this blood of the Ancient Phoenix instead. I hope that you can thoroughly comprehend the source Fire Laws in the future and become one of the Elders of my Ancient Phoenix Clan!”

As General Smoke said this, he tossed the blood of the Ancient Phoenix into Lin Ming’s hands. “This is around a mace of blood. I can also help you apply for 10 more drops. I’ll give it to you in a few more days.”

“Thank you, General Smoke.” Lin Ming held the clear crystal block in his hands. As he looked at the shining Ancient Phoenix blood within, his eyes lit up with eager excitement.

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