Chapter 740 - Reverse the Chain of Stars

Chapter 740 – Reverse the Chain of Stars

A two mile wide meteor didn’t sound that much larger than a half mile wide meter, but the truth was that it weighed 64 times greater.

64 times more weight also meant 64 times the striking intensity. Using the Revolving Core realm and the Life Destruction realm as examples, a small boundary meant that there was only a total true essence quantity difference of several times.

In other words, if this two mile wide meteor and half mile wide meteor were compared to a martial artist’s attacks, then the former would be one or two great realms higher!

Facing a half mile wide meteor, Lin Ming didn’t even need to use a martial skill to easily break through the shockwaves.

And then facing a mile and a half wide meteor, Lin Ming needed to use his strongest move, Burying the Heavens.

And now, facing a two mile wide meteor, even Bury the Heavens was only barely able to withstand the explosive shockwaves!

Once he was injured, then even if he could resist the next attack, the continual barrage of two mile wide meteors would inevitably defeat him.

Seeing this, whether it was General Smoke, Guru Blueflame, or Fairy Feng, all of them opened their eyes wide, waiting to see just how Lin Ming would withstand...

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