Chapter 739 - 50 Breaths

Chapter 739 – 50 Breaths

General Smoke was a connoisseur of wine. Naturally, he also had his own vintage collection. Guru Blueflame had also been longing for a taste test of this collection for a very long time. As soon as Lin Ming broke through the first world in three breaths of time, Guru Blueflame was immediately energized, thinking that he could gain some benefits from General Smoke.

“Alright, I do have a 10,000 year fog flower wine that I’ve been keeping around; it’s also a top class wine. If what you said is true, then I’ll take out this wine to celebrate such a rare joyous occasion in your Timeworn Phoenix City that you’ve managed to produce a passable heroic young elite.”

“What kind of joyous occasion are you talking about? Humph, your filthy mouth can never speak anything good. My Timeworn Phoenix City has always produced excellent talents!”

“Hahaha, Old Blueflame, don’t be in such a hurry to argue. It’s true that Nuyan Ming broke through the first world in three breaths, but that was just relying on absolute strength, not the power of Laws. A Revolving Core martial artist’s absolute strength won’t go so well in the second world!”

“We’ll see about that!”

The God Transforming Mirror was an illusory magic array that used the mysteries of the Chaos Stones as its basis. If one was skilled in the source...

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