Chapter 738 - Blood of the Ancient Phoenix

Chapter 738 – Blood of the Ancient Phoenix

“45 breaths of time?” As Guru Blueflame heard the number ‘45’ he felt his heart thump for a moment. What horrible luck! 45 breaths of time was already defying the heavens. How could Sacred Flame Phoenix City have been such lucky bastards and picked up such a talented person this time around?

In the lower realms, there were three king level trial sites of the Ancient Phoenix Clan – Fuxi Phoenix City, Timeworn Phoenix City, and Sacred Flame Phoenix City. It was already very rare for a talent like Huo Wenlong to be produced. But to last for 45 breaths of time before the 100 day assessment, that was even rarer.

After 30 breaths of time, the meteors that came falling from the sky would vastly increase in terms of force. When Lin Ming had reached 33 breaths of time, he had perished there because he had encountered a giant meteor nearly a mile wide.

If a meteor’s diameter increased from half a mile to a mile, the weight would be nearly eight times that of the original! Thus, the explosive impact force would also increase by nearly eight times.

Thus after 30 breaths of time, the difficulty would increase at an exponential rate.

As for how long Lin Ming could last in that situation, Guru Blueflame lacked assurance in his heart.

“How about it, eh? Not bad, right? After this young man that can last for 45...

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