Chapter 737 - The Final Test

Chapter 737 – The Final Test

A result of 33 breaths of time was astonishing, but to the martial artists who hadn’t yet experienced the second world, it wasn’t as horrifying as they thought. This was because they could only contrast this with Huo Wenlong’s result of three breaths of time.

33 breaths of time to 3 breaths of time, that was a difference of eleven times.

“Nuyan Ming, come to the Nine Layer Tower in the center of Timeworn Phoenix Tower.” As Lin Ming withdrew from the God Transforming Mirror, Fairy Feng’s true essence sound transmission sounded in his mind.

“Yes, Senior.”

Lin Ming nodded. Before this, Fairy Feng had bade him to see her again once he could surpass 20 breaths of time in the second world.

Fairy Feng was wearing a red dress as before. Every movement she made gave off a noble, lofty temperament. Her appearance was that of a 30- or 40-year-old young married woman, beautiful, curvaceous, and in the prime of her life. But the truth was that she was an existence that had been alive for over 10,000 years.

Fairy Feng raised her hand and several red lights shot into Lin Ming’s palm. When Lin Ming looked down, he saw that they were three array discs and a jade slip.

“Take a look.”

Lin Ming nodded and input some true essence into one of the array discs. A phantom scene suddenly popped...

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