Chapter 736 - Leaving Seclusion

Chapter 736 – Leaving Seclusion

“Oh? Nuyan Ming has left seclusion?”

In Timeworn Phoenix City, the other martial artists had already heard this news. There were even some martial artists that had returned to Timeworn Phoenix City a second time for the smelting trial that were piqued by Lin Ming’s situation.

“I wonder if Nuyan Ming will go directly to the God Transforming Mirror...” A martial artist said, his voice tinged with envy and worship.

“He should go close up for another period of time. There are many martial artists that will have numerous new comprehensions after enlightening themselves with the totem stones. They need to thoroughly digest everything they’ve learned so that their grasp of it is greater.”

“How long will Nuyan Ming last this time? Can he break through the second world?”

“Break through the second world? Don’t be silly, how simple do you think the second world is. The God Transforming Mirror has a total of nine different worlds. If you can break through the sixth and seventh, then your power is equivalent to a Holy Lord. If you break through the ninth then you are the incarnation of a fire god. If you want to break through the second world, you would need strength at least equal to a Divine Sea powerhouse from the mortal worlds. Nuyan Ming is talented, but his cultivation is only at the Revolving Core realm; how can he possibly...

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