Chapter 735 - Peak of the Middle Revolving Core Realm

Chapter 735 – Peak of the Middle Revolving Core Realm

Lin Ming sat down and began to undo the seal on the Burning Star Flame.

There were a total of nine seals. Even when Lin Ming had only undone three seals, the entire jade box directly melted into a puddle and extraordinary heat waves flooded the air. Luckily, Lin Ming was in his own dimension; if he was in a house, then he feared the entire structure would have been set ablaze.

As the seventh and eighth seal were undone, the Flame Essence blazed with a blinding light. He could feel a scorching pain in the retinas of his eyes.

Finally, Lin Ming undid the ninth seal. Purple red flames instantly soared upwards for several moments, gathering into a mass of burning purple flames that howled in the air, as if it were a ferocious monster.

There was a deep rumbling sound as if a meteor were crashing into orbit from tens of thousands of miles in the air, whistling as it tore through the atmosphere, dragging a raging tale of flames behind it.

“So this is the Burning Star Flame.”

Lin Ming looked at the brilliant mass of flames that twisted in front of him. In the center of this cluster of flames, there were a number of purple stripes with deeper hues that revolved in the center.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred and he touched his perception on these purple strips. He discovered that these purple strips was fire energy so highly concentrated that it had become liquid.

This was a phenomenon that would only occur with a heaven-step Flame Essence. And beyond that, once flames reached the level of a Fire Elemental, the fire energy would solidify into a crystal core of fire energy as if it were a true seed.

After absorbing this Flame Essence, a trace of the Flame Essence’s energy would remain in his body, becoming energy that nourished his Revolving Core, helping it to grow even more.

Of course, this was only if one’s comprehension of Laws was high enough and if one’s Revolving Core foundation was solid enough. Otherwise, it would easily lead to instability.

Normally speaking, a martial artist could only have one Flame Essence within them. In order to absorb a new Flame Essence, they would have to discard the old one. To discard a Flame Essence that they had raised and fused with for more than a year, that would naturally cause one to lose a certain portion of their strength. But Lin Ming had no such problems.

With the Heretical God Seed, he could continue to freely absorb Flame Essences.

With a deep breath, Lin Ming directly pressed that mass of purple flames towards his heart. As it touched his body, the purple flames sent out a deafening roar that echoed through the world, the volume ten times louder than before. It was like an ancient great beast existed within the flames, roaring as it faced Lin Ming, unwilling to be swallowed up just like this.

Lin Ming coldly snorted and began twisting his fingers together. True essence erupted and layers upon layers of nearly endless true essence locked onto that group of purple flames with the Laws of Fire supporting it.


The Burning Star Flame seemed to have a consciousness of its own. It began to crazily struggle against Lin Ming’s shackles. In the instant that it touched Lin Ming, the Heretical God Seed began violently trembling, releasing faint cries like an awakening dragon. The Burning Star Flame appeared as if it had encountered its absolute nemesis and suddenly appeared much more despondent.

Hu hu hu -!

The Heretical God Seed formed a massive vortex that ruthlessly sucked up all the fire energy from the Burning Star Flame. Even so, a massive amount of fire energy escaped outwards, filling Lin Ming’s limbs and body with a magma like heat.

Sweat rapidly dripped down from Lin Ming’s forehead. This brutally sadistic energy was to a degree he could completely withstand.

In the end, Fairy Feng had underestimated Lin Ming’s ability to control fire energy, and this was because she didn’t know about the existence of the Heretical God Seed. She had also misjudged the speed at which Lin Ming comprehended Fire Laws with the help of the Heretical God Seed.

Even if it were a higher level Flame Essence than the Burning Star Flame, Lin Ming also had a certain confidence that he could successfully absorb it.

Of course, the main reason that Fairy Feng gifted the Burning Star Flame to Lin Ming was to help him in understanding the Concept of Annihilation. The rank of the Burning Star Flame was not that important to begin with. A Flame Essence was only an external force; it could be replaced at any time in the future.

But, Laws and Concepts were different, they were something that truly belonged to oneself. From this alone, this Burning Star Flame suited Lin Ming far more.

Without knowing how much time had passed, a faint red light began emitting from Lin Ming, covering him in layers like a cocoon and completely enveloping him.

As the Heretical God Seed absorbed the power of fire, the Black Hole crystal core in Lin Ming’s dantian was also recklessly swallowing the power of fire. Although Lin Ming had just broken through to the middle Revolving Core realm not too long ago, his foundations were unbelievably solid. After being repeatedly baptized by the energy of Timeworn Phoenix City and beginning to comprehend the source Laws, his cultivation speed had reached an astonishing rate. He was rapidly approaching the late Revolving Core realm.

2 hours… 4 hours… 6 hours…

After half a day passed, the energy within Lin Ming’s body began to churn violently. The absorption of the Burning Star Flame had reached the final stage. The fire energy within his meridians and dantian had been compressed into essence. If a normal Revolving Core martial artist wanted to absorb a heaven-step Flame Essence, that would simply be suicide. So much energy in their bodies would cause them to burst open, dying in a bloody and horrible manner.

After an hour passed, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly shot open, his eyes like sharp swords that pierced through the void.



A tide of red energy erupted outwards from Lin Ming, causing the space around him to vigorously shake. Lin Ming’s body turned clear red as if he were formed from a blood agate.

At this point, he had completely absorbed the Burning Star Flame.

Lin Ming let out a light breath; his entire back was soaked in sweat. Just absorbing the Burning Star Flame would have left him exhausted. But as he absorbed the Burning Star Flame, he had also borrowed its energy to nourish his dantian. The difficulty of doing both these things together was much greater.

In terms of his dantian, the Revolving Core crystal nucleus had become a size larger and it also spun around at a higher speed. Although he hadn’t been able to break through to the late Revolving Core realm, the difference wasn’t too great. Lin Ming’s cultivation now rested at the peak of the middle Revolving Core realm.

On the other hand, near his heart, the Burning Star Flame had been completely absorbed by the Heretical God Seed, turning into a crystal core that shone like a star. It revolved around the Heretical God Seed. The lower level Flame Essence that he had absorbed before, the Earthcore Crimson Flame and the Fallen Star Flame, had all been completely absorbed by the Burning Star Flame, turning into smaller star-like crystal cores that spun around the Burning Star Flame.

It was as if the Heretical God Seed were the sun, the Burning Star Flame was a planet, and the Earthcore Crimson Flame and Fallen Star Flame were moons. These sort of revolution matched the movements of the heavens, faintly interlinking with the Laws of the heavens.

“Peak of the middle Revolving Core along with a medium-grade heaven-step Flame Essence added in. With the Flame Essence as a reference for the Law of Annihilation, I should return to the Sky Corridor to meditate on the Burning Heaven Totem Stone there. 11 days later, when I return to attack the second world of the God Transforming Mirror again, I wonder just how far I would be able to go?

Lin Ming gripped his fists together and headed towards the Sky Corridor.


“My apologies Sir Nuyan Ming, the Sky Corridor’s Burning Heaven Totem Stone training chamber is currently occupied. There should still be half a day until it is open again. As Lin Ming arrived at the Sky Corridor he was stopped by a guard.

“It’s no problem. I’ll wait.”

“Mm… according to the records, Sir Nuyan Ming, you have… 11 days of meditation time?” The guard was surprised for a moment. A double digit figure of 11 days was quite exaggerated. “Sir Nuyan, may I inquire as to how many days you would like to register for?”

“All of it!”

Li Ming said without hesitation.

“All of it? Are you sure?” The guard was startled. A martial artist normally cherished every chance, every second they had to meditate on the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones. They would meditate on them for 3-4 days at a time and then leave to absorb what they learned, only then returning again to meditate on the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones some more. The guard never imagined that Li Ming would use 11 days in a single breath. To undergo high intensity enlightenment for 11 days was difficult; it would easily lead to wasted time.

“Yes, I would like to use all my time!” Lin Ming said, without a trace of doubt in his voice.

“Alright.” The guard recorded down the time.

Lin Ming sat in meditation outside of the Sky Corridor. After a period of time, someone finally walked out from the Burning Heaven Totem Stone chamber, looking a bit reluctant. This other martial artist was at the Life Destruction realm.

Lin Ming expressionlessly walked into the chamber, beginning his 11 days of enlightenment.

On the totem stone, those hundreds of small flames that combined into infinite mysteries were still as enigmatic as before.

Underneath Lin Ming’s gaze, these flames seemed to dance, their ghostly movements swaying along to the Heavenly Dao Laws that he witnessed in the World of Annihilation.

All the images reflected in Lin Ming’s pupils before being engraved onto the golden totem on the Heretical God Seed, permanently recording themselves there. But near the Heretical God Seed, from the crystal core formed by the Burning Star Flame and also from the golden totem, a faint red light began to shine…

Time slowly passed. Lin Ming was like a sculpture as he sat unmovingly in front of the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone.

Three days, five days, seven days, nine days…

“Oh? That little fellow Nuyan Ming used up his entire 11 day enlightenment period all at once?” In the center tower of Timeworn Phoenix City, Guru Blueflame had just obtained this news. Although he had taken a slight fancy towards Lin Ming’s potential, that didn’t mean he would always be concerned about him.

Yes, it’s been nine days already. I was just informed of this matter. Using up 11 days at once isn’t too wise. Separating the days and using the spare time in between to figure out the problems would have a much better effect.” On the other side of Guru Blueflame, Fairy Feng pressed her slender eyebrows together.

“That’s the normal case, but this Nuyan Ming kid isn’t stupid. He definitely knows what is best for himself and he certainly has his own ideas about what he is doing.” Guru Blueflame indifferently said as he took a sip of tea.

Fairy Feng slightly nodded. “That’s true, but I only fear he is too confident in himself. Eleven days all grouped together! Even if his perception his high, he would simply exhaust his mind, leading to fatigue. Three days ago, Huo Wenlong also defeated the first world, and he did so by thoroughly comprehending the Laws of power there, finally reversing the revolution of Laws so that the fire energy caused the world to collapse from the foundation onwards. This method of breaking past the first world is even more sophisticated than what Nuyan Ming did…”

“Hahaha!’ Guru Blueflame placed his cup of tea down, laughing. “From your words, it seems as if you’re worried that someone will surpass Nuyan Ming. Huo Wenlong is also a disciple of my Timeworn Phoenix City. It’s good for both of them if there’s a bit of friendly competition. Then again, it’s far too early for Huo Wenlong to think of defeating Lin Ming; he can only last for three breaths of time in the second world…”

“Mm… I wonder what sort of results Nuyan Ming will show this time.” As Fairy Feng thought this, she was actually anticipating his progress.

Then, two more days passed.

“The time has come, please exit!”

A voice like a thunderclap sounded out in Lin Ming’s ears, startling him from his meditative state. Slowly, his eyes opened. In that moment, the inverted images of the evolution of celestial bodies appeared in his eyes. Countless stars falling from the heavens, burning, combusting, exploding with the power of fire, directly impacting into the endless blue skies!

“11 days, I wonder with my current understanding towards the Concept of Annihilation, just how long can I last within the God Transforming Mirror?”

Lin Ming took a deep breath and stood up. He had made many comprehensions within the God Transforming Mirror that he wished to verify for himself.

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