Chapter 734 - Heaven-Step Fire Essence

Chapter 734 – Heaven-Step Fire Essence

“Seven breaths of time, that’s also quite good. That’s two more breaths of time than what I estimated!” Within the Nine Layer Tower in the center of Timeworn Phoenix City, the City Lord smiled as he spoke.

“I never thought that 100,000 years after the Nuyan Family was destroyed, they could actually rely on the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm they left behind to find such a promising little boy like this Nuyan Ming. There must have been a great lucky chance that lead to his current results.” Fairy Feng tranquilly responded. It was far too normal for geniuses to come across lucky chances. Of those lower realm martial artists that were able to walk through the streets of Timeworn Phoenix City, 99% of them had come across some great lucky chance. As for the Realm of the Gods martial artists, although they might not have encountered some lucky chance, the truth was that being born in the Realm of the Gods itself was already a kind of lucky chance.

As for those Supreme Elders in the Realm of the Gods, it wasn’t strange for them to encounter many lucky chances. Instead, it would be stranger if they hadn’t.

The Timeworn Phoenix City Lord said, “Who cares about his lucky chances? What I like is this boy’s will. Haven’t you discovered that his will far surpasses the ordinary person? Of will,...

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