Chapter 734 - Heaven-Step Fire Essence

Chapter 734 – Heaven-Step Fire Essence

“Seven breaths of time, that’s also quite good. That’s two more breaths of time than what I estimated!” Within the Nine Layer Tower in the center of Timeworn Phoenix City, the City Lord smiled as he spoke.

“I never thought that 100,000 years after the Nuyan Family was destroyed, they could actually rely on the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm they left behind to find such a promising little boy like this Nuyan Ming. There must have been a great lucky chance that lead to his current results.” Fairy Feng tranquilly responded. It was far too normal for geniuses to come across lucky chances. Of those lower realm martial artists that were able to walk through the streets of Timeworn Phoenix City, 99% of them had come across some great lucky chance. As for the Realm of the Gods martial artists, although they might not have encountered some lucky chance, the truth was that being born in the Realm of the Gods itself was already a kind of lucky chance.

As for those Supreme Elders in the Realm of the Gods, it wasn’t strange for them to encounter many lucky chances. Instead, it would be stranger if they hadn’t.

The Timeworn Phoenix City Lord said, “Who cares about his lucky chances? What I like is this boy’s will. Haven’t you discovered that his will far surpasses the ordinary person? Of will, talent, and perception, the further down the road of martial arts you go, the more important will and perception become. I’m feeling good about this boy. Perhaps in the distant future, he might have a small chance of becoming an Elder level character with the Realm of the Gods Ancient Phoenix Clan.”

“I will give him some more resources to support him and then see just how he grows! If we interfere with him too much, it might actually negatively affect his destiny instead…”


As Lin Ming drew back from the God Transforming Mirror, old man Jun said with a satisfied expression, “You lasted in the world of annihilation for seven breaths of time. You have obtained the qualifications to perceive the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone for four days. In addition, since you defeated the first world the first time, that is another seven days of meditation. That is a total of 11 days that you may use.

As old man Jun spoke, Huo Ping was scared silly.

11 days!

He only earned the qualifications to perceive through meditation for three days. Huo Yu had earned four days, and Huo Wenlong had earned five days. The three of them together only then more or less matched Lin Ming’s time.

Moreover, when that old man Jun said that Lin Ming still had seven days from breaking through the first world, that meant that he hadn’t even used his allotted time from before...

He hadn’t even used his time and yet he had already made such progress? After he used his time, then wouldn’t he be even more of a freak!?

Huo Ping gulped. He took out a sound transmitting talisman and passed on the news before leaving.

Just as Huo Wenlong was about to enter his dimension, a flame flashed in front of him and he heard Huo Ping’s message. His eyelids twitched and then he pinched the sound transmitting talisman to pieces.

Gritting his teeth, Huo Wenlong stepped into his own dimension and immediately began training.


At this time, Lin Ming had already gone towards the Sky Corridor. He was prepared to meditate on the Burning Heaven Totem Stone. 11 days’ time was enough for his understanding of the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone to go up to yet another level.

Just as he was about to open the spell binding the door to the Burning Heaven Totem Stone’s room, a true essence sound transmission suddenly sounded out in his ear, “Nuyan Ming, come to the central tower of Timeworn Phoenix City.”

Lin Ming was startled. He had been at Timeworn Phoenix City long enough to know that the central tower was the City Lord Mansion of Timeworn Phoenix City.

Was this Senior Fairy Feng?

Lin Ming pondered over this for a moment before walking towards the central tower. In just an incense stick of time, he arrived at his destination.

The central tower had nine floors, and every floor was 111 feet high, so the total height was 999 feet. The Ancient Phoenix Clan worshiped the number nine.

After 9 was 10. After 99 was 100. After 999 was 1000. Nine naturally returned to one, symbolizing Samsara.

From nine to one, this was representative of a phoenix being reborn through nirvana.

When Lin Ming reached the central tower, there was already a guide waiting for him at the bottom. The guide brought Lin Ming directly to the top of the ninth floor.

Lin Ming opened a wooden door made from 10,000 year parasol tree wood. As Lin Ming entered the hall, he saw a woman in a red dress sitting on a phoenix throne. Next to her was an old man with red hair.

The red dressed woman looked between 30-40 years old, but her entire body emitted a noble and grandiose aura. As for the red haired old man, although he seemed shabby, his eyes actually shined with a dazzlingly sharp light.

Lin Ming was completely unable to see through the cultivation of these two.

“Junior Nuyan Ming greets the Seniors.”

Lin Ming respectfully bowed. He had already guessed the identity of these two. The red dressed woman was the Supervisory Elder, Fairy Feng, and the old man was the City Lord of Timeworn Phoenix City.

“Nuyan Ming, you should have already guessed my status. I am the Supervisory Envoy of Timeworn Phoenix City, Fairy Feng, and by my side is the City Lord of Timeworn Phoenix City, Guru Blueflame. My Timeworn Phoenix City is one of the three king level smelting trial sites that the Ancient Phoenix Clan within the Realm of the Gods set up in the lower realms. Besides us, there is also the Sacred Flame Phoenix City and Fuxi Phoenix City. As someone who comes to my Timeworn Phoenix City, you can be considered a disciple of my Timeworn Phoenix City. The two of us have a touch of fate with you. We have watched your test within the God Transforming Mirror and your results were excellent. However, you must remember that the universe is limitless; there are always higher peaks and those above you! You must not slack off! As a martial artist from the lower realms, you are far from reaching the standard of the Realm of the Gods. The vast world of the Realm of the Gods far surpasses anything you could imagine!”

“Yes, this disciple will remember this.” Lin Ming bowed. In truth, he didn’t need Fairy Feng to remind him of this; he was well aware of just how horrifying the Realm of the Gods truly was.

Three thousand boundless worlds, a total of one billion worlds, was constantly sending outstanding elites to the Realm of the Gods. As for the Sky Spill Continent, the world was ruined in some catastrophe 100,000 years ago, causing it to fall from the once lofty heights it enjoyed. Thus, the other worlds probably sent up even more geniuses than anyone could imagine.

If one outstanding elite flew up every 100 years, then out of a billion worlds, in just 100,000 years, a trillion geniuses would ascend!

Moreover, these individuals were all geniuses amongst geniuses, unrivaled powerhouses of their era that stood at the very pinnacle of their worlds!

And besides these people, those from the Realm of the Gods were even more terrifying! Those people were the descendants of Supreme Elders from the Realm of the Gods; their starting points were far greater than the martial artists from the lower realms.

This Timeworn Phoenix City that he had come into contact with couldn’t even be considered the tip of the iceberg of the Realm of the Gods.

“Very good. As a disciple of my Timeworn Phoenix City, it is my responsibility to give you guidance. That being the case, I shall now give you two lucky chances.” As Fairy Feng spoke she flicked her finger and two red lights flew into Lin Ming’s hand.

This was a jade slip and a jade box.

Lin Ming glanced through the jade slip. This was also a detailed record of experiences regarding the Fire Laws, but its level of exquisiteness and profoundness far surpassed the jade slip that Fairy Feng had bestowed upon him earlier. It seemed that these two jade slips came from the same origin; there were many places that they confirmed and filled in the blanks of the other. If he could meditate on both of these together, then he would have twice the results with half the effort.

Fairy Feng said, “This is a jade slip left behind by an Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan before he underwent nirvana. He was also my first mentor. Now, I allow you to temporarily use this for reference. However, you must return this jade slip to me before you leave Timeworn Phoenix City.”

As Lin Ming listened to this he was stunned. This was a relic left behind by Fairy Feng’s first mentor? Then, the degree that Fairy Feng valued this jade slip could be imagined.

Lin Ming deeply bowed, marking this kindness in his heart.

Although Fairy Feng said that directing him was her responsibility, to him, this was a massive lucky chance.

“It is better to walk than to read. This records in this jade slip are only for you to reference. Only when you begin to comprehend your own style will you gain the ability to reach higher boundaries of martial arts. But, there is also another lucky chance. Open it up and take a look.”


Lin Ming reverentially put away the jade slip and opened the jade box.

As the jade box opened, a rich fire energy escaped. An explosive burst of animus filled the air, as if it wanted to tear Lin Ming apart.

In that moment, the Heretical God Seed began to faintly tremble; it seemed to be extremely excited. Lin Ming was floored. Could this be...

Flame Essence!?

Lin Ming looked down. Within the jade box, there was a cocoon that glowed like a fire burning in the center, lighting up the outside with a crimson brilliance.

This was really a Flame Essence! Not just that, but it was an extremely high ranking one!

Fairy Feng said, “This is a medium-grade heaven-step Flame Essence called the Burning Star Flame. It will be greatly beneficial to you for perceiving the Concept of Annihilation.”

Burning Star Flame...

Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. To burn down a star; that was pretty boastful.

Fairy Feng noticed what Lin Ming was thinking and faintly smiled. She said, “The name of this Flame Essence only represents how it was formed, not its level. Although the Flame Essence in your hand is named the Burning Star Flame, the truth is, that its level is too low to burn down a star. Above a Flame Essence is the even stronger Flame Elemental. To the present you, absorbing this medium-grade heaven-step Flame Essence is also very reluctant. This is already considering that your compatibility with fire is extremely high; you are far from the level of being able to come into contact with a Flame Elemental.

As Lin Ming heard Fairy Feng speak, he was suddenly enlightened. The Fallen Star Flame that he had already absorbed was a Flame Essence that was produced during the landing of a meteor. The rank of Flame Essence that a small meteor could form was naturally low. But, if it was formed when two stars collided, then it was hard to imagine just what rank of Flame Essence would be born.

Although there were very harsh conditions for the formation of a Flame Essence, the universe was so vast that the total number of Flame Essences was extremely terrifying. Moreover, once a Flame Essence was born, it was extremely difficult to destroy. After accumulating for several hundred millions of years or even billions of years, the number of Flame Essences would reach impressive figures.

Fairy Feng said, “The Annihilation World within the God Transforming Mirror is not something the Burning Heat World can compare with. Above Burning Heat is Annihilation. You can give up any idea of breaking through the Annihilation World with absolute strength alone. You must thoroughly comprehend the Fire Laws in order to do so.

“Absorbing the Burning Star Flame will be helpful to you perceiving the Laws of Annihilation. But remember, a Flame Essence is like a weapon; it is only an external factor. Your will, your understanding of Laws, those are your greatest strengths. If you can persist within the Annihilation World for 20 breaths of time, then come back and look for me. I will then give you some more guidance!”

“Yes, Senior.” Lin Ming deeply bowed again before excusing himself.

He didn’t go to the Sky Corridor to meditate on the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone again. Instead, he returned to his own dimension, sealed the door and began his closed door seclusion.

Lin Ming took out the sealed jade box from his spatial ring.

A medium-grade heaven-step Flame Essence!’

Towards Fairy Feng, this was nothing at all. But, if this were placed in the Sky Spill Continent, it was enough to drive every fire-attribute Life Destruction martial artists crazy. Even fire-attribute Divine Sea Supreme Elders would be red-eyed with jealousy.

“Above a Flame Essence is actually a Flame Elemental...” Lin Ming took a deep breath. This was also within his expectations. Just like how a Saint artifact was above the rankings of treasures, the nine grades of Flame Essences only matched those of the lower realms. Within the Realm of the Gods, there were naturally more powerful and terrifying existences.

“I wonder how much my strength will increase after I absorb this Burning Star Flame?” Lin Ming took a deep breath, his eyes shining with excitement.

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