Chapter 733 - Second World of the God Transforming Mirror

Chapter 733 – Second World of the God Transforming Mirror

Lin Ming slowly stretched out his hand and touched the God Transforming Mirror.

Everyone honed onto Lin Ming’s every action and movement. Huo Yu and Huo Ping were silent, and even Huo Wenlong felt his heart hanging as he clenched his fists. As he saw Lin Ming fall into a trance, Huo Wenlong’s eyes filled with a burning fighting spirit.

“Nuyan Ming, let me see just how much progress you’ve made!”

These 20 some years of his life could have been considered smooth sailing so far until he had been kicked down to the lower realms. Now, Lin Ming was the greatest opponent he had encountered yet.

Huu -!

Lin Ming arrived once again in the first world of Burning Heat. The sea of fire still billowed beneath his feet and the skies were still full of surging red clouds. As he looked up, he could see the red clouds shifting around according to the Laws and Concepts of Fire. As they reflected in Lin Ming’s pitch black pupils, faint golden lines appeared, just like the totem seal engraved on the Heretical God Seed.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, stretched his body, and sank downwards, bathing in the sea of elemental fire. He didn’t feel the least bit of burning heat. Instead,...

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