Chapter 733 - Second World of the God Transforming Mirror

Chapter 733 – Second World of the God Transforming Mirror

Lin Ming slowly stretched out his hand and touched the God Transforming Mirror.

Everyone honed onto Lin Ming’s every action and movement. Huo Yu and Huo Ping were silent, and even Huo Wenlong felt his heart hanging as he clenched his fists. As he saw Lin Ming fall into a trance, Huo Wenlong’s eyes filled with a burning fighting spirit.

“Nuyan Ming, let me see just how much progress you’ve made!”

These 20 some years of his life could have been considered smooth sailing so far until he had been kicked down to the lower realms. Now, Lin Ming was the greatest opponent he had encountered yet.

Huu -!

Lin Ming arrived once again in the first world of Burning Heat. The sea of fire still billowed beneath his feet and the skies were still full of surging red clouds. As he looked up, he could see the red clouds shifting around according to the Laws and Concepts of Fire. As they reflected in Lin Ming’s pitch black pupils, faint golden lines appeared, just like the totem seal engraved on the Heretical God Seed.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, stretched his body, and sank downwards, bathing in the sea of elemental fire. He didn’t feel the least bit of burning heat. Instead, he was like a fish swimming in the ocean, comfortable and satisfied.

A massive amount of fire energy gathered into Lin Ming’s acupoints, flowing through his limbs and meridians before converging onto the Heretical God Seed. The crimson colored Heretical God Seed became even more dazzlingly beautiful.

Energy constantly gathered. The totem engraved onto the Heretical God Seed began to shine out with a brilliant golden light!

A vortex of energy formed within Lin Ming. As Lin Ming’s dantian burned, the Black Hole Revolving Core in his body lit up with a scorching red flame!

40%... 50%... 60%...

As the fire energy within the Heretical God Seed reached 60%, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a sharp light as if two bolts of lightning were contained within them.

60% capacity was enough!


The red spear seemed to jump out from the spatial ring and into Lin Ming’s hands. It was as if it had a mind of its own. Lin Ming’s entire body burst into a conflagration of shining flames. The Ancient Phoenix mark between his eyebrows seemed to come alive as a massive red phoenix soared out from Lin Ming directly flying into the horizon.

Bury the Heavens!

Lin Ming loudly shouted, his spear suddenly thrusting forwards.

In that moment, the surrounding power of fire seethed with lawless turmoil and the vast sea of fire beneath him was split asunder by his spear. A vortex of flame swirled back and a golden bloodline phoenix rushed out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows, fusing into one being with that red phoenix flying in the air.

At this time, Lin Ming had already become one with his spear. He was like a flaming meteor, racing across the skies and instantly flying out hundreds of miles away.

Ka ka ka!

Where the spear light traveled, space, red clouds, the sea of fire, everything was split in half by Lin Ming’s spear!

Space collapsed. The turbulent space flow swept up together with the fire energy, turning into an endless black storm that blotted out the entire world.

Countless spinning space fragments shot out, completely breaking the void wherever they went. …


Outside of the God Transforming Mirror, with a light snapping sound, a web of cracks began to spread out from where Lin Ming’s palm touched the mirror. It was like a small snake unfurling itself, instantly spreading half a foot!

Old man Jun’s eyes instantly lit up. In 20 breaths of time, in just a mere 20 breaths of time, this young boy had broken through the first world! And looking at the extent of the cracks, the destruction of the first world was even more thorough than the last time!

This speed of progress was amazing!

“Nuyan Ming...” 100 feet away, Huo Wenlong gripped his fists together so tightly that they began to crackle. “He took just 20 breaths of time to break through the first world, but I could only last within for a few incense sticks of time before I couldn’t withstand it anymore. Is the disparity between us really that great?”

If Huo Wenlong was once proud of how long he could stay within the first world, but now, staying in the first world for a long time was only his shame!

“He’s depending on brute strength to break through the world while I am relying on unraveling the laws in the crimson clouds of the first world in order to break through. Still, the difference shouldn’t be so great!” Huo Wenlong clenched his teeth as he saw that Lin Ming was about to attempt the second world of the God Transforming Mirror. All geniuses had prideful hearts. To see a rival blossom in glory in front of them, that would obviously leave a bitter taste in their mouths.

“Brother Long, are you leaving?” As Huo Ping saw the Huo Wenlong was turning to leave, he caught up with him, “Where is Brother Long going?”

“Training! I’m going to close up!” A fire had been lit in Huo Wenlong’s heart. “Rather than looking at other people’s results, it’s better to diligently train.”

Huo Wenlong strode out, leaving a gulping Huo Ping by himself. Huo Ping decided to stay and observe Lin Ming so he could report the situation back to Huo Wenlong.

Huo Wenlong should at least understand his opponent.

As old man Jun saw Huo Wenlong’s reaction, he remained expressionless. He only lit a sound transmitting talisman to inform Fairy Feng and the Timeworn Phoenix City Lord that Lin Ming had taken only 20 breaths of time to break past the first world.

At Nine Layer Tower, in the center of Timeworn Phoenix City, a tall red clothed man was sitting by an octagonal table, drinking tea. As he obtained this news, he placed his teacup down, his eyebrows pricking up as he said, “20 breaths of time to break past the first world? Not bad!”

This tall red clothed old man was the City Lord of Timeworn Phoenix City.

“20 breaths of time in the first world – he should be able to experience the second world.” Fairy Feng said from across the red clothed old man.

“Hehe, the second world is where the true terror begins. How long do you think Nuyan Ming can last? I don’t think he’ll even pass five breaths of time in there.” The red clothed old man said as he leaned over to sip some tea, eyeing Fairy Feng.

“I can’t say...” Fairy Feng shook her head. “I’ll have to see. Perhaps he might last longer than you guessed.”

At this time, within the hall of the God Transforming Mirror, Lin Ming had already stepped into the second world.

The second Concept of Fire Laws – Annihilation!

Fire was the power of annihilation. It could burn down forests, burn down houses, and burn down lives. Even rock and steel and other inflammable objects would melt and vaporize as long as the temperature of the fire was high enough.

When fire reached the limit of its temperature, it could break down everything into ions, twisting space itself!

Within the five elements, in terms of the power of annihilation, fire and thunder were the mightiest.

“This is the second world...”

Lin Ming discovered that he was standing on a bed of hot red molten rock. He was surrounded by great rivers of lava. Large chunks of dark red rocks floated in these rivers even as they seethed with heat, forming isolated islands or even more dangerous areas.

Plop! Plop!

Every bubble of air that popped up from the lava emitted a thick stench of sulfur. These gasses were astoundingly hot; a martial artist with insufficient cultivation would have their lungs burnt away.

As Lin Ming swept out his perception he became aware that this was no ordinary lava. This lava was at least 10 times hotter than lava from the mortal world.

Bang, bang, bang!

Lin Ming suddenly heard deafening sounds from above, like great thunderclaps. As he looked up, he could see that thousands of crimson shining lights lit up the sky. These lights were just like vorpal swords, shooting towards Lin Ming at incredible speeds.

“Those are meteors!”

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. He had seen a similar scene before in the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. The power of these meteors, the density, and their speed was countless times higher than those meteors in the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.

This was truly a world of the annihilating power of fire!

The sizes of the meteors were too massive. It could be said that the entire world was filled with howling meteors. To avoid them was impossible; he could only choose a relatively sparse location.


The first meteor landed, smashing into the rivers of lava and raising waves of molten rock tens of thousands of feet high. The earth shattered and terrifying shock waves swept up, overwhelming the world and blotting out the sky. Lin Ming’s complexion changed; there was nowhere to hide!

There were meteors that were dozens of feet, hundreds of feet, and even thousands of feet wide! Their power was just too horrible!

This was like the strike from a Supreme Elder from the Realm of the Gods. Although it might not directly strike Lin Ming, he still couldn’t withstand it if it landed near him. The power of these meteors was enough to destroy a great city large enough to house millions of people. Even if Lin Ming was a thousand feet away, he feared he would find it impossible to escape being injured.

For a moment, Lin Ming felt as if his chest had been struck. He desperately revolved all of his true essence to protect himself but he was still sent flying back like a piece of straw. His organs were messed up and he vomited a mouthful of blood. If it weren’t for him having already opened the second of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and also having eaten the profound gold divine fruit to temper his body, then this strike would have instantly flattened Lin Ming into a pulp.


Lin Ming landed in the lava. In the area where the meteor landed, the surrounding rock islands in a radius of several miles had been blown away, leaving nothing else but a sea of lava.

With an extreme burning heat enveloping him, Lin Ming’s body instantly ignited. The temperature here was far more terrifying than the first world.

Chaotic and tyrannical fire energy wantonly broke into Lin Ming’s meridians. If it weren’t for the suppression from the Heretical God Seed, Lin Ming would have been severely wounded from this alone.

Lin Ming grit his teeth, summoning his true essence and flew out from the lava.

But before he could even catch his breath, another meteor had already smashed into the earth!

Without further ado, Lin Ming plunged back into the sea of lava.


Even though he was deep in the lava, Lin Ming still couldn’t block the incoming shockwave. He was tossed into the sky with the lava, vomiting great mouthfuls of blood that instantly charred to ashes in the air.

In the chaos, Lin Ming looked up into the sky. In the heavens, he could see a thick red fog that covered the world. Within this fog, there were massive chunks of crushed stone that burned brilliantly red like stars. These red stones spun around in the thick red fog, controlled by the mysterious rules of this world. As they moved, some scattered and some dispersed, forming meteors that then fell towards the earth.

This was the origin of meteors?

Lin Ming only saw this for several breaths of time before another group of meteors came falling down. A series of deafening explosions left Lin Ming’s mind in a daze. The last meteor had nearly been half a mile wide, crashing down to the earth only 300 feet behind Lin Ming. At this time, Lin Ming could no longer bear the explosive power of the meteors. His body was torn apart by the shockwaves, and in the next moment, he was thrust out from the God Transforming Mirror.

Lin Ming’s face was pallid as he drew back. He was still able to recall the image of the sky in the second world. Without a doubt, it was impossible to use absolute strength to destroy the second world. This second world contained the Laws of Annihilation. Even though those meteors were so powerful, they still hadn’t been able to destroy the world, much less something like Lin Ming’s attacks.

“The disparity is too great. The second world is of a completely different rank from the first world. With my strength, how could I possibly break through it?

Lin Ming was completely unable to think of a method.

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