Chapter 732 - Nine Layers of the Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle

Chapter 732 – Nine Layers of the Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle

This time, Lin Ming had already closed up for a total of five days. As he was readying to leave his seclusion, he heard a cold metallic voice echo out in the void, “Nuyan Ming, please release the spell on the gate.”


Lin Ming was startled. He opened the door and saw that there were two red dressed maids standing outside of his dimension. One of these maids carried a jade tray, and on top of this tray was an exquisite box wrapped in red silk.

These two young maids both had a cultivation at the early Xiantian realm. Looking at their age, they were no more than 20 years old.

“Sir Nuyan, these are the jade slips that my mistress bids me deliver to you. Please accept them.” As the young maid spoke, she lifted the cover on the wooden box, revealing three jade slips, two of them blood red and one of them emerald green.

These jade slips were far larger than those used in the Sky Spill Continent.

“Oh?” Lin Ming was overjoyed. He took one up and swept through it with his perception, his mind jumping with happiness. This was the complete set of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ cultivation method, a total of nine layers!

The ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ was the most core cultivation method of the Divine Phoenix Island. When Lin Ming had completed the general level smelting trial, he had obtained the first eight layers. Finally, he now had completed the entire set. The nine layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ was considered an excellent cultivation method even within the Realm of the Gods.

Lin Ming received the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. Then, he looked at another jade slip. This was impressively the ‘Ancient Phoenix Code’, and the first three layers of that arcane skill too.

“The ‘Ancient Phoenix Code’?” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. Without a doubt, the ‘Ancient Phoenix Code’ was a more advanced, higher level arcane ability than the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. When Lin Ming was first taught the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, Mu Qianyu had said that it, along with the ‘Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code’, were two cultivation method manuals of the Ancient Phoenix Forbidden Manual. If one could completely cultivate the complete Ancient Phoenix Forbidden Manual of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, then one could be reborn in a nirvana of flames, becoming endless and indestructible. Of course, this was only the thoughts of Divine Phoenix Island. As to whether or not this was actually true, Lin Ming had no idea.

Now, it seemed that this Ancient Phoenix Forbidden Manual was likely this ‘Ancient Phoenix Code’.

The third jade slip was smaller than the first two. This jade slip wasn’t a fiery red like the other two, but a deep green color. It was just like a jade pendant that a woman would usually wear.

As soon as Lin Ming picked it up, he sucked in a breath of air. This third jade slip actually contained teachings and experiences of Fire Laws that some great senior had left behind.

Roughly glancing at it, Lin Ming was already able to estimate just how valuable these experiences were. Although it wasn’t as mystical and profound as the Chaos Stones, its advantage was that it was much more detailed and understanding it would be far easier. This sort of jade slip was absolutely priceless. This was because only a great master who had reached the large success of the Concept of Fire could possibly record it; it was impossible to duplicate.

This was just like someone trying to engrave a detailed seal that another person else had left behind. Even if they had it in front of them, they still wouldn’t be able to reproduce it in absolute detail.

Thus, because of these requirements, other similar jade slips with experiences of Concepts were extremely rare.

“Sir Nuyan, the first two jade slips are gifted to you. The third jade slip can only be borrowed by you for a total of 20 days. Do not think that this is too little. My mistress has recorded down a total of 12 jade slips detailing her experiences in the Laws of Fire. This jade slip only contains the experiences of the most fundamental Fire Laws. Within the entire Timeworn Phoenix City, there are countless people who wish to have the chance to perceive this jade slip through meditation.” The second maid lightly said.

“Thank you two fairy maidens, I am very grateful for this. May I inquire as to who your mistress is…?” Lin Ming wasn’t surprised that he was only given 20 days to meditate on this jade slip. How could such a rare jade slip possibly be wantonly given to him, let alone this was also one detailing her experiences in the Concept of Fire. Even the ‘Ancient Phoenix Code’ and ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ in his hands were incomparably precious. This was because a Supreme Elder needed to practice this cultivation method to the corresponding layer in order to record them in these jade slips.

Someday, if Lin Ming were to become a Holy Lord or World King within the Realm of the Gods, any casual thing that he created would also become a precious treasure to the world.

Hearing Lin Ming’s cautious and polite question, the two maids tittered. They said, “Our mistress is known as Fairy Feng. She is the Supervisory Envoy of Timeworn Phoenix City.”

“Supervisory Envoy?”

Lin Ming silently remembered this in his heart. Normally speaking, a Supervisory Envoy was someone sent down from headquarters to manage matters. This Fairy Feng was most likely sent down from the Realm of the Gods to supervise Timeworn Phoenix City. Her status was possibly higher than the City Lord. At the bare minimum, she should be on par with him.

“Well then Sir Nuyan, we won’t disturb your seclusion any further. We will excuse ourselves first.” As the two maids were about to leave, Lin Ming’s mind suddenly stirred. He quickly asked out loud, “I have a quick question. Can I lend this ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ and ‘the Ancient Phoenix Code’ to my fellow clansmen to cultivate?”

Lin Ming thought of giving these two cultivation methods to Divine Phoenix Island in the future. In a sense, those of Divine Phoenix Island could already be considered his clansmen.

“There is no problem with the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. However, you will need to apply for the ‘Ancient Phoenix Code’. That will be decided by the lords of Timeworn Phoenix City.”

After the two young maids spoke to here, they quickly bowed and excused themselves, leaving behind Lin Ming alone with the three jade slips in his little dimension.

With a deep breath, Lin Ming closed the spell on the door to his dimension. He took out the third jade slip detailing the Laws and Concepts of Fire and read the small preface.

‘This jade slips contains details of the first two Fire Concepts of the Ancient Phoenix Clan – the Concept of Burning Heat and the Concept of Annihilation. Do not believe in the words of others as much as you believe in yourself. The Concepts of Fire vary from individual to individual. The path that others walk down, might not suit you best. Only when you blaze your own trail can you aspire to reach the peak of martial arts!’

This was what Fairy Feng had personally written.

Lin Ming agreed with this small preface. If something wasn’t his to begin with, then it would be difficult to use. For instance, the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ and ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’ could not reach their maximum potential in Lin Ming’s hands. Likewise, only Lin Ming could display the greatest power behind ‘Bury the Heavens’. This was because one needed to comprehend the Laws of Space and Fire, and also have the Heretical God Seed as support.

Lin Ming quickly read on, rapidly absorbing the insights into the Laws that Fairy Feng had left behind. He eagerly read everything, remembering the mysterious patterns and images within and enlightening himself of the inherent mysteries of the source Laws and their changes.

The first fire-attribute Concept – Burning Heat. This was the very basis of all fires, the foundation of all Fire Laws.

The second fire-attribute Concept – Annihilation. This was the energy of fire, the embodiment of fire’s striking power.

What would the third Fire Concept be, all the way up to the ninth?

Time unknowingly passed. As Lin Ming experimented with his moves, the totem engraving on the Heretical God Seed began to subtly change. He couldn’t help but add more and more details to Bury the Heavens, making his move even more perfect.

When Lin Ming had used the elementary form of Bury the Heavens to tear apart the first world, he had completely exhausted all of his strength and was then thrust out from the God Transforming Mirror. This time, after improving Bury the Heavens, he should have enough strength left over to look at the second world of the God Transforming Mirror. This was also the world of the second Concept – Annihilation.

“I wonder what the fire annihilation Laws are like. If I can look at the Law of Annihilation, I should be able to gain a much deeper and profound understanding of the Concept of Annihilation as written in the jade slip left behind by Senior Fairy Feng...”


As Lin Ming was in closed-door seclusion meditating over the jade slip of Fire Laws that Fairy Feng had left him, Huo Wenlong and the others weren’t dawdling about either. Every trial challenger that passed through the God Transforming Mirror was granted additional time to continue perceiving the Laws of Fire. Because Huo Wenlong’s result was outstanding, he had obtained five extra days. Huo Yu was only slightly inferior to Huo Wenlong and was granted four days.

As for Huo Ping and the other Realm of the Gods martial artists, they were all given the same time as the rest; three days.

These five days were extremely precious to Huo Wenlong. After being galvanized by Lin Ming, Huo Wenlong completely invested himself into meditating on the Concepts and Laws. His perception was not bad to begin with either. In these five days, Huo Wenlong’s understanding towards the first Concept, the Law of Burning Heat, had reached a completely new level.

After having a much greater assurance in himself, Huo Wenlong then went for a new test at the God Transforming Mirror. For this test, Huo Yu, Huo Ping, and the others were also participating.

Finally, Huo Yu managed to persist for three more incense sticks of time. As for Huo Ping, he managed to persist within for an extra half incense stick more of time.

As for Huo Wenlong, he lasted for another incense stick of time, reaching a total of four incense sticks of time.

Four incense sticks of time. Although he hadn’t been able to defeat the first world, Huo Wenlong had found the key point to breaking past the first world.

Moreover, what delighted Huo Wenlong the most was that after breaking through four incense sticks of time, he had obtained an additional two day’s time of meditation. Although this wasn’t considered too long, every second was precious to Huo Wenlong. With this chance, he could again meditate on any problems that he had encountered during this new test round within the God Transforming Mirror.

“Seven days, no, five days, at most I need five more days to break through the first world! Nuyan Ming’s method of breaking through the first world should be different from mine. What he used should be absolute strength, but I use the impeccable Laws in order to do so. Although I’m slower than him by several days, in terms of the method of breaking through the first world, I should be even more skilled. The disparity between us shouldn’t be that great.”

Huo Wenlong repeated this to himself. He had never given up his thoughts of surpassing Lin Ming. If he ever lost that sense of pride, that natural dignity of his, then he would have lost everything.

Moreover, in the common opinion of the Realm of the Gods, Concepts and Laws were much more respected than absolute strength. This was because absolute strength became increasingly hard to enhance the further one went. But as for Concepts and Laws, the further one went, the closer one would approach the root of all energy in the universe, and their power would also exponentially grow.

“I will definitely emerge victorious. Affinity to fire is inborn; it is decided at a martial artist’s birth, depending on their physique and bloodline. It was extremely difficult to change. But, Concepts and Laws all depend on perceiving them under the heavens. The further I go, the greater my advantage will be. Although there is a gap that exists between us now, that doesn’t mean that this gap will remain in the future. If I give up now, then that is the same as admitting defeat!’

As Huo Wenlong thought this, he turned to walk back to his dimension to digest what he learned and to use the last two days as a chance to perceive more. But as he was leaving the hall, he saw Lin Ming walking in.

“That boy is also here to participate in the second test of the God Transforming Mirror?”

Huo Wenlong’s vision narrowed and his feet stopped as if they had rooted themselves to the floor. As he turned around, he saw that Lin Ming was indeed standing before the God Transforming Mirror. His arrival had also attracted the attention of Huo Ping and Huo Yu.

Lin Ming had closed up in a single go for so many days, and now he had finally emerged!

As old man Jun, who was responsible for administering the test, saw Lin Ming, he knowingly smiled. He took out a recording jade slip and said, “Begin.”

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