Chapter 731 - Fusing Concepts, Creating a Move

Chapter 731 – Fusing Concepts, Creating a Move

Defeat the world? The ordinary martial artists present didn’t understand what old man Jun’s words of defeating the world meant. However, Huo Wenlong had a decent status in the Realm of the Gods as an outstanding youth. He naturally knew what it meant to defeat the world of the God Transforming Mirror.

This was the same as Lin Ming rushing past the first level Concept of the God Transforming Mirror in a single go, directly passing into the second level Concept!

The nine Concepts of the God Transforming Mirror corresponded to the nine mysteries behind the Laws of Fire. The further one went, the closer they approached the source Laws of all fire!

Comprehend seven to eight Concepts and become a Holy Lord. Thoroughly comprehend the nine levels of Concepts and reincarnate as a God of Fire!

Of the God Transforming Mirror’s Concepts, even breaking through the first level was extremely difficult. Especially for those young heroic elites who hadn’t reached the Life Destruction realm yet. In the entire Timeworn Phoenix City, this might not happen for even 100 years!

Huo Wenlong looked over at the God Transforming Mirror and then at the spot that Lin Ming had just been standing. And indeed, he saw that there were several...

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