Chapter 730 - A Strike To Shatter the World

Chapter 730 – A Strike To Shatter the World

After Huo Ping spoke out, the other martial artists present also noticed the crack on the surface of the Celestial Shifting Mirror.

Wasn’t the God Transforming Mirror engraved with the principles from the forming of the universe? How could it have cracked?

All of the martial artists present were curious about this exact same question.

But at this time, as Huo Yu looked at the God Transforming Mirror, she felt a growing horror in her heart. As someone that could be considered decently talented within the Huo Clan, she had a good understanding of the God Transforming Mirror.

The God Transforming Mirror was indeed a divine object that was engraved with the source energy Laws. But, the core of the Celestial Mirror, as well as the crystal wall that comprised its surface, were not true divine treasures from the formation of the universe. Rather, they were created by an array formation master. When the world of the God Transforming Mirror was broken, then the mirror itself would also break!

The one who created this mirror had already considered this situation from the start. With the liquid flame crystal inside the main body of the God Transforming Mirror, even if there were cracks produced on it, it could slowly melt and reform itself with a self-repairing...

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