Chapter 729 - Breaking Through the First World

Chapter 729 – Breaking Through the First World

Time passed slowly. As Lin Ming stood before the Celestial Shifting Mirror, his fists were tightly clenched together, and the blood vessels on his arms were pumped up as if they could burst apart at any second.

All of his clothes were already soaking wet with sweat. It seemed as if he wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer. But besides Lin Ming, Huo Wenlong only had a few beads of sweat dropping down his face. It was apparent that he could continue for a while longer.

“Nuyan Ming has reached his limit.” A martial artist from the Earth Corridor said.

“If there isn’t an accident then Huo Wenlong should be able to last for three quarter hours of time, enough to meet the rare 50 year standard of Timeworn Phoenix City. But Nuyan Ming should only be able to last for several more breaths of time at most. Although he’s lacking just a bit, nearly reaching that time is also quite good especially since Nuyan Ming is a martial artist from the lower realms.

Several martial artists began discussing amongst themselves. In this first round of the trial, Huo Wenlong had the upper hand. But, the first stage of the king level smelting trial wasn’t something completed in a short period of time; it was unknown just who the final winner would be.

Huo Ping...

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