Chapter 728 - The First Concept – Sea of Burning Fire

Chapter 728 – The First Concept – Sea of Burning Fire

“I see… so that’s how it is. Then it seems this Nuyan Ming can also be considered an outer member of my Ancient Phoenix Clan.”

The red dressed woman’s shadowy voice resonated through the void. The Realm of the Gods Ancient Phoenix Clan was an incomparably massive sect. Within the three thousand boundless worlds, there were also countless branches and sub-branches.

A sect like Divine Phoenix Island, which took the phoenix and its closely related Saint Beasts as its totem, could just barely be counted as one of the followers and believers of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

Some of these countless sects in the lower realms were fifth-grade sects or Holy Lands. Occasionally, there were top talents among these sects that had the qualifications to be chosen by the true Ancient Phoenix Clan, transplanting a part of their bloodline and becoming an outer member of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan had developed to the point where there were millions of small and large sects that comprised it. With the three great family clans within the Realm of the Gods added on, it was hard to estimate just how many members the Ancient Phoenix Clan had. The clan included humans, Giant Demons, Ferals, Fey, and many other races.

In this era, familial bloodlines no longer mattered. There was only a...

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