Chapter 727 - The Red Woman

Chapter 727 – The Red Woman

There were nine shifting realms within the God Transforming Mirror. But, none of the martial artists present knew just what this meant.

The martial artists from the lower realms looked at the four trial challengers standing in front of the God Transforming Mirror, a disturbed and anxious expression crossing their faces. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this test was related to lives.

If they passed, they could continue through the smelting trial and even have a chance at approaching the Realm of the Gods.

If they failed then they would be eliminated. In the future, they would be stuck at the Divine Sea realm, only kings of the lower realms.

After reaching Timeworn Phoenix City and experiencing the limitless possibilities of the Realm of the Gods, none of them were willing to give up this chance. This was similar to a mortal country bumpkin visiting the royal capital and then not wishing to return to the countryside. After experience all that the capital had to offer, they would rather work hard there instead of returning home to become rich farmers.

Time passed a minute, a second at a time. After an incense stick of time passed, two of the four trial challengers standing in front of the God Transforming Mirror suddenly shook, drawing back with pale expressions.

The red-robed Elder...

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