Chapter 726 - God Transforming Mirror

Chapter 726 – God Transforming Mirror

With the help of a guide, Lin Ming arrived at the assigned dwelling.

“Sir Nuyan, this is your basic equipment.” The guide passed Lin Ming a spatial ring.

As Lin Ming sunk his consciousness within, he saw a simple 10-foot-long wooden case, a set of red clothes, and red boots.

This wooden case was...

Lin Ming’s eyes brightened. He had been using a spear for so many years that he didn’t even need to open the box to tell that there was a spear within this case!

It was purely intuition.

Lin Ming enthusiastically opened the case and a long fiery-red spear appeared under Lin Ming’s eyes. The spear edge was a foot long and it shone brightly, with a chilling cold. The spear shaft was made from an unknown metal; it was exceedingly tough, yet flexible at the same time.

All sorts of runes and lines were engraved on the barrel of the spear. These patterns undoubtedly contained...

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