Chapter 724 - Burning Heaven Totem Stone

Chapter 724 – Burning Heaven Totem Stone

There was a great deal of skill involved in choosing an Ancient Phoenix Totem. If one didn’t roughly understand the various 36 Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones, then choosing one within two hours wouldn’t be easy, especially for those whose choices were of a lower priority.

The 36 Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones were either precious artifacts left behind by peerless powerhouses of the Ancient Phoenix Clan or they had been forged in the primal creation chaos of the universe. Either way, they were incomparably precious treasures. Still, if one had to compare them, each one had their own advantages and disadvantages.

Even though some had been created by the peerless powerhouses of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there were ones made by Patriarchs and ones made by Elders; of course, there were differences between them. Moreover, even if they had been created by the same peerless powerhouses, the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones each of them left behind had still been divided into ordinary works and superior works; there was no defined standard.

The red-robed old man led the group to walk down for a quarter hour. Suddenly, in front of them, a great open corridor appeared. This corridor was 300 feet wide, and wide enough to fit 10 carriages side by side, still leaving some space.

On both sides of this corridor there were red metal doors. These metal doors were 200 feet high and 100 feet wide, engraved with a variety of images. There were immortal Phoenixes, three-legged Golden Crows, rising suns, and crimson-colored eyes.

The red-robed old man said, “The area where we now are is called the Four Corridors of Twisting Flame. As the name suggests, there is a total of four levels. From the inside to outside, the mysteries and Laws contained within the totem stones become much simpler.

“At the very center is the Chaos Corridor. The Chaos Corridor has three chambers, each with a totem stone within. These totem stones were formed at the very beginning of the universe, when all that existed was pure chaos. Thus, these totem stones have a trace of the chaos source energy left over from the creation of the universe; one could consider these objects to be touching upon the very root of the Great Dao. If you can completely understand them then you may become one of people with the deepest comprehension of the Laws, within the entire Realm of the Gods! However… this old man shall be honest with all of you. With your current realm, going into those three chambers won’t have much of an effect on you. Even if your perception is high, you can give up on obtaining any benefits there; your current boundary is simply far too lacking. Let alone you, even those trial challengers from the second stage would have trouble perceiving the mysteries within them.

“Outside the Chaos Corridor is the Sky Corridor. The Sky Corridor has three chambers, each one containing an Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone. These three totem stones have all been left behind by previous Patriarchs of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Moreover, they are among their greatest works. In Timeworn Phoenix City, their value is only inferior to the Chaos Totem Stones.

“Afterwards, outside the Sky Corridor is the Earth Corridor. It has a total of ten chambers, and the totem stones there have also been left behind by precious Patriarchs, the only difference being that they are inferior to the previously mentioned top works.

“And the outermost corridor is called the Mortal Corridor. There is a total of 20 chambers there. The totem stones there have all been created by previous Elders of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Moreover, the best of these works are not much worse than those left behind by the previous Patriarchs.”

As the red-robed Elder introduced the stone totems to the martial artists, their faces were filled with regret intertwined with longing. Many of them looked at Lin Ming and Huo Wenlong, their eyes filled with envy.

The two of them would undoubtedly choose two of the three chambers in the Sky Corridor. As for the rest, the stronger ones would go to the Earth Corridor, and the remaining ones would have to go to the Mortal Corridor.

In the Mortal Corridor were the works left behind by the countless Elders of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. In the Realm of the Gods, there was a single Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan at one time. Moreover, because their lives were extremely long, all of the previous Patriarchs added together were probably only a few hundred. However, Elders were different. In every new generation of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there were possibly dozens or even hundreds of Elders. Even if the totem stones they crafted here were their greatest works, those still wouldn’t be able to compare with a Patriarch’s.

As the red-robed Elder saw the mixed emotions of the young elites there, he coldly said, “Those who walk the road of martial arts should aim high, but they shouldn’t bite off more than they can chew! Every Great Elder of my Ancient Phoenix Clan is a heaven-shaking existence within the Realm of the Gods. Every totem stone they leave behind, even though it may be inferior to that of a Patriarch’s, is more than enough for you to meditate upon. If you can thoroughly enlighten yourself with them, then you will reach a comprehension of Laws equal to a previous Elder! Isn’t that enough for you!?” the red-robed Elder asked in a chilly voice.

However, all of the martial artists present were thinking otherwise. They only had three days to meditate on these totem stones; just how much could they comprehend in that period of time?

If the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones would be compared to gold ore while they were the gold diggers, then the amount of gold they could mine in three days would obviously be larger if it were from a bountiful gold mine rather than a barren one.

“Nuyan Ming, you choose first!” The red-robed Elder pointed at Lin Ming. “You must decide within two hours’ time.”

“Yes, Sir!” Lin Ming replied. Without further ado, he skipped past the Mortal and Earth Corridors, directly entering the Sky Corridor.

Seeing this, all the martial artists there were filled with envy. Although Huo Wenlong appeared calm, the truth was that he was feeling particularly nervous.

The Heaven Corridor had three totem stones, and these totem stones were also divided into those better ones and worse ones. Among them, there was one called the Burning Heaven Totem Stone. It had been left behind by the Ninth Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. His nickname was Burning Heaven, and he had been one of the top 10 powerhouses throughout all of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s history. To take on such a nickname, his power could easily be imagined. And what was even rarer was that the Laws inherent to that totem stone were extremely suitable for Huo Wenlong. He had long desired to choose this totem stone, but if Lin Ming chosen it first, then Huo Wenlong would suffer a great loss.

Under everyone’s gazes Lin Ming stepped into the Sky Corridor. The halls of Sky Corridor were 200 feet wide, three metal doors lined up on a wall. The first door had the image of a Phoenix Nirvana engraved onto it, along with two words – Crimson Divine. The second metal door had the engraved image of a Phoenix resting on a Parasol Tree, as well as two words – Sacred Flame, and the third door had the engraved image of a Phoenix flying through burning skies along with two words – Burning Heaven.

Lin Ming was startled just by the images carved upon these metal doors. These engravings, each had come from the hands of a peerless powerhouse. Otherwise, they wouldn’t emit the energy of such formidable Laws.

Lin Ming decided to start with the Crimson Divine Totem Stone. He pushed open the metal door, entering the chamber. Behind the door was a square space, 200 feet in width and in length. There was nothing except for a 30-foot-high altar in the very center of the chamber. On top of this altar was a carved stone totem the size of a square foot. There were many complex engravings on this plain gray stone. Looking upon it for the first time, Lin Ming could feel a faint force field covering it, similar to the Asura force field. This force field and the totem stone both contained traces of lines and images combined in a perfect manner; it was immeasurably mystical.

“This Senior Crimson Divine was definitely a powerhouse with a force field. He fused his Fire Laws with his force field and carved them into this totem stone. If I can thoroughly comprehend it then it will be of great help to me, especially since I have a force field. And more than one at that.”

Lin Ming looked at this totem stone for two incense sticks’ worth of time before reluctantly leaving the Crimson Divine chamber. He only had two hours; he couldn’t stay in this chamber for too long.

The second chamber was the Sacred Flame Totem Stone. It was equally mystical, but it lacked the force field aspect. For this alone it was less suitable for Lin Ming than the Crimson Divine Totem Stone in the first room. After just an incense stick’s worth of time he left this chamber to enter the third one. This was the chamber with the Burning Heaven Totem Stone.

This chamber was also 200 square feet, and the altar in the center was similar. However, the totem stone on this altar was a deep red, and on it there seemed to be hundreds upon hundreds of small flames intertwining with each other. It looked quite ordinary at first, but after staring at it for a while, Lin Ming could see that these small flames were moving. Each and every one of these flames contained a different Concept. As the several hundred flames gathered together, they became burning skies that could seemingly scorch away the endless worlds!

“What a powerful aura…” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. He could feel that the aura contained within this totem stone faintly surpassed the last two.

“Perhaps this totem stone is the most valuable.” Lin Ming pondered for a moment, thinking about whether he wanted to choose the Crimson Divine Totem Stone or the Burning Heaven Totem Stone.

At this time, within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, Demonshine’s drawling voice sounded out, “Lin Ming, I don’t understand the Fire Laws within this totem stone, but this Saint knows the name of Burning Heaven. He is a peak character even in the Realm of the Gods, someone who far surpassed the Demon Emperor! As for those other two people, this Saint has never heard of them.”

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. “That sounds right, but… choosing a totem stone doesn’t depend on just how strong the person who engraved it was, but whether the contents of that totem stone suit the individual…”

Lin Ming meditated on this totem stone for half an hour. Then, at that moment, he suddenly felt a faint throbbing feeling in the Heretical God Seed; it seemed as if the engravings on the Heretical God Seed seemed to grow.

“Mm?” Lin Ming was surprised. It was clear that the Heretical God Seed had an even higher fusion compatibility with this Burning Heaven Totem Stone!

The Heretical God Force was a cultivation method created by an ancient Evil God. A Supreme Elder from the Realm of the Gods had stumbled upon a massive lucky chance within the ancient ruins of this Evil God, thus obtaining the cultivation method manual. Afterwards, he had died before having enough time to thoroughly perceive it. From that point on, only Lin Ming was aware of the Heretical God Force.

As for who that Evil God was, Li Ming had no idea. But what he was sure about was that the Evil God was absolutely far more formidable than this Burning Heaven Senior. It was likely that the Evil God was an existence that stood at the highest peak of martial artists, a ‘True God’.

With such a person, the cultivation methods left behind likely approached the very source of all Laws to a near infinite degree. Since the Heaven Burning Stone Totem was able to affect the Heretical God Seed, that proved that the Heaven Burning Stone Totem approached the root of the Great Dao much more than the other two totem stones.

Compared to Lin Ming’s own judgement, he was by far more convinced due to the Heretical God Seed. Not to mention, perceiving and understanding the process of how the Fire Laws and force field combined within the Crimson Divine Totem Stone was a very long process. It was by no means something done in a single step. He would have to meditate upon it for at least ten years, or perhaps even dozens of years to see any effect.

“I’ll choose that one then!”

Lin Ming made a preliminary decision. He estimated the time and found that he still had a bit more than an hour’s worth of time.

If it had taken him nearly an hour to look through three totem stones, then the others would have a much harder time, especially those martial artists who had to choose a totem stone from the Mortal Corridor. To find a suitable match among 20 totem stones, within two hours, would not be easy.

If their luck was bad, then it was likely they would regret the choice they made.

“I still have an hour, there’s no need to hurry. Since there’s no need to go to the Earth Corridor, I should go to the Chaos Corridor to have a look at what these totem stones forged in the primal forming chaos are like. I wonder if there’s anything special about the traces of source energy left within…”

As Lin Ming thought this, he headed to the Chaos Corridor.

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