Chapter 724 - Burning Heaven Totem Stone

Chapter 724 – Burning Heaven Totem Stone

There was a great deal of skill involved in choosing an Ancient Phoenix Totem. If one didn’t roughly understand the various 36 Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones, then choosing one within two hours wouldn’t be easy, especially for those whose choices were of a lower priority.

The 36 Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones were either precious artifacts left behind by peerless powerhouses of the Ancient Phoenix Clan or they had been forged in the primal creation chaos of the universe. Either way, they were incomparably precious treasures. Still, if one had to compare them, each one had their own advantages and disadvantages.

Even though some had been created by the peerless powerhouses of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there were ones made by Patriarchs and ones made by Elders; of course, there were differences between them. Moreover, even if they had been created by the same peerless powerhouses, the Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones each of them left behind had still been divided into ordinary works and superior works; there was no defined standard.

The red-robed old man led the group to walk down for a quarter hour. Suddenly, in front of them, a great open corridor appeared. This corridor was 300 feet wide, and wide enough to fit 10 carriages side by side, still leaving some space.

On both sides of...

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