Chapter 723 - In Stark Opposition

Chapter 723 – In Stark Opposition

Although it was hard to believe, all of the martial artists present were masters of Fire Laws. How could they not recognize the power of fire source energy?

Those round balls of red light contained a staggering amount of pure fire source energy. Not just that, but they were still continuing to grow.

The red-scaled man from the Realm of the Gods sucked in a deep breath. Compared to these energy orbs that Lin Ming had conjured, his own had been like fireflies in a bright night's moonlight; they were simply incomparable.

“Where did this fellow come from? How could he have such a terrifying source energy compatibility?”

In studying the Ancient Phoenix Testament, the process was divided into two parts. The first was a martial artist’s perception and the degree they were able to perceive the Laws. The higher one’s perception was and the higher their attainments in fire-attribute Laws, then the speed of their fusion with these Laws would also be higher.

The second part was a martial artist’s compatibility with fire source energy. The easier it was for a martial artist to fuse with this source energy, then the more source energy they would absorb after meditating on the Ancient Phoenix Testament.

Lin Ming’s current situation was that he had taken nearly half an incense stick...

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