Chapter 723 - In Stark Opposition

Chapter 723 – In Stark Opposition

Although it was hard to believe, all of the martial artists present were masters of Fire Laws. How could they not recognize the power of fire source energy?

Those round balls of red light contained a staggering amount of pure fire source energy. Not just that, but they were still continuing to grow.

The red-scaled man from the Realm of the Gods sucked in a deep breath. Compared to these energy orbs that Lin Ming had conjured, his own had been like fireflies in a bright night's moonlight; they were simply incomparable.

“Where did this fellow come from? How could he have such a terrifying source energy compatibility?”

In studying the Ancient Phoenix Testament, the process was divided into two parts. The first was a martial artist’s perception and the degree they were able to perceive the Laws. The higher one’s perception was and the higher their attainments in fire-attribute Laws, then the speed of their fusion with these Laws would also be higher.

The second part was a martial artist’s compatibility with fire source energy. The easier it was for a martial artist to fuse with this source energy, then the more source energy they would absorb after meditating on the Ancient Phoenix Testament.

Lin Ming’s current situation was that he had taken nearly half an incense stick of time to fuse with the Laws; this proved that his comprehension of the Concept of Fire was only at the most basic, elementary level. However, what was surprising was that after he fused with the Laws, the source energy he absorbed was over a 100 times that of the red-scaled man!

This gap left all of the Realm of the Gods martial artists dumbfounded, all of them unable to utter a word. No one had heard of such a strange and wonderful situation like this happening in the history of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

At this moment, the last flame totem pattern finally etched itself onto the surface of the Heretical God Seed. Then, the entire pattern flashed with a bright light and all of the surrounding fist-sized source energies began flocking towards Lin Ming’s body like a pack of phoenixes!

For a time, Lin Ming’s entire body burned, emitting dazzling rays of golden light that stung the eyes of everyone present. They could hear the very source of the Great Dao crying out from within Lin Ming’s body, sending out that vast and infinite aura, as if a phoenix itself was undergoing rebirth through Nirvana within his body!

As the red-robed old man saw this, he sucked in a deep breath. He looked at Lin Ming, all sorts of thoughts flashing by his eyes.

All of the other martial artists in the hall weren’t sure just what to say, or even what had happened.

As Huo Ping saw all those incomparably precious red lights completely absorbed by Lin Ming, his heart heated with frustration. To take half a incense stick of time was the result of a 14 or 15 year old child in their clan. But his ability to absorb fire source energy had actually thrown off everyone here by countless miles.

For a martial artist, it was possible to use time to slowly make up for their degree of perceiving Laws through meditation. But a martial artist’s compatibility to fire source energy was something they were born with; it wasn’t easy to increase. The higher compatibility that a martial artist had, the easier it was for them to move the massive amount of fire origin energy present in the world. Their endurance, restorative ability, and striking force was a level above those martial artists with a lower compatibility.

For a time, Huo Ping’s heart surged with jealousy and a deep abiding sense of helplessness. He gritted his teeth and said to the red-scaled youth, “Brother Long, this king level smelting trial is our first battle. If we already lose to others here, we won’t even be able to apply to return to the Realm of the Gods for the second stage of the trial. If we continue to be pressured by this boy, then even if our result was originally good then it still becomes garbage.”

For many cases, results were relative, not absolute. In their world, the only result that matter was becoming number one, because only the person at the apex would be noticed by others. For the person that obtained second place, even if their results were better than the one in first place, they would still be overshadowed. This was why some people thought that it was a sorrow to be born in the same generation as a peerless hero.

The red-scaled youth named Brother Long said, “We can’t compare to him in compatibility, but on the other hand, his comprehension of the Concept of Fire is far inferior to ours. Both of us have our own respective strengths. As for who will win in the end, no one knows. I guess that this fellow’s perception shouldn’t be that great.”

As Huo Ping listened to the red-scaled man speak, his eyes lit up. Ah, that was right! Because of that one blow from Lin Ming just now he had nearly forgotten how much more superior he was to begin with. Lin Ming’s affinity with fire source energy was indeed extraordinary, but if his perception and comprehension of the Concept of Fire was horrible, then he would never be able to perceive higher level of abilities and skills, and all that compatibility would be wasted.

Thinking of this, the crestfallen Huo Ping gathered up all of his collapsed confidence again.

“Brother Long is right. His perception shouldn’t be any good, otherwise his comprehension of the Concept of Fire wouldn’t be poor to that degree. Moreover, in the king level smelting trial, one must meditate and perceive the 36 Ancient Phoenix totem stones; perception is too important for this. We have the advantage in this aspect. This fellow is likely a simple-minded boy with a great body and nothing else; he certainly shouldn’t be able to perceive any sort of pattern. Someone with such a monstrous talent for compatibility with fire source energy having such poor perception is truly a waste!” Huo Ping said, incensed. If only that fellow could hand over that monstrous compatibility to him then life would be great.

“Our talents have already been tested. We should be choosing our Ancient Phoenix totem stones soon. Huo Ping, with my understanding of you, it would be a good decision if you chose the Profound Gold Flame Totem left behind by the Twelfth Patriarch.” The red-scaled youth began to remind the young elites from the Realm of the Gods with true essence sound transmissions. The red-scaled youth had a very good understanding of the totem stones in Timeworn Phoenix City.

“Alright Brother Long, I’ll listen to you,” Huo Ping happily said. Everyone would only have two hours to choose which Ancient Phoenix Totem they wanted. Choosing the best totem stone for oneself in a limited timespan wasn’t easy; it was much better with guidance from someone.

“You are called Nuyan Ming, correct?” The red-robed man had a faint smile hanging on his face as he looked at Lin Ming.

“Yes, Sir.” Lin Ming cupped his fists together, replying in a respectful yet pleasant manner.

“Your compatibility with source energy is good. But. It’s just a pity that your comprehension of Fire Laws are lacking. This is the first time that I’ve seen a situation like this so it’s not possible for me to give you an accurate evaluation. For now, I’ll temporarily judge you as first-level, A-grade.” As the red-robed old man slowly drawled out his words, the red-scaled youth slightly frowned.

A first-level, A-grade evaluation meant that Lin Ming would have the first choice. Of the 36 Ancient Phoenix Totem Stones of Timeworn Phoenix City, there were several choices that were obviously better than the others. If Lin Ming chose the same one as him then he would have no choice but to give it to Lin Ming.

“Thank you, Sir.” Lin Ming could feel the goodwill from the red-robed old man’s words. He had disregarded his elementary comprehension of Laws and had even evaluated him at the first-level, A-grade, giving him first choice.

“Nuyan Ming, your situation is certainly rare in my Ancient Phoenix Clan. I shall give you some advice. Perception and comprehension of Laws are often more important than your compatibility with source energy. You must not be complacent just because of some advantages you have. Within the Realm of the Gods, where the main clan is, there are those who have a perfect Phoenix Clan bloodline, and there are many monstrous youths that have a compatibility and perception that far outstrip you! Since your perception is poor you must practice and perceive the Laws through meditation every day; do not waste your compatibility with source energy! As the saying goes, a lack of talent can be made up with hard work and effort. Make sure that you try your hardest.”

As the red-robed old man slowly spoke, all of the other martial artists in the hall grew jealous. The red-robed old man had clearly taken a liking towards this Lin Ming otherwise he would never have given such useful advice. The advantages were obvious in obtaining the recognition of a senior from Timeworn Phoenix City.

“Yes, Sir, this junior understands.” Lin Ming deeply bowed to show his thanks.

The red-robed old man nodded with satisfaction. “I should also mention that if you can catch up in the aspect of comprehension of Laws, after you reach the Divine Sea realm, then I can recommend you to go to the Realm of the Gods to complete the second stage of your trial. Of course, the basis of this is that you can obtain the number one spot in the first stage of this trial.”

As the red-robed old man’s voice fell, everyone was shocked silly!

As long as he could obtain the number one spot in the first stage of this smelting trial, then he could go to the Realm of the Gods to attempt the second stage!

The king level smelting trial grounds of the Realm of the Gods was where many outstanding young elites of the Ancient Phoenix Clan wished to go, but many didn’t have the qualifications to do so! As for the Ancient Phoenix Clan martial artists of the lower realms, obtaining these qualifications was simply wishful thinking!

Now, Lin Ming actually had this chance! How could they not be jealous!

Many martial artists couldn’t help but glance at the red-scaled youth from the Realm of the Gods. In order for Lin Ming to obtain the top spot, he would have to surpass that youth!

Lin Ming’s compatibility was indeed high, but that red-scaled youth’s perception was abnormal. This was a battle of compatibility versus perception. They stood in stark opposition to each other!

The red-scaled youth looked intensely at Lin Ming. He had thought that he would easily stroll through the smelting trial of Timeworn Phoenix City, but he didn’t imagine that events would rapidly devolve to this degree. The red-robed old man’s words were obviously spoken to stir up some conflict. When astounding talents went all out to defeat the other, they would be able to bring out their maximum potential through competition, breaking through their own limits.

This battle was one he must win. Not only was this a matter of honor and face, but it was also because he presented the true Phoenix Clan from the Realm of the Gods.

The red-scaled youth’s expression didn’t change. He sent a true essence sound transmission to Huo Ping: “I must win first place in this smelting trial. This is not related to glory. If I lose, then I shall be relegated to a much more minor position in the family. You must help me as much as you can.”

The red-scaled youth also came from the Huo Clan within the Realm of the Gods. His name was Huo Wenlong. The great families of the Realm of the Gods placed great importance on tradition and glory; all of them had a natural sense of superiority deeply ingrained within their bones. To them, a heroic young elite from a Family Clan within the Realm of the Gods had no choice but to become number one.

If Huo Wenlong was used as a stepping stone by Lin Ming this time, then he would lose all sense of glory and pride. Moreover, Huo Wenlong had originally lost the qualifications to attend the king level smelting trial in the Realm of the Gods to begin with, and because of that his heart had been turbulent. He had steeled himself to make a big show here to show his Family Clan just how talented he was in order to try returning to the Realm of the Gods for the next stage of the smelting trial. But, if he lost here, then that dream would vanish.

“Of course. Brother Long, Seventh Sister and I will help you as much as we can.” Huo Ping immediately displayed his utter loyalty. He couldn’t really be regarded as any decent talent within the Realm of the Gods’ Huo Clan. If nothing happened, then he would be assigned by the clan to go out to the middle of nowhere and manage a branch business of arranging training resources. If he could be on good terms with Huo Wenlong, then this would be very helpful to him in the future.

“Well done. The test has ended here. You can all go to choose your own Ancient Phoenix Totem Stone Now. You all have two hours to choose. Two hours from now, all of you must show which choice you’ve made to me.” The red-robed old man spoke before turning around, and leading everyone deeper into the temple.

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