Chapter 721 - Test of Laws

Chapter 721 – Test of Laws

When the red-robed man spoke about comparing comprehension of Concepts, all of the young elites’ eyes present began to shine with a brilliant light. All of them were outstanding individuals of their generation and they all had absolute self-confidence in their understanding of Laws.

When such extraordinary youths gathered together, it was natural for them to wish to outdo each other, all of them hoping to have a chance to show off their superior abilities.

And this comparison of Concepts was exactly the best opportunity to do so.

“Haha, a competition of comparing our Concept of Fire? I have complete confidence in this!” Yellowright Min excitedly rubbed his palms together, as if he couldn’t wait to start.

All of the young elites present seemed eager to start. The red-robed old man didn’t bother with any more small talk; he drew out a red picture scroll from his spatial ring.

This picture scroll seemed to reveal an atmosphere that made one feel the vicissitudes of life. It was tied together with a simple red thread.

“That’s the Ancient Phoenix Testament!”

“It truly is the Ancient Phoenix Testament! I’ve only ever heard about it in my clan’s ancient texts, but today, I’ve finally seen the real thing!” A heroic elite’s eyes shone. This Ancient Phoenix Testament was left...

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