Chapter 720 - Ancient Phoenix Totem

Chapter 720 – Ancient Phoenix Totem

Within the Temple of Protectors, Lin Ming saw several red-clothed martial artists milling around in the main hall. The majority of them were humans, but there were also some Fey and other races. They all had different surnames and origins, yet, they all shared a single common ground, and that was that they all had the bloodline of the Ancient Phoenix.

“Are you new?” As Lin Ming stepped in, a red-clothed martial artist walked up to greet him, speaking with the common language of the Realm of the Gods, “Where are you from?”

“Sky Spill Continent, Nuyan Family’s Nuyan Ming.” Lin Ming replied.

“Sky Spill Continent? So you’re also from the world of mortals. Me too! Hahaha, let me introduce myself, I am from the Yellowright Family, Yellowright Min.” The diminutive red-clothed martial artist smiled with a sense of warmth and camaraderie when he heard Lin Ming was also from a mortal world.

Lin Ming discovered that on Yellowright Min’s chest, there was a badge there with the word ‘Yellowright’ written on it, surrounded by burning flames.

Within the hall, everyone else had badges on their chest too, labeling and displaying their respective families and clans. But, near the center of the hall, there was a group of six young martial artists that seemed slightly different from the others.

They clustered into an isolated group, completely ignoring the other martial artists around them.

“Heh, those six fellows are from the Realm of the Gods.” Yellowright Min noticed where Lin Ming’s eyes were and he curled his lips in disgust. He said with a true essence sound transmission, “Those Realm of the Gods fellows all have an ingrained sense of superiority so they stay in their little clique and don’t bother conversing with the rest of us. They think that their status compared to ours is the same as nobles compared to commoners!”

Yellowright Min’s voice held an obvious hint of irony as if he viewed these six people with a great deal of disdain.

“Realm of the Gods?” Lin Ming’s eyes widened.

“Coming from the Realm of the Gods doesn’t mean all that much.” Yellowright Min shook his head. “This Timeworn Phoenix City is also located in the lower realms. In the Realm of the Gods, there are special Royal Family smelting trial sites. If they were truly the top talents of the Phoenix Clan, then there’s no way they would have come here!”

“Oh?” Lin Ming was startled, “So you’re saying that this Timeworn Phoenix City is not the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s best trial area? I heard that Timeworn Phoenix City’s signboard was personally written by the Third Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan?”

“Well, yes, that’s right, but that’s because the Third Patriarch also came from the lower realms and he completed his Royal Family smelting trial at Timeworn Phoenix City. The most outstanding heroic youths of our lower worlds of mortals aren’t necessarily much worse than those from the Realm of the Gods. Come, let me introduce you to the others.”

As Yellowright Min spoke, he led Lin Ming around to meet some of the other martial artists from the mortal world. “This is Man Ka, he’s from the Kobe Star, and this is Wu Yuan, he’s from the Sky Cicada Continent… ”

The few people that Yellowright Min introduced generally nodded coolly at Lin Ming. All of these individuals were the most favored children of heaven in their own worlds; it wasn’t strange for them to be prideful. Rather, it was Yellowright Min whose jovial nature was different from everyone else.

Lin Ming didn’t mind. He secretly noted down everyone’s age and cultivation. Nearly everyone here was under 25 years old, and they all had a cultivation around the Life Destruction realm. From each of them, Lin Ming could feel the same powerful energy and aura; anyone that could arrive here was not an ordinary elite of their generation!

At this time, a slightly aged voice echoed out in the temple, “Everyone, head to the Ancient Phoenix Totem training ground!”

“Ancient Phoenix Totem training ground?” Lin Ming was surprised. He glanced over at Yellowright Min.”

“Hehe, It’s finally time. You’re quite lucky. Everyone else here had waited all day to enter the Ancient Phoenix Totem grounds and to choose their own training area to comprehend the Laws. You’ve made it just on time! This Ancient Phoenix Totem is Timeworn Phoenix City’s treasure!”

As Yellowright Min mentioned the Ancient Phoenix Totem, his two eyes began to brightly shine. “These totems were left behind by some unrivaled powerhouses of the Phoenix Clan. Some of these totems were shaped in the primal chaos of the forming universe. These stone totems are known as treasures that can touch upon the very source of the Great Dao. If you can thoroughly comprehend them, you can become someone within the entire Realm of the Gods with one of the deepest understanding of Laws!”

One could become an individual with one of the deepest comprehensions of Laws within the Realm of the Gods just by meditating on these totems? Lin Ming was a bit surprised. That seemed too exaggerated to him. “What exactly are those primal forming chaos stone totems?”

Listening to Lin Ming’s query, Yellowright Min revealed a look of deep longing. In a respectful tone, he slowly said, “In the legends, before the universe was conceived, all there was in existence was chaos; the three thousand boundless worlds and the Realm of the Gods hadn’t yet formed. This is the so-called primal forming chaos. These stone totems are carved from the traces of source energy and principles during the time when the primal chaos was taking form. In Timeworn Phoenix City, there are three of these primal forming chaos stone totems! Each one contains a trace of the root of all Laws!”

Hearing Yellowright Min’s explanation, Lin Ming was notably shocked. If this was true, then Yellowright Min’s views from before weren’t exaggerated at all.

“Would a primal chaos carved stone forged in the beginning of the universe really be left behind in the lower world of mortals? Wouldn’t the major forces of the Realm of the Gods be envious? In Lin Ming’s view, these sorts of stone totems should only appear in the core training areas of a Realm of the Gods’ Holy Land.

Yellowright Min said, “These stone totems, although they are extremely precious, aren’t up to the specialized standards of the Realm of the Gods. The primal chaos of the forming universe was endlessly broad and limitless. There was an unending amount of source energy; countless of these sorts of stone totems were shaped at that time. The three stone totems of Timeworn Phoenix City are only a square foot in size. As for those stone totems in the Realm of the Gods’ Holy Lands, they are far, far larger, and the inherent mystical principles contained within are even more profound.”

“I see…” Lin Ming said with an understanding nod, “Thank you Brother Yellowright.”

“Hahaha, we martial artists of the lower realms must mutually support each other!”

As Yellowright Min and Lin Ming conversed, they finally made their way to the transmission array where the Ancient Phoenix Totem was.

This was the center of the entire Timeworn Phoenix City. Because of the limited resources and the massive amount of outstanding heroic elites, every round of meditation was only allowed to last for three days. The reason that Yellowright Min and the others had been waiting here was to be next in line.

Within the Ancient Phoenix Totem training grounds, a red-robed old man was already waiting there. As he saw all the young elites arrive, he said, “This is your first time coming to the Ancient Phoenix Totem training ground. Here, there are a total of 35 Ancient Phoenix totem stones. All of you have two hours to choose which totem stone you would like. In order to prevent conflict of choice, all of you will be judged on your attainments in Laws and Concepts, and the ones with the highest comprehension will have the first choice.”

“After you choose, everyone can enter their training area to meditate for three days. Three days later, no matter what you have perceived or what result you have, you must leave. Now, let me give you some choice advice. The primal forming chaos stone totems are excellent, but if you wish to perceive them it is simply impossible with your qualifications. Do not aim too high. Now, we shall start comparing comprehension of Concepts to decide the priority of choosing!”

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