Chapter 719 - Timeworn Phoenix City

Chapter 719 – Timeworn Phoenix City

Right in front of Lin Ming was an incomparably vast and deep valley. Lin Ming stood right on the top of a cliff hundreds of thousands of feet high. The cliff walls were smooth like polished mirrors. If one didn’t have the ability to fly, then perhaps even a Revolving Core martial artist would be unable to climb this.

Looking down from the top of the cliff, he saw an endless mist of hazy clouds, extending off into the distant horizon for thousands of miles. But, within this fog, he could make out several mountains that were hundreds of thousands of feet high, towering into the heavens as if they were pillars supporting the vault of the world.

A magnificent, crimson castle city was nestled within these mountains. Its walls were several hundred feet high, grand and majestic, and above the city massive flaming birds shuttled back and forth. On top of these flaming birds rode riders wearing scarlet sets of armor with lances in their hands.

Besides these fiery birds, there was a massive spirit boat being ferried forwards by ten Golden Crows, their bodies wreathed in flames. Each of these Golden Crows were much larger than the Vermillion Birds of Divine Phoenix Island, their twin wings each extended 200 feet out and their backs wide enough to...

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