Chapter 718 - A Shocking Trial Ground

Chapter 718 – A Shocking Trial Ground

“I’ve finally passed.” Lin Ming let out a breath of relief. That test had not been easy at all. When Lin Ming had passed the general level smelting trial, he had been young, thus the enemies he faced were correspondingly weaker. Even so, it had cost Lin Ming a massive amount of time to pass it, and if he hadn’t brought enough Vermillion Bird blood essence with him, then it might have been nearly impossible to pass the smelting trial in any reasonable period of time.

But now, Lin Ming’s age and cultivation had risen. Facing the king level smelting trial qualifier, it hadn’t been as difficult to pass. This proved that the rate Lin Ming grew had exceeded the Ancient Phoenix Great Temple’s expectations of someone from the royal line.

“Sir Temple Spirit, I have a question I would like to ask you. Those several successors and princes I fought, just how old were they?”

This was the question that Lin Ming most wanted to ask. He desired to know how his talent compared to those geniuses of the Ancient Phoenix Clan and just what degree the disparity between them was.

The Temple Spirit said, “Trial Challenger, your skeletal age is at 21 years. The difficult of your corresponding test should also be at the 21st rank. However, because...

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