Chapter 717 - Qualify

Chapter 717 – Qualify

In the skies above the battlefield, the Temple Spirit indifferently gazed on at everything happening beneath him. After all, the Temple Spirit was an existence that lacked all normal human sentiment. It was not surprised nor did it exclaim aloud. It only felt it unusual that Lin Ming, whose cultivation was at the middle Revolving Core realm, was able to form a bronze-level elementary stage battle spirit, infinitely close to reaching small success.

‘Perhaps he really might have the qualifications to enter the true king level smelting trial…’

As the Temple Spirit thought this, it blankly stared on.

Whether Lin Ming earned the qualifications or died, the Temple Spirit would never show regret or joy. It simply held the attitude of a spectator, bearing witness to all.


On the battlefield, Nuyan Yu and Lin Ming fiercely collided. Nuyan Yu was tossed back hundreds of feet, his body shaking as if the energy that formed him was about to dissipate at any second.

“I see. That attack just now really consumed a great deal of energy.” Lin Ming discovered that the phantom reproduction of Nuyan Yu had an extremely limited amount of energy. Every bit less was energy that the phantom would never recover. In just a few intense collisions, half of Nuyan Yu’s figure already vanished.

Lin Ming twirled his long spear, stepping atop...

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